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Friday, 30 October 2009

Lower chakra development - why?

Why until now have I concentrated on lower chakra development when most probably everyone is interested in the spiritual chakras and beyond? Primarily this is because every journey begins with a single step, and even though I have a huge amount I want to share with reference to not only the high chakras but also the higher spiritual regions (and believe me it gets absolutely fascinating even if it is from my experience and perspective). Secondly I want everyone to be successful. It is easy to live like a spiritual monk and develop and become a guru, however this does not achieve your aim in life.
Each of us is here for a unique purpose and you do not necessarily fulfil that purpose by cutting yourself off from the world (yes it makes life easier). If isolation is not this lives challenge you will fail no matter how advanced you become. Think back to the case of Jesus, he was well aware of his destiny when he was a young child but he still learned a real world trade, he became a carpenter. He had to master real world survival skills of the time which is ultimately to put food on the table.

You also have to master these real world survival skills. You have to be able to fulfil your real world destiny before you can truly be free to explore your inner universe.

So far in the Blog I have covered a number of things which I would like to highlight.

Retraining yourself to breathe properly is a highly under-regarded skill. Any serious spiritual seeker should make great pains to consider their breathing technique not only in meditation but in every day life. Good deep breathing should become habitual which in essence will turn you into an energy generating machine which is so important for spiritual development.

Learning a breathing skill for transmutation, will increase your personal power as well as develop your spiritual ability. Many have never learned the science behind breathing and so I will summarise now (though I will post in depth later). Every individual has a certain amount of life essence which is used for healing and reproduction. By using appropriate techniques this can be transmuted into pure energy which your body can use to heal on a deeper causal level. This energy will also provide you with the raw spiritual potential necessary for enhanced development. There are also yogic exercises which will further enhance this.

It is a sad fact of life that you grow up, but once you finish growing you slowly start to die. This may seem overly pessimistic but it is true. It is important to look after your body because no matter how spiritual you are or intend to become, your body will let you down. In my opinion economy of effort is vital because there is just not enough hours in the day to do everything, so I believe that if spiritual development is your number one priority you should try and encompass physical exercises which supplement and enhance your spiritual efforts. Hence why I included the Tibetan rites in my early posting.

Balance is an issue in development, which can hamper you in everyday life. As you develop you will start to feel emotions begin to overpower you. Many people report feeling fear or anxiety anger or rage. It is important to realise that these issues are just your subconscious mind clearing and healing your energetic blueprint. A simple and effective way of bringing your life back into balance is to call on the planetary rays (and planetary rays 2). Some people would prefer to work with ascended masters and beings of light. This is not a problem as each master has their own individual qualities which can benefit you greatly. All you have to do is ask. (Ascended Masters and Planetary Rays). One great aspect of using the masters is that you build a relationship which can help prevent feelings of spiritual isolation.

Everything which I have written about thus far has a real world aspect. However many seekers have been made aware of manifestation by the vast popularity of the film “The Secret”. Manifestation is a completely natural occurrence which happens daily in your lives. The real secret is that through development what you manifest will be in line with your highest goals. You can not do this through positive thinking; you must overhaul your entire system, In order to prevent any subconscious negativity from creeping in and polluting your thought process. I have written a post on this subject purely as a warning (do not buy any secret behind the secret rubbish). Everything I have linked to above will strengthen your manifestation power tenfold and prevent negativity from destroying what you have set out to achieve.

All I can say is, be an open minded sceptic and give it a go….Its the best free information money can buy.

The Next Post Is The Lower Triangle
Rob Lightbearer