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Monday, 26 October 2009

The Chakra Developmental Series

If you have had or are experiencing an awakening it is important that you learn to develop as an individual. In order to do this safely and correctly it is important that you have a model to work from. It is an all too common mistake to experience something of a spiritual manner which raises your awareness and immediately concentrate on the exciting world of the third eye. It will not be possible to fully develop the third eye capability for reasons I will explain later. Also in developing the third eye prior to solid development there is a likelihood that your nervous system is not developed enough to cope with what you may unlock and as such your fears and anxieties may manifest themselves turning your life upside down.
There is any number of models to choose from. There are however 3 main models used in spirituality world wide. Those are the I Ching, The Tree of Life and the 7 Level Chakra system. These three systems are directly related and use the exact same principles of development, the key difference being complexity, and ease of understanding. My preference is for the 7 Level Chakra system as we all know our body, we all have a certain degree of understanding of the physical concept which makes superimposing the mental and spiritual concepts much easier.

7 Level Chakra System
The 7 level system is a basic model for incorporating a spiritual life into this physical existence. It is by no means exhaustive because as you will learn there are 352 levels of experience or existence or separation between our base nature and source/God, and at least 2 Higher components of our being which are yet to be unlocked. What the 7 Level system does is allows us to work through all of lives issues, developing with strength and consistency permitting us to heal as we go along allowing us to ascend in this life (an option which has never before been available...but that is for another post).

The 7 Level system is a simple evolutionary construct with 7 Chakra and 3 Knots as terms of reference. The 7 Chakra represent 7 Physical plains in the body associated to various organs, and 7 levels of mentality and 7 Levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenments. The barriers to growth are the three knots and these are the reason why full development is impossible if you attempt to jump straight to the third eye.

Levels, Chakra's and their Concepts
Level 1 =  Root Chakra - Sexual Organs - Lower animalistic, fear negativity self preservation True attraction, causal health/ill health

Level 2  = Sacral Chakra - Intestines - Reproduction (habits), retention (lack of habits) Emotions, sexual gratification, feelings

Level 3 = Solar Plexus Chakra - Pancreas, liver small intestines - Personal power, will, Identity, Anxiety Power house, Clearing house, autonomy, ability

Level 4 = Heart Chakra - Heart, Thymus Gland - Identification with a greater community, selfless love Bridge from individual to community (lower) spiritual.

Level 5 = Throat Chakra - Throat, Thyroid Gland - Communication and knowledge centre, Knowledge, Healing, Protection and communication

Level 6 = Third Eye Chakra - Pituitary gland - old programmes, learned habits. Wisdom, Intuition , clearer picture of reality

Level 7 = Crown Chakra - Pineal Gland - Imagination and expression Bridge to the upper spiritual world, consciousness and awareness

                Though not exhaustive this List should provide a feel for the Chakra System. Physical, Mental, Spiritual Facets may change depending 7/10/12 etc Chakra system

Each Chakra has a colour as denoted above, and these colours denote primacy in the aura. The Chakras spin clockwise and when clear will present a bright unblemished colouring. When healing work is required they may be cloudy and sluggish and will have a dampening affect on those around them. Stage in development also has an effect on colouring as when you are in the early stages of development of a particular chakra it will have less energy and therefore lighter in colour than the recognised predisposition.

Order of Development
When considering development for spiritual purposes you may well have an idea what level you are currently at and may be inclined to start developing from this supposed level. This however is not a good idea as most people will carry complexes and blockages from early life which require to be cleared in order to support solid and consistent development. You should always consider developing from the foundations upwards (i.e. the Root) as this will fully prepare for advancement to the next level, and equip you with the abilities to tackle any life issues associated with that level in a healthy manner.

Energetic Knots
As mentioned previously there are three knots. These knots restrict the flow of energy and protect you from damaging your system through improper or inappropriate awakening. They also hinder development and will only open through consistent practice and energy generation (as it is the rising energy which slowly burns through the knots at a pace which is applicable to you as an individual)

The knots are called Brahma which is at the base of the spine and prevents premature Kundalini Rising, Vishnu which is at the rear of the Heart Centre and prevents stepping into the spiritual arena, and Vishnu which is at the base of the skull which prevents access to the spiritual gifts and High Chakras.

A word on the Aura
I will highlight a misconception which surrounds the Aura as many sources are misleading. Many people believe that Aura reading and translation to be magick (all white rabbits and top hats) they will apportion colours which in all honesty I have never seen before on anyone (and I have sat in the middle of bustling city centres watching people) They will also give translation to the effect this colour means this and so on. Do not be taken in by this rubbish (I have no idea who dreamed it up).

The Colours of the Aura reflect exactly the colours of the chakras. With that in mind there is no brown or lemon grass mauve with purple spots. The only variations from individual to individual will be as a result of the condition of the underlying chakras. So if the heart is sluggish it will be dull green if it is clear it will be bright green.

Another misconception is that only some people can see them. This is wrong, everyone can see them, with practice. However you will only ever be able to see the highest point of your development therefore do not be surprised if at first everyone has a green aura because it is very likely that you are currently at the heart chakra.

When translating an aura there is no special secret squirrel method of recognition. You are either a positive or a developing reflection of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the appropriate Chakra. So if you observe a dull yellow this does not mean that the individual murdered his last wife, it means they are spiritually developing the third chakra which will indicate they are struggling with self identity, this may manifest in many ways including selfish character traits, and anxiety, but it all reflects the facets on the list mentioned above. Any other translation are make believe.

Next post in this series will be development methods – Lower Chakra Development
Rob Lightbearer