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Friday, 2 October 2009

Chakras for Beginners - Understanding the Chakra System and its Benefits

Many people when starting to explore their spirituality in a deeper manner they become aware of and wish to understand chakras a little more.  In response to this I wrote this "Chakras for Beginners" post.  Be under no illusion this is a subject that everyone can learn from regardless of age race or otherwise. so without further ado

Chakras for Beginners
The Chakra system is an essential tool when considering development no matter whether you follow a particular ideology or not. Each chakra is representative of a particular state of consciousness thus by mastering each stage of consciousness you in theory are more than capable of creating the material aspects of the corresponding chakras.

I had one email from a "psychic" who says "I’m working out of the third eye chakra so how come I’m struggling to make ends meet?" I hope the following post will explain why.

The Basic Chakra System
There are many chakras in the bioenergetics system, but when dealing with basic consciousness we generally only deal with the seven main chakras which are:

1: The Root Chakra - located at the Perineum
2: The Sacral Chakra - located at the sacrum but emanates from the area at the top edge of pelvis below the belly button.
3: The Solar Plexus Chakra - Located at the Solar Plexus
4: The Heart Chakra - Located at the centre of the breast around four fingers up from the sternum.
5: The Throat Chakra - Located at the throat
6: The Third Eye Chakra - Located between the eyebrows and slightly above.
7: The Crown Chakra - located at the top of the head.

As said previously, each chakra represents a level of consciousness. There are many explanatory terms used for each so in order to keep things simple I will use basic terms for the sake of understanding. The root consciousness is the lowest form of human consciousness; it is our animal instinct and drive. The sacral level is our reproductive level and by reproductive, I don’t necessarily mean babies, I mean any form of activity both healthy and unhealthy which if repeated create an outcome i.e. hold down a job - get a steady pay packet. The solar plexus is the power centre and the self identity centre.  People who have settled into this level tend to be very self orientated, everything is for gratification of the self. In the heart centre the opposite is true. The heart is a sense of community and something greater than the self. The throat is the knowledge centre. The third eye is the wisdom centre and the crown the enlightened centre.

Each chakra has its associated positive and negative traits. It is the negative traits which tend to prevent manifestation in that level of consciousness. This negativity also creates blockages or energetic dead spots, which can cause overpowering thought processes which will not allow positive thinking. i.e. when you follow "The Secret" to the letter, you’ll sit saying "I am rich.  I have £100,000 in the bank."  When all the time the anxiety builds up inside of you because you know full well you are not rich and your flat broke, the debt collectors are at the door, and Santa isn’t coming calling this year!! Sound familiar?

Before you can consider attempting to clear blockages you still need to know how the system works in order to both prevent reoccurrence and to develop properly from this point onward. As we now know, the chakra system rises physically in relation to our consciousness. Therefore you will have been through a stage in your life where you have been animalistic, worked repetitively for results, been a little self orientated, searched for love etc. If you trace back over your life, you will realise that the further back you go the lower your consciousness was (or should be, I am well aware there are many adults who still behave like they are in primary school, but hey study the chakra system and you will work out why... the vast majority will not have progressed beyond the sense of self and selfish need of the third chakra).
chakras for beginner
I will use love as an example of how the system works. By now, searching for genuine love, you should have progressed through levels one two and three, i.e. you have progressed beyond the animal, you can now reproduce positive behaviour strategies, and have realised that to get on in life you have to take others into consideration. Love and the heart chakra has, like every other chakra, a mini consciousness which is representative of the entire chakra system.
chakras for beginners
You feel the urge to find a partner (animal) you try being cool, you try being wild and then realise its better to be nice (reproduction of positive behaviour).  You realise that if you want to keep hold of a partner you need to make sacrifices (self identity). Finally you are able to fall in love (heart).  Everything does not works out as planned but you learn (knowledge) subsequently by using all of your knowledge gained, you develop (wisdom) and suddenly by applying all of your wisdom you are able to secure a lasting relationship (enlightenment) you have mastered love......Next!!!!
chakras for beginners
Hopefully you could see that in basic terms in order to master each phase of consciousness in each stage of your life, you have to go through or have had to go through a mini development process. Achieving everything in life is exactly the same (but not so simple). We are humans, we have emotions and emotions cause energetic blockages! Blockages lead to fear, ill health and lack of action which equals no manifestation and "The Secret" castigated as a load of old horse manure. HARRUMPH
chakras for beginners
However all is not lost.  We can empower you and once empowered you are equipped to deal with any upset along the way.
chakras for beginners
My next post is healing and clearing the chakras in order to empower manifestation and balance in your life.

Rob Lightbearer