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Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Instant Healing or Healing In an Instant?

There is much talk of Instant Healing in spiritual communities which can quite often lead to false hope, frustration and anger. The concept of instant healing is not too far removed from the truth but is not entirely accurate. If you locate the causal issue of the disease you can heal in an instant with the correct tools. However dunking yourself in the lucky shrine at the foot of the neighbour’s garden where the dogs, breeders hairdresser once saw a shadow and cured her hic-ups will never ever provide instant healing.

Causal Approach to Ill Health
In the spiritual context, ill health is viewed as being the result of a negative issue or bad karma call it what you may. This point of view suggests that blocks in the energy body created by stagnant or dirty energy will eventually reflect on the physical body manifesting in ill health related to the appropriate organ depending on the type of blockage.

This point of view was misinterpreted in the first ascent of what we call modern western medicine. Monks and priests who specifically trained in Hippocratic medicine knew in theory about this concept but never knew how it worked. They believed that Humours in the body (i.e. blocks in the energy) created ill health and that the only approach to successful healing was to bleed the humours out. This approach resulted in more deaths than dramatic healings but was the starting point of what we now recognise as modern medicine.

We as healers recognise that manipulation and clearing of the energy body will clear blockages but from experience I know that this in itself is merely a temporary measure and may bring relief but will never instantly heal. In order to do that we must understand precisely what a blockage is.

Energy Blockages
Put simply, energy blockages are thought forms thought forms that we would rather not see again. Thought forms that we have created an opinion surrounding the issues and have held onto the emotion attached to them. Thought forms are caused by retaining judgements on situations and suppressing emotional impact of situations. Effectively energy blockages are unresolved situations in our life.

Every person has blockages of some description or another, if they did not they would not need to be here. Energy blockages are stored all around the body and not as you would imagine around our own thinking device the brain. Why are they stored around our body? In the first instance they are stored at the seat of a historical injury where we have suppressed pain and damaged our entire being. In the second instance they are stored at the centre of the related meridian to the type of thought form.

All this talk of meridians may sound like hocus pocus so I will try and simplify it. Basic electronic theory states that anywhere electron current flows a magnetic field is created. Doctors measure the activity of the brain and nervous system by measuring its neuro-electric activity. Anywhere electron current flows there is a magnetic field in this case a bio-electric field and it surrounds every single aspect of the central nervous system. Where is the central nervous system in the human body? Everywhere. Unlike a manufactured magnetic field a bio-magnetic field can be manipulated (in a negative manner by your thought form, and in a positive manner by a healer)

Thought forms impact on various areas such as fear, may cause the heart to race, or the adrenal gland to pump harder. When a thought form is viewed negatively we try by human nature to suppress it i.e. to slow the heart to calm the adrenal gland. This subconscious action creates a blockage over the specific areas mentioned, which over time will create anxiety and in the worst instance malfunction of the heart and adrenal gland and specifically to this blog will prevent spiritual advancement.

Thought forms can be created by any emotion and any thought the key difficulty is getting to the root cause and dealing with it.

Healing in an Instant
As a healer I am providing temporary assistance to you I am not however providing the healing. You are. By taking appropriate action you can and will heal in an instant. You must know what to look for and you must know what action to take.

Everything i have written about in this blog is interrelated, and in time I am sure you will see that. In order to heal in an instant you must apply the same fundamentals I have described elsewhere. Those are Love, Compassion and Forgiveness.

When the thought form or blockage is cleared, the organ which has been blocked will react by pursuing the same activity as it was when the thought form was created. The organ activity will bring up suppressed memories, DO NOT SUPPRESS THEM AGAIN as the block will be recreated. Observe them, and see what the incident in question was. Take a note of how you felt. Did you feel guilt? Did you feel hate? Did you feel anger?

Apply love compassion and forgiveness with all your heart to each situation, if you need to forgive then earnestly forgive and let it go, if you need to make amends, do that and forgive yourself and let it go. Each situation will call for a unique approach and will take time to work through each blockage as it arises.

The moment you take corrective action to heal your view of the situation is the instant you will heal.