Jacobs Ladder - The Spiritual High Chakra's ~ The Healing Sphere
Friday, 27 November 2009

Jacobs Ladder - The Spiritual High Chakra's

Jacobs Ladder is the esoteric name for the chakras which emanate from the area above the crown. There are many theories as to their exact location and here I will describe one. Suffice it to say that it does not really matter where they are physically, as these chakras are multidimensional in nature, and our goal as seekers is to completely incorporate and unify them into our being. Therefore the ultimate destination of these chakras is the area surrounding the first seven chakra's already described in previous posts.

Many of the themes covered by the spiritual chakra's may appear similar to that of the first seven, however it must be remembered that these chakras reflect universal spirituality and not just the self per’s se.

This information is still considered to be secret, however I see no reason other than vanity that this should be the case. One warning still holds true, do not attempt to develop from any area other than the root as this could seriously impair your health. So this post is for information in order to deliver higher level knowledge to arm seekers for that phase of development.
The Eighth Chakra - The Soul Star
The eighth chakra Also known as the soul star is the twin of and exact opposite of the earth star chakra (which is below the feet grounding us into matter). It sits above the crown chakra acting as a conduit stepping down universal energy to a frequency which our physical vehicle is capable of handling. The eighth chakra is the seat of divine love, spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. Our entire beings karmic residue is held in the eighth chakra carrying thought forms created over the life of our entire being caused by other lives actions and community consciousness.

When the eighth chakra starts its awakening process and expands exponentially you perceive reality in an entirely new context as you develop a completely new spiritual awareness. The eighth chakra is the gateway to your spiritual self, allowing you to reinforce any gifts which you may have already observed, and delivering new gifts that have yet to awaken. It is at this stage that conscious astral projection and true spiritual wisdom manifests. The eighth chakra is the last of the "human" chakras which hold us prisoner in this manifest world. Clearing patterns held in this chakra will truly free your being and allow the development and understanding of your true spiritual identity.

Healing this chakra may bring up many issues which you have previously thought to be cleared at a lower level, and will also bring up issues which you may not remember as they lie dormant in this deep recess.

The Ninth Chakra
The ninth chakra is located above the eighth chakra and is the store of all Christ abilities, it also stores your developed karmic blue print, i.e. it holds all of the skills and abilities we have learnt over the spectrum of lifetimes experienced by our soul. Generally these blueprints fall collectively into three main groups, there are the healers, the teachers and the creators. You may discover that your experience spans more than one of these areas, that is normal generally you will fall into one of the three categories with the exception of the teachers amongst us as that role requires experience which spans all blueprints. When I say role I mean the complete purpose of you the I AM after ascension.

It is on the awakening of the ninth chakra that you become truly multidimensional, as your impact spans worlds and universes. Any act you conduct in one will have larger impact on the others than ever before. Because of this, it is important to have thoroughly cleared out all of the cobwebs of karma prior to this stage, as your thoughts become reality so much quicker.

On healing this chakra you will slowly find you have access to knowledge that you did not previously remember you had, as part of the clearing process it is ideal to practice every new skill remembered in order to truly heal whatever issue has been blocking it thus far.

The Tenth Chakra
The tenth chakra is the location when you as an individual begin to balance and become whole in the manifest world. Your masculine and feminine aspects will merge and you will become neutral in energetic aspects. As in the ninth chakra where your entire skill memories began to emerge, the tenth chakra is where the skills will solidify and you as an individual will appear to be in a state of flow. You will now be in a perpetual state of high level universal energy and will have a great impact on everything you are involved in.

Blockages in the tenth chakra may cause an individual to appear to be out of spiritual harmony in certain areas. These blockages must be dealt with in order to allow any further advances and prevent disharmony from entering your life. When your energetic system merges the tenth chakra will rest in the vicinity of the heart chakra.

The Eleventh Chakra
The eleventh chakra holds all of the extremely advanced skills that will emerge in its twin the twelfth chakra. The type of skills I am referring to are, instant healing, instant manifestation, bi-location, teleportation etc. It is worth knowing at this stage that if you are persistent enough and lucky enough to develop the art of teleportation you will not have long left in the physical manifest world as this requires such a high light quotient that you will ascend soon afterwards. When the bible starts to report teleportation by Jesus he only had days left before ascension. The process of the last percentages of light quotient building within your being is the incorporation of your Monad (your highest level individual yet combined consciousness).

The eleventh chakra is the full opening of the akasha blossoming into consciousness. you may have heard of people accessing the akashic records, though they only access tit bits and riddles, by the time your eleventh chakra awakens you are the akashic records, it is in your memory.

This chakra can confuse the unaware, as you will now become fully aware of your multidimensionality. where previously you had an impact across dimensions, you will now see and experience across dimensions simultaneously, which is a complicated issue to understand.

The Twelfth Chakra
The twelfth chakra is the doorway to the cosmos; it is the gate to this prison. When the twelfth chakra opens fully and bathes your entire being in light your physical vehicle will begin to burn up and you will ascend into a being of light. You will still exist on this plain and every other plain; you will have no limits and no boundaries. I appreciate this can be a scary concept but I reassure you that no one leaves before their time and so for some it may occur quickly as in days or weeks, for others it may take a lifetime this is not something to be feared for as long as you are of purpose you will remain for the service of the earth.

I think I will stop there as I am sure some of what I have tried to simplify may still prove to be complicated.

The process of your journey will not be a quick one, if you had nothing else in the manifest world to be getting on with, and devoted every hour of every day it would still most likely take over a decade to ascend. For those of us in the west, the odds are against us, because of the lifestyles we lead and the societies we live in, but i know from experience the journey of the spiritual chakras is one of beauty, but be under no illusion it is also one of turmoil and hardship as the conflict between matter and spirit increases but it is worth it.

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Rob Lightbearer