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Sunday, 4 October 2009

Is Material Wealth Realy What You Need?

Having outlined how to make manifesting work for you in previous posts I now have to ask one question "Is material wealth really what you need?” There is nothing wrong with a desire to be wealthy. What would you do with this wealth? You could buy anything and everything; there is nothing wrong with that. What will you do once you have everything? I know I was once very wealthy and it was good for a while.

The real problem with material wealth only arises if you have a conscience. Every now and then you have to step into the real world and the real world is not particularly pretty at times. The more material wealth you have the more apparent the suffering all around you. You witness people in your own neighbourhood struggle, sleeping rough and eventually succumbing to a lonely painful illness and depart without ever having truly realising their full abundant spiritual potential. I ached for the homeless and starving of the world.

Many New Agers believe that we all make choices prior to birth, and those choices include the lessons we WANT to learn. That is a nice philosophy; it can leave you feeling good about the suffering of others, because they chose it. This philosophy is flawed, it releases you of any obligation to care and to assist as fluffy as it may be.

You do not have an endless choice of experience available to you. Your choices are based on your development and if you have not out grown greed you will take a tumble and no amount of fluffy positive thinking will assist you.

My choices have led me on the path of spiritual development. I know now that I do not need to return to this place. As much as I dislike the suffering and pain I will not abandon my brother and sister souls to linger here. Our job is to escape and some of us can achieve that alone but please be mindful of all of the random acts and beings who brought you to the place where you are equipped to escape. If it were not for those seeming coincidences you would not be in this position. I ask you all that before you make the final bid for freedom, stand as a pillar of light and bring people on a step closer to their own liberation.

This is not an easy task. When you shine a torch in a dark corner the light dispels the dark and you can see. When you shine your spiritual light into the dark corners of others souls the manifest being will kick back. Expect to be attacked, expect to be verbally run down for the human ego does not like its flaws exposed, even though it is your presence that exposes the flaws not your words for that is not your job, you are not here to judge you are here to shine your light.

When I accepted the spiritual position of light bearer I believed in the philosophy, the anonymity, the silent action of the soul doing its work in the background. I knew there would be backlash from people who don’t really know why they do it. I hope however that I can reach just one soul and help then on their journey for that would make it all worth while.

Back on track to the purpose of the post (as I have been automatically typing away here) Get wealthy because it can be helpful especially if you maintain a spiritual outlook. Use your wealth to ease the suffering of those around you help them on their way.

Some people can neither for love nor money maintain their own personal wealth and that is also ok. If you have the drive and the willpower get together with other spiritual beings, work as a team use each others strengths after all that is what community is. Best of all have no personal wealth, start a charity give it all away and bring many on in their struggle.

I’m sorry if this has been disjointed, I’m just releasing what flows to mind.

Peace family.

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