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Thursday, 1 October 2009

The Secret Behind The Secret ..............AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH

I’m sure those of you who have not spent the last few years on planet Zanussi are well aware of all the E-hype and pulp publications surrounding "The Secret" and the "Law of Attraction". The storming success of this motivation documentary has bread a new surge of squealers all across the web wanting to divulge for you and you alone "The Secret Behind the Secret" at a snip price of $300 USD or whatever. To be frank if so many people know so much about it to publish their slant on it, then it’s not that big a secret really is it? Well here is the truth and I'll tell you for free! No long haired guru, or spiritual voice required!!

To be honest I don’t really want to talk about "The Secret" and Instant manifestation, but it is popular and I feel it is a good vehicle for introducing self healing and spiritual development. Ultimately if you can get it to work for something as simple as money, you can apply it to all areas of your life. It is a legitimate process and is used by Paul McKenna and the likes (even if they don’t call it "The Secret") to help improve peoples lives and get paid rather handsomely to boot.

Ultimately the secret hails back to the 'think yourself rich' and 'positive thinking' outbreak of the turn of last century and those of you who have given it a go in the past will know that at best it is hit or a miss. On average however it completely sucks!! Why is that? The Brain is a powerful thing ( I’m sure you have heard it before a thousand times) and no matter how many times you take five minutes out of your day to think positively, your subconscious mind is still clogged up with fears and fear programming which can go back as far as the first time your parents said to you as a child "Don’t do that! That’s bad".

In order to break this negative loop and halt the flow of positivity which allows us to recognise and grasp opportunities appropriate to our vision and take subsequent action, we have to go right into our very thoughts and off load all that is not useful or helpful for us anymore. Now some would suggest a visit to a councillor or an NLP practitioner is required, but its not. For a serious spiritual seeker, all of "The Secret Behind The Secret" actions that have to be carried out in order to be a successful manifester, are also the necessary actions to ensure successful spiritual advancement.

We as Joe and Joanne average can not be expected to delve into our thought processes and realign our neural pathways. But as spiritual seekers we can take clearing action which will bring forth our subconscious thoughts and allow us to carry out the necessary actions to bring us into alignment with our purpose and intent.

Over the next few posts (maybe more....sorry) I’m going to delve into this process of development and explain from extreme basics how to go about it. Some of the information may leave you thinking, "this is all very interesting and expansive but eh what’s this got to do with .... ", I assure you we will get there and you will have the potential to be much healthier, wealthier and wiser by the end, so stick with it.

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