The Chakra Development Series - The Lower Triangle ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Chakra Development Series - The Lower Triangle

The Lower Triangle is the common name for the lower three chakra i.e. the root, the sacral and the solar plexus Chakra. The development of these chakra are not only essential in order to build a solid spiritual foundation, but also to assist in achieving material success in life. A weakened lower triangle will result in anxieties, constipation and inability to take action which will result in failure. When discussing material success i do not mean do this and become rich (although some unscrupulous publishers may try and sell it that way), I mean to keep a roof over your head, to keep food on the table and to pay the bills on time. Naturally you will be well equipped to achieve any ambition you wish be that becoming a millionaire or a dolphin manicurist.
The vast majority of the population of this planet do not progress beyond the lower triangle and remain firmly grounded in the self. This is why there is so much trouble and strife everywhere as the lower triangle is the seat of concentrated ego. Nevertheless this is a staging post that you must master if you are to truly progress to the heart and beyond.

Grounding the Root Chakra
A healthy free circulating root chakra is one of the most important phases towards self mastery. The root is the exit point for all negativity and causal ill health. If the root is blocked you will slowly start to develop complexes in the other chakras which will dominate your life as you have no way of releasing them. The root is also the entry point of healthy life force energy without which your body will slowly die.

Positive action is not the main purpose of the root chakra, however it will store negative experience from previous failed actions which will in turn result in a collapse of the lower triangle, maintaining anxieties in the solar plexus. People, who fail to clear the root, will fail to take action again.

Clearing the Root is a very simple process but is a process which is often ignored. Most people have heard of grounding meditations, but for the sake of ensuring this guide is complete, I will include it here.

Firstly adopt a comfortable meditation position, preferably with your feet flat on the floor. The appropriate Mudra (mudra is a meditative hand position) for this meditation is the Root Mudra. During this meditation we will be concentrating on four points in turn. The first being the perineum, which is the section of skin between the anus and the sex organs (the mudra should activate this nicely creating a burning tingling sensation). The second and third areas to be concentrated on are the soles of each foot (thses are the actual grounding chakras and are essentially linked to the root system). Finally the fourth area is about 6 - 8 inches beneath the feet called the earth star chakra.

Sitting with your eyes firmly closed concentrate on those four areas. Imagine a ball of pure white light entering each chakra, Swirling and loosening off the grease and grime that has built up over the years. Hold this thought as you slowly clear out each chakra until it is blinding white. (you can take as long on this as you like).

When you are ready imagine roots growing down from the soles of your feet, through your earth star chakra and into the core of the earth. Imagine the connecting into a brilliant light crystal. As you breath in draw in this brilliant white light, through your roots, to the earth star chakra into the soles of your feet, and on up to the crown of your head. Imagine now the light gathering all of the murky grimy energy from your body and passing it back through the same route and down into the earth. And repeat this process until you feel a tingle in the soles of your feet to signify activation of the foot chakra.

The above meditation could well be your solitary spiritual occupation for months until the root chakra is healed. The amazing thing about this meditation is that the more you persevere with it the less work you will have to do elsewhere as your system will slowly start to build up and release on its own. There is merit in never progressing beyond the grounding meditation purely because of its balancing properties.

Clearing the Sacral Chakra
Once you have mastered the grounding meditation, clearing the Sacral Chakra is so much easier. A healthy sacral chakra will in the first instance improve your bowel movements and increase your sex drive, but at a more subtle level a healthy sacral chakra is a good indication that the lower energy storage centre is filling up (this is important for both material activities and development activities) (I will explain the storage centres Later). More importantly in terms of life mastery a strong sacral chakra will allow you to keep appointments and deadlines and reproduce positive activity which will improve your chances of success.

Using the root (grounding) meditation above all you should do is add a couple of more components. Adding a white light component will help shift some of the dirty energy. Adding the appropriate Mudra will activate this chakra allowing free energy flow to and from the root and beyond. Finally changing your breathing technique will ensure high quality energy is being drawn and stored in the lower storage centre.

So firstly set up your grounding meditation as before except this time apply the Sacral Chakra Mudra. Once you have activated the white light spheres in your root, feet and earth star chakras, then apply a white sphere to the sacral chakra. See the old dirty energy being slowly cleaned and removed from the chakra.

When you are ready grow your roots to the earth’s core and breath. The only difference now is that rather than breathing any old way you should now concentrate on breathing into the Mudra i.e. breathing into the base of the belly and not into the chest. as you breath out completely expel the air drawing your belly in as far as it will go (practically compressing your abdominal organs) and repeat again.

At the end of this meditation re-ground and expel all dirty energy back into the earth.

This meditation is crucial for development, and one that you will return to time and again for many years to come. (I will explain why in a later post)

Clearing the Solar Plexus Chakra
A healthy solar plexus chakra will allow you to offload everything that has been holding you back. It will give you a true sense of yourself and what you want to achieve. At a physical level you will have less anxiety and hopefully (unless you do these exercises last thing at night) sleep well, in some cases for the first time in years. You should start to feel alive again and more able to tackle life’s issues. Your environment around you has a huge impact upon your self, self esteem and moral. A strong solar plexus will allow everyone else’s environmental negativity to bounce off you in a way that it never has before

The great thing about having followed the previous directions until they are habitual is that you have done the vast majority of the work. The grounding exercise cleared the root chakra whose job it is to pump blockages and negativity out of the system. The sacral chakra exercises helped clear and build the sacral chakra but as an added bonus cleared and stimulated the solar plexus chakra (and circulates life force automatically). The only addition to the above two exercises is to add the Solar Plexus Mudra, and do some clearing work with the white light orb.

As before get into a comfortable meditative position. Imagine a bright white ball of light resting on your solar plexus clearing out any old dirty grimy energy. See your solar plexus chakra burning a bright strong yellow. Once again grow your roots down into the earth’s core attaching to a wonderful clear crystal, and apply the solar plexus mudra. As you breathe in draw pure healing energy into your system filling your being up and as you exhale (remember to lift your chest prior to exhale) see all of the diseased dirty energy flow out and into the earth’s core. Repeat as often as you feel comfortable.

Meditation for life
Although you could consider these to be material and lower realm chakras, they are of prime importance when it comes to spiritual development. The exercise above really should become a daily practice for the earnest seeker. By doing this practice you are not missing out on spiritual goodies you are in fact reinforcing them (this will all become much clearer when I post about Safe Energy Development and Storage. This is a meditation for life, and the benefits of doing this every day for the rest of your life can not be underestimated.

I have told you about it, but the only way to know for sure is to try it, I bet you feel an awful lot better in two weeks time. What are you waiting for!!

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Rob Lightbearer