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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Chakra Healing - Healing the Chakra System

Whether you are interested in Psychic development, manifestation of material wealth, or even your own health, you will not progress very far if you have imbalances and blocks in the chakra system. Chakra healing is fundamental to all aspects of spiritual development. There is an awful lot of material written on chakra healing, varying from energetic healing systems to colours and crystals. However each source I have read misses completely the necessary corrective action required by each individual necessary to heal the chakra's and progress.

There are relatively standard answers for chakra healing; you can find them pretty much anywhere. Some rather unscrupulous individuals may even charge for the very basic information that I will provide in the list below. I say unscrupulous because none of the systems on their own work. Each healing system requires interaction from the healee.

Activation Methods
Further to Chakras for Beginners. Each chakra has a colour, a crystal, a sound and a ray. By using any one or all four you allow the chakra to vibrate thus releasing any blocks. This has a temporary healing effect, i.e. any local blockages may be cleared and the associated organs improve in efficiency.  However (and this is key) any release is only temporary and will reoccur unless the root cause is exposed and dealt with. In many cases the root cause has lain dormant so long that the whole chakra system is on the verge of collapse. This is an issue that is so often ignored in literature and in so called "Master" practice.

Permanent Change
If you require healing, you must take appropriate action according to what I believe to be the core values of spirituality. Every doctrine without fail highlights the core values of love, compassion and forgiveness as necessary for health and progression. Yet when the vast majority of practitioners of any healing art conduct their business they tend to forget or ignore them completely. I have found through experience that an individual can not heal, can not manifest and can not progress spiritually without abiding by these core values. Any practitioner who zaps you with Reiki or such like and says "arise you are healed" is living in cloud cuckoo land. Healing is a personal journey and there is not one individual alive who does not require healing.  Even the most enlightened of guru's must continue to heal or collapses can occur.

As an example of how this works, you as an individual is struggling to take action (3rd chakra) have lost your job or interest in your job (2nd) and now fears for the future (1st Chakra). Conventional wisdom dictates that you must heal from above the highest affected point i.e. in this case from the heart chakra. However issues have compounded and the root chakra is affected (also I would suggest that all development should occur from the bottom up). So rather than attempt to heal the anxiety caused by failure to take action (in the solar plexus) head to the root chakra and remove the fears that cause the anxiety (also and energetically important you allow the outflow of the energetic system to open up and make healing of higher levels much easier).

I would suggest working at a root level in all cases of personal healing and spiritual journey. As Jesus said, the wise man built his house upon a foundation of rock. Only once healing is satisfactory at that level should you attempt to progress. As you can see this is a long old journey but it works, and provides for a balanced material life and solid foundation for advancement into the spiritual.

Chakra Activation and Clearing
Using this list  you can find a healing technique appropriate to your level:
chakra healing
1st chakra - Colour Red - Chrystal Ruby - Sound/Mantra Lam - 1st Ray
2nd chakra - Colour Orange - Crystal Carnelian - Sound/Mantra Vam - 2nd Ray
3rd Chakra - Colour Yellow - Crystal Carnelian - Sound/Mantra Ram - 3rd Ray
4th Chakra - Colour Green - Crystal Emerald/ Rose Quartz -Sound/Mantra Yam - 4th Ray
5th Chakra - Colour Blue - Crystal Blue Lace Agate - Sound/Mantra Ham - 5th Ray
6th Chakra - Colour Indigo - Crystal Blue Lace Agate - Sound/Mantra Om - 6th Ray
7th Chakra - Colour Violet - Crystal Diamond - Sound/Mantra Ng - 7th Ray
chakra healing
Using our example we start by selecting a method for making the root chakra vibrate. We choose the 1st Ray (I will cover the planetary rays in depth in a later post) as this allows us to contemplate what arises from our subconscious during meditation. During the meditation we see someone bullying us at work, it makes us angry and we procrastinate on the issue. This is now where the real healing occurs. If we are to truly and permanently heal this blockage and solve the problem, we must forgive this person with all your heart.

Forgiveness is an incredibly powerful healing tool, without which we can not progress. When I say forgiveness I don’t mean sit and say "oh well that’s it, I forgive you" and carry on subconsciously hating the individual. Really and truly, earnestly forgive.  You could say something like "I forgive you for everything " and keep repeating it until you feel a release. Visualise yourself making up with the individual, hugging the individual, see them accepting your forgiveness.  Only once you feel that gasp of release are you healed of that particular blockage.

This process should be repeated for all levels and chakras, and should become a continuing practice throughout your life.  Because only through forgiveness can you be truly set free.

Healing Circle
Another way of activating a chakra and assisting in the clearing process is to join our healing circle here at the Healing Sphere (I will get a post up with how to go about joining) This is a wonderful energy which comes from the 352nd level of Mahatma.  It is not available everywhere as there are still too few people on the planet capable of channelling this vibration of energy. (I promise I will work on the healing circle next)

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