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Monday, 22 February 2010

Archangel Michael assists in cutting all chords

The following is an excerpt from a channelling of Archangel Michael. It is a guided meditation for cutting ties, and goes more in depth than the technique I described in an earlier post. It is very powerful and I have personally felt the effects of this technique. This meditation allowed me as a spiritual seeker to progress further faster blasting through the constraints of baggage than had I tried doing it alone. I would wholly recommend doing this meditation, once now and again in order to keep your template clean, whilst incorporating the precious method I suggested as part of your daily routine.

Please remember this is a transcript from a channeling and the wording is as channeled therefore may not make particularly great written english, but was intended as the spoken word.
(Blue is the colour of Michael and is very effective in removing and healing negative attachments and energy)

Channeled Meditation
You can visualize any blue tool you want, a spoon! It could be a disc! A sword has previously been associated with war, make it anything you want that’s blue! Scissors cut paper. Anything you want can cut these cords with this energy that you are. My scissors, the scissors I use to cut the ties is also a sword of electric blue.

Crown Chakra
Now focus on your crown chakra. And here, allow the energies of love and allow the energies of light to permeate it. And I, Michael, cut all ties to all others, the times you gave your power away to the gurus, the time you gave your power away to the religious controllers. I now cut these ties so that you become free of every one of them and you can make conscious choices for yourself. ( slice )! Your crown chakras now resonate white light....composed of all the colours of the spectrum and all ties that were attached to it are gone!

Third Eye Chakra
Now let us move to your third eye chakra... Here look into that chakra, see and feel all those vows that you made that clairvoyance, that sight was against the teachings of God and if you had sight and clairvoyance that you were evil. Here we are going to release you from the energies of persecution and the energies of death by torture, the energies of death by drowning, death by fire. I now cuts these ties with my scissors (slice, cut)!

Now feel your third eyes open, they are balanced in a harmonious way and see with these eyes because understand that in early Lemurian times and before Lemuria our third eye was your means of seeing, it was our eye. It was through this third eye that this gland you now know as your third eye, you see everything. You did not have physical eyes. There was nothing to see with physical eyes. Not only did you see with this gland, you communicated with others through it. You picked up the impressions of thought. Words and languages did not exist. Feelings were all there was. So see, feel, imagine this activation taking place. See the electric blue colour of my energy.  Allow this affirmation to flow through your minds, I affirm my third eye is now activated. My channelling abilities, which are my birthright, I now claim and accept.

Throat Chakra
Now let's move to the throat chakra. If you need to cough, please cough. Coughing is clearance. Many ones have blockages in their throat chakras. Here, let us clear the residues of all energies of all vows of poverty and vows of silence. All the ties that bind you to others through the words that you have spoken to them. The energies of fear, the vows of silence that you made that stopped you from speaking your truths, from telling others about the magnificence of the energies of love and light and about self enlightenment. I, Michael, now cut all those psychic ties that are holding you. (slice)

Feel the freedom in this chakra, feel it becoming activated. Affirm now that from this moment on you will speak your truths, that you will pass on the knowledge to all that require it. There is no point in trying to pass on your knowledge to those who do not ask or require it. It makes them resistant. It blocks them from feeling the love. Don't use your voice to press your ideas on others who are not ready to accept them.

Heart and High Heart Chakra
Now we go to the heart and the higher heart chakra. Feel this space as your thymus glands activate it with love. And now we are going to cut the ties with all ones that you thought you loved but the love was based on fear and dependence. Cut the ties with all the ones that hurt you emotionally, supposedly in love. Feel your heart chakra becoming open. Feel the love flowing through you and feel the love flowing through it.

Affirm that you are now ready to have these ties cut that bind you. I cut them with my sword (slice). Feel your heart open. Feel the love flowing through you. Be the love.

Solar Plexus Chakra
And now to your solar plexus. This is where you hold your emotional stuff. All the memories of being hurt and disempowered, anger directed toward you and anger you directed toward others, emotional manipulation and control, that others did to you and you did to others.

Again, there are psychic ties binding you to all the ones you have been through this emotional stuff with. So now affirm that you are now ready for these emotional ties to be cut and that you are again ready to step into your own power as a free being, you are now ready to take on sovereignty of your own emotional body. (slice) I cut the ties with all ones. Affirm you are now totally free.

Sacral Chakra
And now come to your 2nd chakra, the sexual chakra. Now you must affirm that you are ready for all psychic powers to be cut with all ones, to remove all the residues of abuse and being abused, to remove the residues of misused kundalini energy. To be free to love, to be free to enjoy your own human body, the human body of a loving person in freedom, with freedom of expression. Feel those ties and affirm that you are now ready for the ties to be cut. {slice} I cut them all and release you from them.

Base Chakra
Now let us move to the base chakra. The base chakra is a repository for fear and anger. It also is where your kundalini energy resides. Many have blockages in their kundalini energy and cannot raise their kundalini because of the amount of fear. Fear of stepping into your own power, fear of becoming a master in your own right, a master of your life, a master of energy, a master of your own destiny. Many have stored memories here about when they had mastery of their kundalini and they misused it to repress, they used it to control, to disempower and these ties, these karmic ties stop you from being the glorious being that you truly and really are. Now affirm that you would like the ties cut from your base chakra. Affirm that you are ready. {slice} ! I cut them all.

Understand, that there is no need to fear these cuttings of the ties. Many would have fears that by cutting the ties they will lose the connection with their loved ones. But this is not true. The cutting of these ties to the chakras allows you a fresh start with your loved ones, it balances the karma between you and allows both of you to enter into a relationship that is based on unconditional love rather than dependency and fear or control.

Abundance Empowerment
Now for each and every one of you, I, Michael, will cut more ties. Many of you still have energies surrounding you, the energies of the vows of poverty. (Again, we get confirmation from the train driver that this is truth..... laughter). So let us work some more on the releasing of these vows. You must, first of all, affirm in your minds that you want to release these, that you want to have this energy taken from you because otherwise, I Michael, am powerless to do anything. I am powerless to do anything because of free will that you have either to stay with it or to release it. So affirm that you are now ready to accept your abundance and that all previous vows of poverty are cancelled. So I come and cut (slice) from each and every one of you! Do you feel more openness in your energy? You will now feel more freedom in your energy! Feel it? We knew you would!

So now let us work on this repression of emotion. All the times, all the lives that you thought that you should stifle your emotions because that was the only way to become holy. Affirm now that you are ready to release this, that you are ready for the ties to be cut. (slice)

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