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Monday, 16 November 2009

Using Meditation as a Path to Enlightenment

There are many types of meditation each of which serves a different purpose. There are guided meditations and meditation to music, mindfulness and mindlessness. Many people struggle to grasp what meditation actually is, and how to use it. Sources of information over complicate things by giving meditations rankings in terms of difficulty or advancement.

In my experience the best form of meditation to support spiritual and psychic development is mindlessness meditation, which no matter the source of your research, is allegedly an advanced meditation. I would suggest very strongly that this title is an attempt to over mystify and elevate the position of that individual source or person. Mindlessness in developmental terms is the most basic form of meditation required to ensure success through development of any of the other guided meditations. Any sort of visualisation etc, will not work unless you are at an appropriate level and you will only get to that appropriate level through a number of these so called advanced techniques (which are in fact the cornerstone of development).

What is Mindlessness
Mindlessness meditation is a simple process whereby you contemplate on an empty or still mind. In order to conduct this meditation properly just adopt a comfortable meditative position, breath deeply and still and observe the thought process.

When you master mindlessness you reach a stage that is precisely as it says on the tin, your mind is empty. Many people do not reach this stage in development because they do not have the discipline to stick it out (which is why visualisation or any other form of manifestation or divination, clairvoyance or otherwise will not be effective for them). Many people report active thoughts or day dreams in the early stages of mindlessness and think they are doing something wrong. This is not wrong as these visions are all part of the developmental process.

The early stages of mindlessness is very much mindfulness (but with the goal of being empty through development). In order to overcome these itinerant thoughts you must first understand them. Some of these thoughts will be true life events, some of these thoughts will be fantasy based on true life events and some of these thoughts will be pure fantasy. ALL of these thoughts are indications of attachments which must be shed in order to advance.

Technique for Overcoming Thought
As mentioned previously these thoughts represent, and are indeed symbolic, of attachments which you carry through this life. In order to develop you must shed these attachments. The key means of shedding these attachments is to observe them impassively. Recognise that they are thoughts and that they are not in anyway real. Do not become emotionally involved in the thoughts, if you feel yourself becoming involved i.e. they move from being a thought to a day dream you must re-centre yourself. To do this simply breathe deep into the pit of your stomach. Wait until the observations pass and begin again. You are aiming for a time when you can observe these thoughts dispassionately and without judgement and release them never to return in an emotionally involved manner.

These thoughts fall into a number of categories, the first are issues surrounding your current daily life that if not rectified will fester and become either an attachment or a blockage in your system. Later in your development intrusive thoughts will represent blockages, from the past, clearing at various levels which if viewed impassively will not return as you will have begun the process of breaking that bondage. The third are thoughts associated with greater karmic issues, which have set you on your current path, until now.

By mastering passive observance you will have made your current stresses no longer a cause of suffering. Your previous hurts and pains will no longer be allowed to steer your future. And your path to spiritual development will open up completely.

Stepping into Mindlessness
You will never truly escape invasive thoughts whilst in a human state but through the observance technique above they will eventually become less important and as a result have less dominance in your conscious life.

Having mastered mindfulness you must now learn to deal with the phases of mindlessness. The reason why I say "deal with" many people can become scared and confused by what they witness during mindlessness and I wish to provide reassurance.

At the early stages of mindlessness the mind is black and completely still. You can expect to hear ringing in the ears or an increase in tone of the ringing this is very normal. Hold the stillness and allow the energy to flow. In time you should be able to observe the energy, normally as swirling violet, colour. This is natural and is Universal energy clearing and strengthening your system. During this Period you may see eyes or indeed faces. This occurs because your light is shining brighter in the astral realm and any beings in the vicinity will gravitate towards you and "take a look". As you develop some may even communicate with you. Do not worry you have the power to command them to leave you if you do not wish them to continue communicating.

When your energy level has increased to a certain degree, you will no longer observe black at the peak of this meditation. As your chakras expand and your consciousness elevates everything will turn white as a result of your ability to now draw high quality universal energy. This is a very good sign as it means your spiritual development is gathering momentum. The more you enter this state of consciousness the more light you procure, the higher your light quotient, the more you develop. Your ability to use various techniques effectively will start to appear. Learn to hold yourself in this state for as long as you can until such a time as you feel you could rest in this beautiful phase for ever.

Benefits of this Meditation
This meditation allows you to think clearly, not only during meditation, but in every day life. It improves concentration and self discipline allowing you to focus on and achieve whatever challenges lie ahead. By clearing any blockages in your energetic system and drawing in high quality energy this meditation helps you to heal and strengthen and prevents you from succumbing to every passing bug and virus. Most importantly, this meditation accelerates your spiritual development in a safe manner, regardless of whether your goal is enlightenment or to improve your psychic abilities.

The Holistic effects of this meditation are irreplaceable and although some other types of meditation may help you increase some areas of intuition or increase receptivity, this meditation improves all areas of your being, ready to use those other technique to improve individual skills or abilities. This technique is safe and develops you at a pace consistent with steady development unlike some which wrongly attempt to awaken abilities prior to your nervous system strengthening.

Where to Next
The white light phase is not the end of the journey but merely the start of the next more advanced phase of your spiritual journey. As the old saying goes “when the student is ready the master will appear”. It certainly is true; the master who appeared to help me develop further was Ascended Master Lady Nada.

There is no time limit for this meditative process it can take months for some and years for others. Regardless, it is a lifelong process which even once you have attained a certain degree of mastery never loses its place in your developmental tool box.

There are ways to further simplify and accelerate this process
Rob Lightbearer