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Friday, 19 February 2010

Cutting Psychic Chords and Attachments

An area of personal baggage which is often overlooked and can make up a significant quantity of the garbage that holds our spiritual journey back and can even impact on our health, is the existence of psychic chords and attachments. These energetic bonds create a drain on our personal energetic system and even though they or their associated thought forms may not exist as a blockage, they can impact on our aura flow, our health, and diminish our natural responses and our personal power.

What are Psychic Chords?
Psychic chords are not necessarily the result of a malicious attack on our being, though on occasion they can be. They tend to be the result of an emotional contact with a situation or person with which negative or draining interactions have taken place. These chords reach out, so to speak, and draw on our energy and will continue to draw until such times as they are removed and the situation resolved.

Most people do not even realise that they produce psychic chords or are a "psychic vampire" for want of a better word. They tend to originate from individuals who are very low in mood and demanding in time and sympathy. If you have ever been in the vicinity of a person who is draining, who spends an awful lot of time complaining, or talking about themselves, the likelihood is that a chord has been attached. As a result of these contacts you will find that even the thought of that person or incident can provoke an emotional response which is negative and not of your own personal power. Contact with these types of people will leave you feeling drained, anxious and exhausted. These chords if left long enough can be debilitating and destructive.

Though I have given an example of the type of person who normally leaves a psychic chord this is not an isolated case. Though not exhaustive i will attempt to list some more types as follows:

Chronically or regularly sick individuals
Drug abusers and addicts
Needy or dependant types
Low energy individuals
Materially wasteful
Aggressive and argumentative people,
Emotionally dependant
Stress or worry
People with baggage (i.e. everyone has the potential at times to drain)
Morally upright and self righteous

The list could go on but I hope you see from the list that firstly not all traits could be considered negative and in fact everyone has the potential at times to become a "Psychic Vampire", leading us to the only real solution to this issue which is regular energetic hygiene.

Energetic Hygiene - Cutting Chords
Cutting chords is a simple process once you know how it is done. In order to conduct this simple procedure you must first recognise a number of things. Firstly chords embed in your aura and chakras and secondly your aura is larger than the sum total of your physical vehicle.

You can control energy using thought and visualisation and this process requires an certain amount of both.

Stand up straight and breathe deeply into the base of your lungs.

Visualise white energetic fingers extending from your own physical fingers.

Visualise these fingers extending far enough that the can reach the very tips and edges of your aura.

Starting from your waist sweep both hands in a clockwise direction, with the intention that your energetic fingers will gather all chords from your aura (sweep your left hand from your left hip clockwise across your feet and up to the right hip, and your right hand from the right hip clockwise across your head and end on your left hip)

Draw all of the chords together in a bunch in the area to the front of your solar plexus.

You should intuitively feel the thickness and quantity of the chords.

hold the bunch of chords in your left hand.

visualise your right hand as a blue energetic knife

chop this knife down and thought the chords, severing them from your energy.

Visualise a violet fire to your front, take the chords and throw them in the fire allowing the violet flame to transmute the energy into positive and healthy energy.

(energy sensitivity - if you have trouble sensing or feeling energy, clapping your hands and rubbing them together, pay particular attention to the finger tips and the centre of the palms, this will increase sensitivity allowing you to feel the chords)

Other Uses of this technique
This technique is extremely valuable and should be incorporated into your daily energetic hygiene routine. It can also be used to remove attachments to places, events, and incidents which you feel have a negative association. just visualise the event in front of you and visualise a chord running from you to the associated item, and repeat the sweeping and cutting exercise.

Prevention is better than cure
Even though I recommend cutting chords daily there will be occasions when this is not possible, or you could (particularly if you work in a health related field) find yourself in protracted contact with other people of this nature it would be far better to prevent the chords occurring in the first place.

This can be done quite simply by applying an effective form of protection and self defence. I have made post about this very subject here : Self Defence