The Power of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom ~ The Healing Sphere
Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Power of the Golden Ray of Love and Wisdom

Following on from my recent post, The Healing Power of Forgiveness, i would like to describe an extremely powerful tool which i have used to great effect in assisting me to offload baggage and progress spiritually.

You must remember firstly that no matter which spiritual path or faith you follow, forgiveness is key to the pursuit of that path. without forgiveness you can not progress spiritually. without forgiveness you will slowly close down your aura and subtle energetic system. with forgiveness you can carry higher vibrations, and transmit the immense healing and developmental vibration of love. The universal essence of love is a wonderful golden energy called the golden ray.

The golden ray is an amazing and magical energy of transmutation which mutually benefits all parties and has a positive butterfly effect on the world, as opposed to pretty much all other devices which may have some form of negative impact.

To use the golden ray in forgiveness sessions, do precisely as i suggested in the forgiveness post. Visualise the person you wish to forgive, but this time call on the golden ray of love and wisdom. Visualise this golden ray surrounding yourself and the other party flowing between around and through all parties present. Imagine all negativity dissolving and becoming healthy golden radiance and slowly and persistently forgive all parties including yourself for any conscious or unconscious actions which may have affected the other. Thank them for the valuable lessons that this experience has brought forward, and lovingly release them.

This technique is not only very useful and valuable for you the seeker, but is mutually beneficial for those that you forgive, as not only do you release yourself from the burden of the accrued karmic debt, but you also release the other person from their karmic debt associated to this confrontation.

It is perfectly natural to desire to have the offending party face up to their responsibility as a perpetrator, but using this system, not only embodies forgiveness in its raw essence but also fulfils and develops your spiritual requirement for love and forgiveness. the final two of the three key attributes required for development and ultimately ascension. As i said previously there is much you will not achieve without forgiveness, but forgetting love and compassion is equally harmful.

The technique of golden ray assisted forgiveness will start you on the fast track to Christ consciousness, with magical results along the way.

An Example
I was on the receiving end of an extremely hostile negative attack from two people who i knew, and knew to be extremely jealous and angry individuals. My very presence inflamed their internal negativity and prompted extremely violent and aggressive attacks from these individuals. I tried to use psychic self defence to prevent a negative impact of their attacks. This technique worked in so much as my energetic body was not getting infected by their hostile energy and indeed the karma returned to sender causing wholesale destruction in their life (wholesale destruction that they had sent forth not that i had reciprocated). But the violent physical attacks continued.

I wrestled and wrestled with this issue for quite some time over this issue before deciding to evoke the golden ray and truly forgiving them, which I did. within two hours both individuals had came to me and attempted to make up for their actions (the never apologised as that is not their style or level of maturity), their destruction continues to this day as they continue to negatively attack others, but thanks to the golden ray I am no longer a participant in their karmic cycle.

Since starting to forgive using the golden ray to assist my spiritual abilities have enhanced dramatically, and my progress has accelerated beyond belief (even I have to pinch myself from time to time in order to ensure what I am experiencing is real.

What I can guarantee is that this technique has been life changing, and can not recommend it enough.