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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Technique to Accelerate Meditation, Relaxation, and Develop Spiritual Abilities

 I know that previously I stated that their were only a few techniques required in order to develop spiritual fulfilment, and that is correct. I restate there are only a few techniques REQUIRED in order to achieve spiritual fulfilment. There are however a number of techniques which will help you on your journey and at each stepping stone on route.

In reality what I am about to talk about is a sub-technique, a hint or a tip. It will allow you to enter states of consciousness which so far have remained hidden behind a busy mind and overactive imagination. This technique allows us to overcome the hurdles of mindlessness as well as allowing us to release the old unhelpful programmes. It is in fact a short cut to the unconscious and beyond.

In order to reach higher states of consciousness both in meditation and grounded here in our 3rd dimensional reality you must learn to relax the mind. "Yes" I hear you say "we already know this", but the real struggle occurs not in relaxing the mind but in relaxing the physical body. As I stated in a previous post, our mind has storage locations all over the body, how can one expect the physical mind to relax if these ethereal storage centres are firing off signals here there and everywhere.

In order to fully achieve a still mind, you must first achieve a still body. A still body may be difficult at first but by practicing this technique you will be able to achieve just that in seconds or less.

Early Physical Relaxation Technique
After grounding and deep breathing, slowly visualise two hands. These are your hands but are not your physical hands, these are energy hands which can go anywhere and do anything you choose. With your energy hands reach down to your feet and starting at your big toes slowly massage your feet until the start to tingle and heat up. You may feel short pains or burning, this is just blocks being released so do not worry, you will feel this time and again in various parts of your body as you start to clear energetic scarring.

As your feet start to relax, slowly massage up each ankle into the legs, slowly drawing the relaxing warmth up with your energy hands. Take your time and ensure you give every area the attention it requires. Feel the warmth creep up your legs towards your hips and slowly as you reach the hips, drag your energy hands to the root chakra and slowly bring it to life. Imagine it as a red ball of light that you are polishing and cleaning, removing all the smears and grubby marks.

Slowly move on and up the physical vehicle, repeating the process as before, and as you reach a chakra, slowly take the time to polish and clean the sacred ball of light. Ensure that every inch of your body and every chakra has received full attention from your relaxing energy hands, and when you have completely massaged your entire body, state the intention: I INTEND MY BODY TO COMPLETELY RELAX.

Feel now your entire vehicle completely and utterly relax.

Nervous System Relaxation
Once you have stated the previous intention the next phase of relaxation will come relatively quickly. As you have previously massaged your outer vehicle, you must now calm the signals which rage around your body from the tip of your nose to the soles of your feet.

Quite simply take your energy hands again, but this time plunge them deep into the core of your feet. Slowly massage every nerve and nerve ending. Repeat the route you took for your physical massage ensuring to cover every inch of the nervous system. You should at this point feel your body start to deaden as the sensors all around it start to drift off to a relaxing sleep, probably for the first time in your life.

When you have completely massaged your nervous system state the intention: I INTEND MY NERVOUS SYSTEM TO COMPLETELY RELAX.

Feel the impact of a relaxed nervous system.

Brain Stillness and Relaxation
By this stage of the process relaxing the brain should be relatively simple, however we should go through the motions (why? will become clear later in the post). Do not focus too much energy on the brain as this can cause headaches and insomnia. Instead just gently sweep the brain with your energy hands a few times and state the following intention: I INTEND MY BRAIN TO COMPLETELY RELAX.
Issues Arising
It may take you a number of attempts to consciously complete this cycle, as you may drift into the white light earlier. Do not worry, as you become more able to consciously control your mind you will slowly develop a strong meditative ability and therefore able to use this meditation for more than just relaxing.

On completion of this exercise you are in a highly receptive state. This state of mind, known as a trance is very useful, not just for entering still mind, but also for removing old unhelpful programmes and adding new more useful ones. Using this technique prior to forgiveness sessions is very effective in removing blockages and changing your state of mind and elevating consciousness.

Of course the main reason I described this technique was to allow you to enter the stillness quickly, which brings us onto the advanced application.

Advanced Technique
As previously stated on the conclusion of this exercise you have placed yourself in a highly receptive state. In this state you can effectively create new programmes for yourself. One such programme is the ability to allow you to reach this state far more easily than ever before.

The method itself may sound difficult and maybe even dangerous but remember you are always in control, no one else.

On conclusion of the exercise mentioned above, reaffirm the three intentions mentioned. i.e. Intend the body; nervous system and brain completely relax.

You are now in a position to set a programme and a confirmation, in this situation the programme should include a trigger word, for me it is Peace (as this is in alignment with what I am trying to achieve) and set the conditions. So an intention would go something like this:

On counting back slowly from 5 to 1 I intend that my eyelids shall be welded shut (confirmation of state), I will be in control at all times and fully alert to any hazards in my surroundings and able to become fully alert in an instant if needs be. I will trigger this state quickly and effectively in the future using the keyword “Peace Peace Peace”

Once you have confirmed that your eyelids are welded shut therefore you are in a trance state and highly receptive, reaffirm, that in any future time that you should wish to enter this state use the keyword peace, and it shall happen. Slowly bring yourself out of the state and let the blood circulate back into your extremities. When you are ready slowly relax again and test the programme, by stating the three intentions: I intend my body, nervous system and brain to completely relax. Once you feel yourself starting to become heavy in relaxation use your trigger word “peace peace peace” and you should quickly and easily slip into a deep meditative state.

This exercise has proven its effectiveness in creating programmes for repeating the state. It can also be used to create programmes for anything you want, confidence, wealth anything you can think of.

The removal of old programmes is essential for progression, and doing forgiveness sessions with this tool will work wonders.

Moving into mindlessness meditation quickly and easily and Just learning to use this technique properly will progress you by about 1 year (the time it takes to master mindlessness), which in turn will allow you to progress much faster.

Give it a try, it is a tool I use every single day, multiple times a day.

The Next post takes things one step further with The Unified Chakra
Rob Lightbearer