The Fountain of Youth ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Fountain of Youth

When i was a student in Grand Master Cho Kok Sui's Pranic School, I was initiated into what are known as the Tibetan Rites. These Rites are wonderful energy generation exercises which help you heal and elevate your conscious perception at a rate your physical vehicle can handle. These Rights are simple and easy for even the less able individual to master. These exercises harness the power of the legendary "Fountain of Youth".

When referring to the Fountain of Youth, explorers of many centuries have launched expeditions looking for a physical location. This legendary location was written about in fantasy and fable as a spring or well of mystical properties, and who so ever shall drink from the well will have eternal youth.

Like many western legends of eastern traditions, the metaphor has been lost in translation somewhat. The fountain of youth is not in a physical place, but rather a meta physical place. The fountain of youth is actually Spiritual Kundalini energy which when safely awakened heals and regenerates the physical being while elevating the spiritual consciousness on the path to enlightenment.

If you know anything about Kundalini awakening you will know that it is the fast track to psychic gifts and spiritual growth, however its power is harnessed for many other things. In the Cho Kok Sui school the energy is used to enhance and enlighten the energy body "turning you into a pillar of light" in order to strengthen your healing ability. This use of Kundalini growth, permits the chakra's to enlarge and in time unify (which whether you realise it or not is the aim or result of spiritual development).

By unifying the chakras you are able to absorb higher quantities and qualities of light energy, which will purify your surroundings and impact on the consciousness of those around you. Furthermore the gold colouring of the unified chakra provides a special kind of protection which transmutes negative energy into healthy useful developmental energy. (i.e. you actually grow stronger from negative attacks and vibes).

I would love to describe the exercises for you, but my powers of description in the written form are not the best. I do however love reading in online libraries and have found a copy for free which I will link you to.

Have a read, and ignore the twaddle which makes up the yarn. The important aspects of this book are the exercises. -  Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth

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Rob Lightbearer