Spiritual Warfare ~ The Healing Sphere
Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Spiritual Warfare

Having shown you how to raise your energy and light quotient, I have just received a timely reminder to write a post on spiritual warfare and more importantly how to defend yourself.

This reminder came in the form of quite a hostile psychic attack which normally I would have been prepared. I have spent much of my time over recent months in isolation, meditation and contemplation and so when I ventured out into the world, I had fallen out of the habit of protecting myself.

I feel it is important to write this as most philosophies bang on about "there is no right or wrong" "there is no duality" and to a degree, when discussing universal truths, that is an honest appraisal. However here on the manifest plain everything is based on duality, everything has its opposite and to forget that truth is in its most basic form hazardous to your health, and in the extreme hazardous to your spiritual advancement.

Types of Attack
There are a number of forms of attack some are intended but believe it or not the most dangerous and regularly occurring attacks are not intended at all but are caused by unhealthy or negative people firing thought forms and tentacles into your high energy and draining it.

Unconscious vampires tend to manifest as needy and in need of support. You may find they are always in the eye of the storm when trouble is about. If you were to psychically view their aura dark patches will become visible where their energy needs replenished. As these individuals have become so dependant on the sympathy of others they have forgotten the normal means of doing it for themselves. These dark energy patches reach out in desperation and latch onto your high healthy energy and suck you dry.

Experiencing this type of attack can leave you exhausted and drained. You may have unexplained feelings of anger towards the individual without any reason for the hostility you feel (this is a transference of their negativity, just as malaria transfers to the victim of a mosquito). If you do not deal with the tentacle they will draw energy from you until you are no longer fit to be fed on. As a minimum you should protect yourself against this, but you should try and stay away from the needy types where possible.

Conscious vampires are similar and indeed may have started out as unconscious vampires, but have now discovered a little about energy ways. These people sometimes feed indiscriminately casting an energy net into a crowded room and drawing on whatever it latches onto. Some will take full advantage of someone like ourselves who are consciously refining and raising our energy as this sort of high quality energy provides the most vitalising sort of meal. Some conscious vampires are involved in various dark arts and may intend to use high level energy harvested from the unwitting in order to empower their magickal attempts.

The vast majority of the population do not fully understand the impact of thought forms on manifestation of blessing or ill will. These people give no reference to the impact of their thoughts and feelings on those around them, as a result ill intent can have a devastating effect on those of us who are trying our best to develop ourselves spiritually. This sort of unconscious psychic attack is very common. Normally it is inspired by jealousy which brings out many venomous thought forms which can impregnate and unsettle your aura and personal energy.

Less common is conscious psychic attack which tend to be associated with dark arts and a conscious effort to use energetic process's to undermine an individuals life. This type of attack can unsettle you, bringing up negative character traits causing you to march off the path. In most cases ceremonial magick is used to conduct these types of attacks however these are the less successful than other forms, as ceremonial objects are merely tools used to enhance the mind space for the task in hand. A more developed individual will be capable of conducting psychic warfare using only the mind. This type of attack tends to be far stronger, and more difficult too shake.

Psychic Defence
In the first instance using a solid form of defence will protect you from any pending attack and cease any attacks which are currently underway. Though protection will not remove any thought forms which will have been implanted in your aura prior to using an effective protection system, for this you require the help of an effective healer.

There are many common forms of defence some use crystals, some use lights some use mantra's. I have had some success's over the years but have found that the tetragrammaton YHVH and its counterparts to be the most effective. These commonly use a limited amount of ceremony to close the aura from outside influences and still allow you to function fully.

Using Tetragramatton for protection
The first method is the simplest and quickest. Set your intent for protection whilst crossing yourself (as a roman catholic would) annunciate Yod Hey Vah Hey on each of the four points of the cross. see in your minds eye, a white light cross forming over your being and extending left and right into infinity, and up to the source, and down to the core of mother earth. Simple.

The second method is similar to the first but instead of intoning YHVH, intone the following.

Pt 1: Ateh
pt 2: Malkuth
pt 3: ve gevurah
pt 4: ve gedulah
Gasho mudra (prayer position) : Le Olam, Amen.

As before imagine the cross of white light extending through the points, and beyond into infinity.

Remember the higher you are able to develop your personal energy ;evels the stronger you will become, the more capable you will be of defending against spiritual warfare.

Light will always defeat dark.