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Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Complete Chakra System - Jacobs Ladder

I wanted to save this post for later, but having received a number of emails asking questions about various subjects relating to higher chakra abilities I feel there is no harm in producing it now. I have made reference to the seven level chakra systems over the previous posts. This is a useful system in terms of understanding and organising personal growth, however the true chakra system or multidimensional levels do not stop there. There are in fact 352 levels of ascension and though it is possible to attain God or Universal consciousness in this lifetime, it is not possible to fully attain all 352 levels or hold the light required to attain fully these levels.

Our Physical body can only hold approximately 98% of our full light quotient. Matter quickly burns to light as it approaches the final 2 percent, hence you may have heard of ascended societies being referred to as societies of light. On the day of ascension Jesus himself was drawn up to the heavens in a pillar of light as a result of his light quotient reaching 99%.

Therefore in material terms what is the highest level our physical vehicles can fully attain? The simple answer is 12 (though the full answer is far more complicated, so it is better to keep it simple in order to fully support development)

The Lower Chakras - The Lower Triangle
The most basic level of consciousness is based at the root chakra, also known as the Maladhara. The Root is the seat of the physical dimension, and is located at the perineum. The aim of a balanced root chakra is to keep you grounded in your physical vehicle whilst maintaining a healthy regard for self preservation, survival and trust of our immediate "pack". Symptoms of a poorly developed root chakra include, fear, lack of discipline and order, restlessness and being a bit "spaced out". Symptoms of a stagnant Root Chakra include materialism and greed, constipation and lethargy.

The second level of consciousness is based at the Sacral Chakra, also known as the Svadisthana. The Sacral Chakra is the seat of emotion, desire and self gratification and is located in line with the belly button just over the Pubis. This chakra is very sexual in nature and when balanced will promote a healthy approach to sex and life in general. A poorly developed sacral chakra will manifest itself in sexual dysfunction, emotional numbness and fear of pleasure, not to mention the impact on our ability to recreate healthy work life behaviour. When stagnated the sacral chakra will manifest poor boundaries, high levels of emotion, and obsessiveness particularly addictions and attachments.

The sacral chakra is the seat of empathy and may allow a sensitive individual to sense another’s physical/mental state.

The Third level of consciousness is seated in the solar plexus chakra. The Solar plexus is where we define our sense of self and self identity it is the seat of our ego. The solar plexus chakra is the centre of power it is a master chakra whose vitality will define our identity at any given time. When balanced this chakra will manifest vitality and purpose, strength of will and self esteem. A poorly developed solar plexus chakra will manifest itself in weak will and anxiety, fearful and unable to take action. A stagnant solar plexus chakra will create an aggressive and angry individual, who blames others and fails to take responsibility and is highly scattered in their actions.

The solar plexus chakra is the seat of clair sentience which will allow you to feel a sense of spiritual presence.

The Heart Bridge
The Heart Chakra also known as the Heart Bridge or the spiritual bridge because it bridges the gap between material and spiritual, between self and community and between the lower and the higher manifest principles of material life. The heart chakra is very much a defining level splitting the many of earth’s occupants who live in the lower triangle and indulge in selfish love from the few who have opened the doorway to compassionate and universal love. I find it very sad when I observe life going on around me and see the many characteristics of the lower triangle and the flaunting of self importance, how little these people have developed since the days of the cave, they have not yet taken the high yet still very low (4 of 352 steps) step to the heart chakra. It is then I realise just how little true compassion exists in the world.

The fourth level of consciousness is seated in the heart chakra. The heart chakra also known as the Anahata is the centre social consciousness; this is the first time we have truly considered community, not for the good of ourselves but for the good of all. A balanced heart chakra will result in balance of life, compassion and good relationships. A poorly developed heart chakra will manifest shyness and isolation, lack of empathy bitterness and being critical. A stagnant heart chakra will result in co-dependency possessiveness and jealousy.

The Upper Chakra’s – The High Triangle
The fifth level of consciousness occurs in the throat chakra. The Throat Chakra also known as the Vishuda is the centre of creative energy. When balanced the throat chakra indicates clear communication and creativity, this is also the centre which allows us to resonate with the spiritual concepts of this reality. A poorly developed throat chakra indicates fear of speaking, or speaking out, and poor rhythm. A stagnated throat chakra indicates an individual who talks excessively and has an inability to listen, and may frequently stutter.

The throat chakra is the seat of spiritual channelling allowing you to psychically vocalise spiritual communication.

The sixth level of consciousness occurs in the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra also known as the Ajna is the seat of Archetypal consciousness. When balanced correctly the third eye chakra will manifest psychic perception and clear seeing, accurate interpretation and imagination. A poorly developed third eye chakra will indicate poor memory and vision, inability to see or recognise patterns, denial. A stagnated third eye chakra will indicate headaches, hallucinations and delusions, and difficulty of concentration.

The third eye chakra is where we retain all programmes whether helpful or otherwise, by clearing the third eye we permit ourselves to begin with a clean slate.

The third eye chakra is associated with psychic interpretation, at this level clair voyance and clair audience will manifest.

The seventh level of consciousness is seated in the crown chakra. The crown chakra also known as the Sahasrara, is the seat of universal consciousness. When balanced the crown chakra will indicate Spiritual knowledge and elevated consciousness. Individuals with an underdeveloped crown chakra will be spiritually sceptic, with limited beliefs and tend towards materialism. A stagnated or overdeveloped crown chakra may indicate spiritual addiction and confusion/dissociation

The crown chakra is the gateway to our spiritual self and the entry to Jacobs’s ladder. In this area our spiritual perception will increase permitting full access to our higher spiritual selves.

Where stagnated also read over developed (as overdevelopment occurs through stagnation at various locations causing an excessive build up of energy)

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