Illusion and Realities True Nature ~ The Healing Sphere
Monday, 9 November 2009

Illusion and Realities True Nature

Having heard many times people speak of this world being an illusion and subsequently hearing their reasoning behind their thought process, i very quickly realised that most of these opinions come from circular reporting and not from new information or personal experience. I have found that many believers of the illusion theory are purely deluding themselves and actually do not realise the true nature.

This message is for those that believe in the illusion but do not fully understand its nature and for those caught in the material trappings of this fake existence that have yet to discover the happiness of true release from suffering. (even though this will not answer every question)

This world is an illusion not, as some believe, because matter does not truly exist and that it is all a creation of our mind. Matter does exist, matter is very real. Matter is the physical realisation of universal energy slowing down to take a physical form of creation. Matter is the realisation of spirit. Without spirit matter does not exist. Matter however is not solid it is highly viscous and prone to the ever changing ebb and flow of the tide of particles, electrons and protons. We may not see it in one lifetime but slowly the forms created here in this material world neutralise and are swallowed completely back into the environment of mother earth.


We have changed the planets appearance but have never changed its structure. we have not added any components that was not here to begin with, everything in time will balance out. We may have polluted our environment but we have not polluted THE environment everything will find its balance again. When a volcano poisons the atmosphere more in a few days than we have in a lifetime what happens next? Mother earth finds her balance, she absorbs and redistributes and brings new life. The pollution caused by volcanic eruptions destroy all around, but it is not the end, but merely a wiping of the slate. Visit an extinct volcano and you will find the produce of a fertile environment. This occurs because of the ebb and flow of the component parts of the tide of matter.

This world and each minute particle is eternal and can never be truly destroyed. It may not always be in the shape we recognise now but its particles will always be there. A universal truth is that Energy can change its form but can never be destroyed and what is matter but the realisation of energy in physical form.

The true nature of environmental reality is that we can pollute our environment but never pollute THE environment.

Physical Monetary Wealth
The Illusion of physical monetary wealth is possibly the most captivating and distracting of all illusions. Even in poor communities there is still very much a wealth rank structure. There are still those that parade like peacocks hosting the newest trappings of wealthy fashion for that area. We as humans have become obsessed with one upmanship whether we realise it or not. This is a distraction as clothes tear and gold will return to the earth no matter whether we wear it with pride or keep it locked up in a safe, it will eventually return from whence it came.

I know a small family that inherited a sum of money. Not a large sum, but a sum that could have changed their life for the better. It could have meant security and food for the rest of their lives. Instead the mother paid for the luxuries desired by her new boyfriend. They both strutted around like pop stars boasting of the technological gadgets and decrying all who did not measure up to their high standards. One year on, their is no money, the gadgets lie motionless as there is no energy to power them. They are all suffering from stress and ill health and can not guarantee that their will be food on the table. They are persistently borrowing and begging from the people they had previously castigated. Nothing lasts for ever and vanity is energy wasted.

When the wealthy trappings of material life returns to its original form what have we left? A body which was born naked in the manner of every body. A body which weakens with age, the same as every body. A body which dies in a manner which will embarrass and affront the proudest of individuals as we no longer can keep our bodily functions, the same as every body. No one is immune to the cycle of life; wealth can not guarantee clean sheets on your death bed. We are all the same!

Pride can take many forms and is the sleekest of distractions as everyone regardless of status suffers from pride. Have you ever felt so indignant that you utter "How Dare You?" This is the manifestation of pride. We subconsciously raise ourselves above others in standing for what ever reason, sometimes it is because we have money, sometimes it is even because we are "humble", we humans are prone to cataloguing status depending on our perceptions at any given time. As with wealth status only exists as long as our body.

Suffering and Blame
There is much suffering in the world, some caused by others but most caused by ourselves. How many times in the past have you heard "If there was a god why would their be war?" War is a human choice. It is free will to destroy another being and this I know, I have been to war and have fought for my country. I could have chosen to lie down and die, I could have chosen to blame others for my injured body or my dead comrades but ultimately every choice I had made in life lead me to that point. I chose freely of my own will to do everything I did and like many others I continue to pay the price. Some would condone war by providing just reasons but that is another debate which I do not wish to enter.

Think of what makes you suffer and what you do to cause the suffering of others. From subdued yet attacking comments or statements of opinion to physically assaulting others it is all an attempt to assert status and pride. Violence is an attempt to dominate. Domination is a strange thing when you break it down and think about it. The Homo-erotic undertones of physical domination are quite the opposite of what men of violence believe they are achieving. Thought of in those terms you realise that violence is pathetic. Violence is the pathetic attempts at dominance of the subdued and perverse subconscious mind. In the wild animals take it to the full conclusion, have you ever observed two male dogs vying for dominance? On conclusion of the violent ritual the victor attempts intercourse with the loser, and yet the gay community still struggle for acceptance in a world where they are persecuted by men of violence! How ridiculous is the confused nature of man.

Violence is utterly pathetic and distracting from our key purpose here.

Most suffering as i previously stated is a fault of us. The universal law of cause and effect means that whatever decisions we make must be realised right through to the conclusion whether we like it or not. How many of our fellow man do not live a right life and then look elsewhere for blame when something does not go according to plan. Acceptance of responsibility at all levels, and correcting all imbalances is necessary in order to move on, and yet many never move on because they do not accept responsibility, and never attempt to right their wrongs.

The causal effect of suffering lands directly at the individual’s doorstep.

HOWEVER do not believe for a minute that self realisation will release you from ever experiencing any type of event which previously caused suffering again in the future. Being released from suffering means just that, by removing attachments you no longer suffer but you still experience those events and you still will experience events in your life, they just will not emotionally impact upon you in the same manner.

The True Nature
The above topics give a flavour of some misconceptions but are no means exhaustive and i hope they lead nicely into this summation.

The reality is not a material existence beyond these four walls. Reality is a spiritual community in the higher realms. You are not here as the new agers believe by choice to experience things and have a jolly old time of it. we are here because we are (I wont go into this in detail just now it will take too long) and we now have to get on with it and stay, or develop and escape. We can submerge ourselves in the superficial material existence and deny ourselves the right to freedom. This place is not so bad, living an illusion means not having to face up to reality.

Reality is that all material experiences are necessary as part of our release plan and we can not release without it, not even monks who make sure they don’t fall foul of universal law by not leaving their broom cupboard can release without experiencing the material. The material is very real, but should be used as a tool of refinement in order to once again join the community in the heavens.

"Only thousands can be saved" yes this is true, the spiritual kingdom will only have a finite amount of residents, but that does not mean that all of the rest will perish in the fires of hell. There is only a finite number of souls in heaven because we here on earth are all component parts of the same thing. If for instance each human may have three stages of over soul. My physical being has one soul its mine and no one else’s, my over soul however is shared, by how many? Who knows? And my Monad is shared by many over souls who each live beyond many souls. As I ascended into my over soul here on earth I made it easier for my soul group to find me, and release themselves. I will post in detail later.

Achievements here on earth are distractions from the main goal. How senseless life is if all you have is this temporary vehicle and trinkets of adulation of others who are also lost in the illusion. If however you are able to free yourself you will rejoin the community in the heavens, and will understand truly the game we have been playing here on earth.

We are in a prison of free will, to choose how long we are here, as the rules are fixed and the choices are ours.

Buddha learned from his mistakes and chose the middle path.  A path which sustained his physical vehicle long enough to learn full release, but without the indulgences which cause attachments and suffering.