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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Sacred Geometry, Manifestation and The Flower of Life

Something i have been working on behind the scenes is higher consciousness manifestation, attraction and its relationships to quantum science and sacred geometry. I was reading through a number of beliefs relating to the flower of life, when many many hours of meditation and akashic records channelling fell into place. This post may sound quite technical but i will make it as simple as possible in order to ease understanding.

The first correction i must make is to the gender relationships to symbols and symbology. There is much writing particularly in new age arenas suggesting that curves are feminine and sharp lines and corners are masculine. To a certain degree this is correct when applying to philosophical symbology. This theory however can not be applied to symbols such as the flower of life as this is not philosophical symbology, it is in fact sacred geometry and therefore finds its basis in maths and not philosophy.

If you compare the flower of life to the symbol commonly known as the star of David (another geometric symbol) you could mistakenly assume that the star is masculine as it is all straight edges and sharp corners (as opposed to the flowers curves). This however is not the case, as one of the many interpretations of this symbol is the androgynous nature of our god selves i.e. the blade and the chalice (masculine and feminine combined) combined to bring harmony and balance.

So what then is the flower of life, if geometry suggests that the philosophical interpretation of geometric symbols is wrong?
To answer this we must first understand geometry.

As a base component of geometry there is no such thing as a curve. There are axis and mathematical relationships but no specific curve. geometrically speaking a curve is formulated by the geometric term y= mx + c. Consider x and y to be the axis on a graph, direction and intention of opposing forces. If both x and y are in direct opposition to each other (as masculine is to feminine) they will diverge and never find balance. The aim of both geometry and indeed spiritual development is to somehow find balance. But to do so would dampen the effects of one or both of the base forces. This dampening occurs by various considerations those are m and c, which then creates the proportions, i.e. if we increase the force of one axis we affect the force of the other axis by a definite amount.

So what has this got to do with spirituality?
If we use the bee farmer as an example of how this formula works in real time spiritual manifestation where y is our intention to harvest honey by farming the bees. and x is the bees natural intention to roam, reproduce and create honey. It would appear that we are both on the same page, which of course could not be further from the truth. The bee is a natural force which does not want to be controlled it wants to find the best resource for the stability of its colony. Those resources are maintained and reproduced under universal intention m, and are affected by the weather c(bad weather no flowers)

We could of course place a tub of nectar in a sterile enclosed beehive and harvest the resultant honey. filling the criteria for c, thus giving us a harvest of honey. this does not fulfil the criteria of m (universal intention) which is to allow the bees to collect nectar while accidentally gathering pollen and creating the circumstances where plants can reproduce. In time plants will die and there will be no nectar to harvest and give to the bees, and no honey to harvest.

What can we take from this tall tale of geometrical manifestation? That in order for balance to be achieved in any situation we must fulfil our requirements, the requirements of others and the requirements of the universe y = mx + c in order for any manifestation to be more than a short lived get rich quick scheme.

In reality if the worlds banks had functioned in accordance with the flower of life manifestation principle, the banks would not have lent out excessive amounts of money to those who could not pay it back in return for fast rewards. they would have met their profit requirements by smaller more sustainable loans, spread more widely and appropriately furnishing the consumers needs while somehow being mindful of the universes desire to share in wealth and nurture all beings.

The flower of life then is, much like the star of David, an androgynous symbol representing the balance of masculine and feminine, where that star of David represented finding this balance for the purpose of spiritual development, the flower of life represents this balance as a means of creation, and manifestation.

The Flower of Life is the Oneness of Everything
The flower of life and its geometry is the base component of all things, it is in fact the androgynous symbol of father mother god. The source of everything. What it does show us if you look at it is that there are many interlinking curves, and not just one or two, this highlights the complicated balance of all things in order to both create and survive in this material world. It is in fact a symbol which highlights the interdependence of everything and ultimately the oneness of everything.

The basic message, if your intention is to manifest something ensure the end product balances the needs of everyone, whilst remaining in accordance with the universe.

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