Contents - Most Popular Posts and Series ~ The Healing Sphere

Contents - Most Popular Posts and Series


                                       Chakras For Beginners

                                       Chakra Healing

                                       Chakra Development Series

                                       Lower Chakra Development

                                       Chakra Development Series -The Lower Triangle

                                       Chakra Development Series – The Unified Chakra

                                       The Complete Chakra System – Jacobs Ladder

                                       Jacobs Ladder – The Spiritual High Chakras

                                       Chakra Development Series – The Complete System

                                       5 Tools To Balance The Chakras

                                       Activating Spin Points – The “Lesser” Chakras
                                       Mudras for Opening The Chakras

Meditation Techniques

                                      Breathing Technique For Spiritual Development
                                      Fountain of Youth
                                      Meditation as a Path To Enlightenment
                                      Technique to Accelerate Meditation and Relaxation
                                      Unified Chakra Meditation
                                      The Breath of the Elohim
                                      Further Development - Pranayama (Yogic Breath)
                                      Mindfulness Techniques
                                     8 Techniques to Raise your Vibration

 Psychic Development

                                   Psychic Development
                                   Psychic Development Exercise for Advanced Intuition
                                   Psychic Development Exercise - Aura Viewing
                                   Psychic Development Exercise - Meet Your Guide
                                   Psychic Development Exercise - Communicate With Your Higher Self
                                   Psychic Development Exercise - Third Eye Chakra
                                   Psychic Development Exercise - Becoming Clairvoyant
                                   Psychic Development Exercise - Developing Psychometry

                                   Spiritual and Psychic Development Exercise - Bi-location


                                  The Secret Behind The Secret
                                  Is Material Wealth Really What You Need?
                                  Sacred Geometry, Manifestation and The Flower Of Life
                                  Manifestation How To Manifest
                                  Manifestation - Energetic Process's to Heal Manifestation Channels
                                  Manifestation, Spiritual Development and Celibacy

New Age

                                Merkaba - Chariot of Light
                                Merkaba - Chariot of Light - Part 2
                                Merkaba - Chariot of Light - Part 3 - The Teaching of Spherical Breathing
                                Merkaba - Chariot of Light - Part 4 - Manifestation
                                Ascended Masters Part 1
                                Ascended Masters Part 2
                                Ultimate Ascension Meditation
                                Accelerate Ascension Meditation

 Buddhist and Hindu

                                Green Tara Mantra
                                White Tara Mantra
                                Palden Dorje - Buddha Boy
                                Traditional Chinese Medicine - Introduction to TCM
                                Traditional Chinese Medicine - The Five Elements
                                Traditional Chinese Medicine - The Five Elements
                                A Brief History of Ayurveda
                                Ayurveda Cosmic Beginning
                                Karma Symbols
                                Kundalini Awakening
                                Kundalini Shakti
                                Top Ten Mudras for Health, Weight Loss and Much More

                                Mudra for Opening the Chakras

                                Mudra To Improve Hearing