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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Advanced Mahatma Ascension Reiki

Advanced Mahatma Ascension Reiki, Is a wonderful enlightening system, which is ascension, focused. It takes the already excellent Mahatma Reiki and adds much more. As opposed to other systems which you may be familiar with where the rank of master/teacher confers the ability to pass attunements but does not in anyway indicate level of spiritual development or attainment let alone moral standing. Advanced Mahatma Ascension Masters are truly and genuinely one with the great divine. There are 352 levels of separation between our mortal self, and source. Having completed Advanced Mahatma Ascension, masters are one with all 325 levels of Mahatma and source. This is a truly unique system and a unique opportunity to receive energetic healing from a true master.

Without going into too much detail about the ascension process and advanced mahatma ascension reiki at this stage I will provide information on the Mahatma Reiki System (as there is far too much to cover in the ascension system)

Mahatma Reiki
Mahatma Reiki is a marriage of a system of Reiki and the integrated energy of the "I AM Presence" called Mahatma. The marriage of the nine Mahatma Reiki symbols and the opportunity available through the "I AM Presence" - Mahatma, gives you the tools to make the changes needed into this new millennium with grace.

Having read my last post you should now be familiar with Reiki. You therefore, already appreciate the wonderful gifts Reiki brings to your life in many ways. Mahatma Reiki brings all the wonderful gifts you could experience with Reiki plus many more. It is a frequency of divine energy for healing, whose purpose is to empower. For those of us choosing to work/live and have our "being" in the light, Mahatma Reiki gives you a profound spiritual toolkit to work with. It is a particularly integrated energy to assist you in remembering who you really are.

Reiki creates a "bridge" between our human existence and our oneness with God/Spirit the Universal Presence. By using symbols this system connects the recipients to our Godself, and becomes a simple and accessible tool for healing on all levels. Mahatma Reiki, allows alignment and integration in the physical, emotional and mental levels of our being, so that we can more fully access our spiritual potential. Through using this energy in your life on a daily basis you begin to realize who you really are. The word empowerment is the closest description we have to describe this experience.

Mahatma Reiki, and the nine symbols used in this system, creates the bridge for the specific healing of issues, and the empowerment necessary for the profound changes in evolution, we are going through. These changes relate not only to our issues of wholeness and relationship but now encompass opportunities such as Ascension.

Now, as at no time before upon our planet, the opportunity for healing and integration of all aspects of our being, is being made available to all who choose it. Divine equality is Universal Law; no one is better or worse than another. We all are divine expressions of our creator and have within us the "I AM Presence". In the past we worshipped beings who are but a few steps ahead of us on the spiritual path.

The Ascended Masters continue working diligently through the Spiritual Hierarchy to assist us in our evolution. Since the Harmonic Convergence in August 1987, the planet Earth has graduated and become 4th dimensional. This has allowed many openings for light to be anchored on earth and within us. We are rapidly approaching the time when we too will be graduating. Many will be choosing the opportunity of Ascension and assisting others in this process: thus creating an "ascension popcorn effect." The opportunities NOW available to us in physicality, may cause us to temporarily move ahead of the Ascended Masters in evolution, allowing us to give back to our beloved teachers. If this idea stretches your envelope of belief, then get ready for the implosions of Light NOW available.

Mahatma Reiki is a very high frequency of energy. People who have received other forms of healing, report the difference in the power they feel immediately. New recipients Reiki, also feel this profound peace and experience heat in their body and a heightened level of awareness.

Mahatma Reiki Symbols
The symbols act as a bridge between our human existence and spiritual frequencies of energy. Through altered states of consciousness, such as meditation or prayer when doing hands on healing, we can access this highly refined, spiritual energy. What the symbols do in this process process is give you instant access to these spiritual energies. You will experience deep states of meditation as the energy flows through you, and prayer certainly empowers the process through right intention. However, with Reiki, neither is necessary, for you to experience a direct, instantaneous connection to God/Spirit the universal presence in this tangible way.

The 9 symbols provide nine focused and unique gifts which assist on the ascension journey. They are as follows:

A symbol to switch on access to this high level energy.

A Symbol which Balances the feminine and brings wholeness and divine healing in a manner which is extremely difficult by any other method.

A powerful relationship healing symbol which not only balances your place with others but also your love for yourself, clearing up any negative scarring caused by issues surrounding people.

A Symbol which clears out any blockages associated to the 8 types of abundance allowing you to attract more positive into your life. With abundance comes true freedom and connection with spirit and source.

A symbol which brings in God light healing your Christ self and engulfing you in universal love.

A symbol which clears all other barriers to ascension and greatly increases and expands consciousness.

A symbol which connects you to the original blue print of creation which delivers powerful healing from the original template.

A symbol which connects you to god consciousness and helps deliver messages and information from higher level sources.

A symbol which works slowly on your soul’s eye, allowing you to visualise the true nature of existence and start you on the path to complete ascension.

Mahatma and Ascension
As you can see the system delivers a profound level of ascension focussed healing which works slowly over time. But these symbols and the energy which they access are only the start, the Advanced Mahatma Ascension Reiki Journey is one which is life changing and indescribable. This system of ascension acceleration may become the basis of spiritual development for you for many months and years to come.

The Healing Circle
It is my intention to focus the activities of the healing sphere healing circle, on advanced mahatma ascension. So I look forward to the completion of the administration required in order to support me sharing this life changing energy with you.