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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Chakra Development Series and the Unified Chakra

The aim of this post is to highlight how the chakra system develops and enlightens, and to assure the reader that the techniques provided are by far the safest and quickest methods of development. I have spoken about chakras previously as I feel they are an excellent tool for gauging development. By developing one chakra at a time you the seeker only have to deal with one set and nature of issues at a time. By utilising systems such as Kundalini Yoga, you may overload your psyche as many plains of issues arise, leaving the seeker feeling mentally drained and ill for want of a better description.

Developmental Path
As we all know the developmental path runs from root to crown and beyond (I will speak about the beyond in my next post). But developed properly safely and in a controlled manner you will feel certain staging posts (or physical sensations) These are good indications of what your own personal energy is up to at any given time. Therefore to understand these sensations will allow us to understand the nature of any issues which may arise.

As I mentioned previously there are three key knots which prevent the premature elevation of energy. This is a natural system in place to protect you from the type of damage that can occur by attempting to manipulate the higher chakras before you are physically ready. These knots can prove useful in development as they allow us to gather energy in a specific manner which supports safe development.

There are three key energy storage centres in our energetic body. They are each in the vicinity of the three key knots described above. They have a natural facility for charging one and other and therefore should be allowed to do their job. Used properly these storage centres will hold enough energy to uplift their particular region and burn through any knots and blockages which prevent development. Used improperly (as in some techniques) and they can make you ill.

During development you should only ever intend to charge the lower storage centre (around the sacral chakra). It will provide direct attention to blockages from this life resulting in an improvement in stress levels and anxieties. As this centre is focused on the lower regions you may feel angry or irritated by people, it is natural and shows that the centre is filling up. You will also feel a warm sensation in the bowel region, and toilet issues should be much easier.

When this centre is full, the energy which has been stored here will leak to a small energy centre which pumps energy around the bodies, this will automatically start filling the heart storage centre so you should continue the technique as before. There is no need to include any new activities although I will show you some which will make the journey easier over the next few posts.

As the heart storage centre fills you will feel relief from the anger you felt during charging of the lower centre, as the first three chakras have now been healed and enlarged (this does not mean you are immune to lower chakra issues, but you are now more capable of dealing with them).During this period you may feel warmth and tingling around the heart chakra. The heart chakra fills in two phases, phase one, immediately after the sacral chakra, and phase two as all residual energy is focussed here in order to unify the chakras.

When phase one of the heart chakra and energy storage centre is complete the energy will leak up the spine and slowly begin to enlighten the upper chakras, you will feel pressure along the route as each chakra is enlivened. The energy then makes a detour to a place known as the high heart, which is just above the heart centre and will take time reversing the ageing process and enlivening the thyroid gland which has been slowly losing power since childhood. You will feel the warmth on the chest above the heart chakra and on the spine between the shoulder blades.

The Journey around the higher centres concludes back at the heart storage centre and heart chakra, where all of the remaining energy from now on will be stored. The heart chakra will continue to expand until it engulfs all other chakras and starts you on the journey of experiencing Christ consciousness. The expansion of this chakra will seal you completely and for the first time in your life provides you with the protection and transmutation you need and deserve. This is the point in the book of Acts when the blessed were baptised in the Holy Spirit. Spiritual and psychic abilities will start to appear and your perspective will change, you will also start to grow your own spiritual being within your energy body (this is your entirety being reunited and separation being dissolved).

Techniques for development
I’m not going to labour these issues; all of the above occurs naturally and can be hastened by one technique and one technique alone. Please do not be mislead into believing there are high level secret techniques for advancement all techniques to get you to this stage in development are hidden in plain sight.

The two which I have recommended are
1: Lower Triangle Development (the only technique required to develop to the stage of the unified chakra, use with the sacral mudra)
2: Mindlessness meditation (the earlier you start this the more capable you are of empowering yourself at the later stages of development)

All you require to add to the pot, is a dash of self discipline.

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