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Monday, 18 October 2010

Manifestation, Spiritual Development and Celibacy

Celibacy is an an aspect of spiritual development i have not touched on yet.  This recent look at manifestation has brought us naturally to a cross roads in which everything I have spoken about thus far has converged and information may start to fall into place.  The path of manifestation for manifestation sake is a dead end road.  The path of spiritual development is an eternal road, thus the path of spiritual manifestation is equally infinite.

where in all of this does celibacy fit?
There is much confusion surrounding the issue of celibacy with regards to its purpose.  I have had discussions with seekers who believe that celibacy is a nonsense and that it achieves no end what so ever.  I have heard of priests discuss celibacy as a means to gaining virtue, avoiding sin and living on a path which runs closer to god than any other.

I will state now that just being celibate does nothing more than frustrate you.  The build up of pent up hormonal drive will cause the mind to wander and err, thus if you are certain you are destined for a path of spiritual development you should understand the needs and requirements of celibacy and whether or not it fits your goals.

There is a complex science which surrounds celibacy and what you actually require to do with all of the pent up hormonal drive.  Should you do nothing with it, you are merely depriving yourself of an experience because someone has said that you should be celibate (naturally there are a very many good reasons why you should not be promiscuous, but how many really understand the reasons for celibacy)

The Bio Energetic System
There are many posts on the subject of the bioenergetic system and in particular the chakra system.  However the popular understanding  of this system limits itself to knowing there are chakras which are energetic centres, but not really knowing where the energy comes from, merely having faith that it is there (leading many to the hugely mistaken belief that you can do what ever you want with it)

The Bio-Energetic system has three main sources of energy (energy can be draw from multiple locations but for ease of understanding we will look at the three main sources)

Those sources are:
Universal Energy - Crown Chakra

Earth Energy - Feet Chakra's

Converted Energy - Micro-cosmic circuit.

The Crown and Feet Chakra's are self explanatory in terms of drawing energy from various sources, what i really wish to talk about is the micro-cosmic circuit.  The micro-cosmic circuit is an internal charging unit, which transmutes potent and dense essence into an extremely powerful source of bio-energy.  Believe it or not I have actually shown an exercise which does this process naturally without explaining the fine detail of what it actually does. If you wish to recap you can visit the lower triangle exercise and refresh your memory.

Our physical body holds a huge amount of concentrated energy which is normally used for reproduction (of a sexual variety) however this potent life force can be redirected using breathing and postural techniques to the lower creative centres (the centres of manifestation).  By doing so we increase our manifestation and developmental powers incredibly quickly.

This essence is normally wasted during sexual activity, hence the necessity to be celibate in order to use it properly.  What i would say is that i prefer the term semi celibate, as there is no reason why you can not harvest essence using this technique and still lead a relatively normal life.  You must however understand the necessity to take a break from harvesting of around 48 hrs in order to recharge if you are going to be sexually intimate.

How does Harvesting Impact on Manifestation and Spiritual Development?
There are three storage centres in the bio-energetic system.  The Lower, middle and upper.  The lower is situated behind the sacral chakra, the middle is situated behind the heart chakra and the upper is situated behind the third eye chakra.  The process of breathing and postural techniques outlined in the lower triangle exercise draws essence from the organs which it is created and passed in a circuit from the sacral chakra to the root chakra, to the spine at the basic chakra and up to the ming mien or pumping station (on the spine in line with the sacral chakra) it is then passed from the pumping station to the lower storage centre, which is slap bang in the centre of your body between the pumping station and the sacral chakra.

This storage centre will slowly collect condensed bio-energy.  I say it will slowly collect energy, but you should understand that this technique will gather more energy, more quickly than any other technique (ill give you an idea of just how quickly in a moment).  Once the lower storage centre is full, (imagine a car battery), the energy will trickle up the spine to the heart centre where the energy will start to enlarge and enliven the heart centre and be stored before passing up the spine to the upper storage centre at the third eye.

In terms of time lines a dedicated monk who has trained in discipline and meditation since a child is capable of sitting still much longer than us in the west.  Not all monks decide to continue on this path but those who do, will commence this technique and fully expect to have completely charged the bio-energetic system in 90 days.  By the end of this 90 days a monk would expect to have fully received the spiritual gifts associated with all of the energetic centres up to and including the third eye (I might add that the final journey from the third eye to the crown could take up to a further ten years or more). 

As I stated in the west we may not have been preparing for this moment all of our lives and therefore the time line will be longer.  Optimistically you could expect to complete the circuit in anything from a year to five years.

This sounds like a long time but it is much quicker than the many lives it would take had you not entered this path, I am also a firm believer in synchronicity and the fact that you are reading this would suggest to me that it is your time.  You are ready and have completed your apprenticeship over many lifetimes.  You may feel like a complete novice but you have come a long way.  If the time line does put you off, i should explain that your manifestation power will start to evolve very early on in this process and will continue to improve over your whole developmental life.

Bless you all, and go for it, now is your time.

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