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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Breathing technique for spiritual advancement

I bet you have not thought about the way you breathe since childhood. Probably not since you were out of breath in phys ed, and you were told "take a deep breath" and "inflate your chest". Everything from that point onwards just happened. Your body just continued to breath and over time a bad habit had built up. You puff your chest out to look macho, habit! You fill your chest before ducking under water, habit! Everything we do in society has an impact on how we breathe. Right from the earliest moments some authority figure told us that the right thing to do is expand your chest.

Look at a new born baby; does it expand its chest? Because a baby does things naturally and has not yet received society’s wrong programming it will breathe comfortably deep into the pit of its belly. Have you ever thought about how bad your current type of breathing is for you? Have you ever related your breathing technique to your unexplained anxiety, your sluggish constitution or your foggy head in the morning? Probably not, simply because someone some time told you that you were breathing wrong and that it was better to inflate the chest you will forever assume that breathing into your chest is correct. That could not be further from the truth.

Put simply a proper natural breathing technique, not only improves your physical health, but also improves your spiritual and mental well being also.

Deep Spiritual Breathing Technique

What is this technique? Like everything in spirituality and spiritual development it is relatively simple technique called Dan Tian (or belly) Breathing (or Pranayama) (though many would overcomplicate things in an attempt to be a guru or super duper master). In order to practice and try and undo years of bad habits, lay on your back with one hand on your chest and another just below the belly button. Draw in deep breaths allowing your belly to expand but keeping your chest level.

Draw your breath in until the air reaches the lower part of your lungs. (Don’t be alarmed if you start coughing or producing phlegm, its just clearing as this area has not been used for such a long time),and repeat.  Do this every day until it becomes a habit. You will start to feel the gentle clearing effects as your health and spirituality gradually improve.

Rhythm and Retention

Rob Lightbearer You can vastly improve the efficiency of this technique by using a system called rhythm and retention. This uses the body’s natural gasping function to draw in extremely high quality energy. Quite simply rather than breathing smoothly and steadily in a regular fashion, you breathe in and hold, out and hold for a set period. I personally use in and hold for four and out and hold for four as I feel this gives me a balance of high quality energy production coupled with sustainability.

Rhythm and retention creates a bellows effect which naturally forces more energy into your system, thus having a greater cultivation and clearing effect. Imagine closing a set of bellows and holding them closed for a short period, when you expand them again the air rushes in (or is forced in) to fill the void rapidly. Now imagine your lungs are a set of bellows and try it out for yourself. which will advance your personal healing and spiritual journey very quickly.

You will soon find that your energy centres start to grow, and your awareness of reality expands exponentially. (i.e. your physical ability to improve your life, your psychic abilities expand or open and your connectedness to all that is finally opens up)

Physical Benefit's
In Physical terms a proper breathing technique expands the diaphragm allowing air to get into the lower ventricles in a way it probably hasn’t for 20 or more years. Belly breathing expands the diaphragm which in turn massages the adrenal gland, reducing spurious adrenal outburst which cause anxiety. Massages the bowel and frees “you up”. This technique pumps the lymph, clearing out all those decades of fatty build ups and worse. Now this attribute alone has to be worth it! Research lymphoma and how it occurs! There is no evidence to suggest that this technique will stop cancer but I bet free flowing lymph couldn’t hurt eh!!

By correcting improper breathing technique, which most of us have developed over many years you will slowly improve cardiovascular efficiency and function, thus allowing for a more active and healthy lifestyle.  Improved vascular efficiency will allow for clarity of thought and improve brain function and ultimately improve on your ability to relax and sleep.

Spiritual and Energetic Benefits
Energetically the long term impact of correct breathing is immense. Breathing correctly draws clean high quality universal energy through the crown chakra which clears all of the cobwebs and hindrances to development from the spiritual chord. This in turn allows more and higher quality energy to enter the crown chakra. Simultaneously high quality earth energy is drawn in through the feet and basic chakra storing and circulating higher quantities of earth energy.

Both earth and universal energy circulating through your energetic system will start to clear any blockages and shadowing thus defeating ill health at a causal level. This clearing effect will enliven and enlarge each chakra and prompt your evolution towards spiritual enlightenment and all of the goodies which wait in store.  Your personal energy or aura will clear and brighten significantly allowing you to offload any negative baggage you have collected and carried over the years.

The final effect of this breathing technique is transmutation, which in alchemist terminology is changing lead into gold. It transmutes physical essence created within the body and turns it into extremely high quality and enlightening energy, which super kick starts your ascension process, moving you rapidly but at a pace your physical being can cope with, from the physical into the psychic and subsequently onto the spiritual states and levels.

Jackonory tell us a Story

A wee story. I wondered what the immediate effects of this type of training would be. I could naturally feel the clearing effects on my body, but how did I know that my energy had improved. I soon found out. As I was walking to the shops, I had to pass through a rough area. As expected there were the usual likely characters hanging around, one of which had taken an unhealthy interest in me, and most probably my wallet. I turned to look at him and registered his intent I realised trouble was brewing and continued quickly to the shop. I was naturally on edge leaving the shop as I expected trouble, but the street was deserted. I looked hard to see if their was anyone in wait but I couldn’t see anyone. I continued home, and as I drew level with the next junction I saw the same character running down the street like the clappers and when he realised I was looking at him, he jumped into the nearest hedgerow.

What was my shining light saying to the dark corners of his soul?

Ah the perks of high energy in spiritual development 

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