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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The Most Effective System Of Empowerment

Over the course of this spiritual journey, I have highlighted a number of tools many of which are multifaceted. I personally have found that each however is limited in its affect. Many of the techniques will work for some as a stand alone item, but over the years I have found that in some circumstances adapting the tools and overlapping their strengths has created a tool which is more powerful than the sum of its parts.

The tools which we find effective for us, really depend on who we are as individuals. From my perspective I found that before my spiritual journey I held onto things so tightly that I tended to suppress and forget. Which can confuse many as forgetting does not necessarily mean truly letting go, as our authentic selves and personal power will be dampened by anything which has provoked a response.

A suppressive response is over the long term far more damaging than a brooding response. As when we brood on an issue at least we know it exists as an issue. Where as a suppressed response is still an issue but by not facing this issue head on we actually create a deeper blockage which will be harder to deal with in the long term.

Only once we are enlightened as to the damage we do to our authentic selves and personal power, and find the tools which work for us are we able to finally release the shackles which have held us prisoner for this and many other lifetimes.

I find using all of the tools I have suggested and using them in a particular fashion brings greatest results and long term release is achieved.

Intuitive Technique
The first technique I choose to use is the deep meditation technique ( ) This technique allows to get deep into the subconscious and thus have a greater impact on all blockages, particularly those that are deep seated or have been suppressed. This technique comes from the Huna lineage of Hawaii, I have found this document which if you are interested will provide further interesting reading ( Huna Healing ).

Once in the desired deep huna state I then visualise the person or situation and surround it with the golden ray as described here ( ) This assists in creating a bond of love and compassion allowing us to remove the situation without any further harm to any parties. Gold energy also transmutes any negativity.

I then implement the healing power of forgiveness ( ) Really intending and forgiving that the situation is resolved, released and forgiven. Remember forgiveness is an extremely hard thing to do at times but it is the most self empowering thing you can do as an individual.

Whilst all of the above is undertaken I can see the psychic chords attached to the situation or person. By using the tools provided by Archangel Michael, we can cut the chords clean with an electric blue sword ( ) or indeed carry out the chord cutting exercise listed here ( ).

Path of Empowerment
As I previously mentioned this technique is one of the most empowering things you as an individual can do. It will change your life, as well as enhance your spiritual journey. No matter what path you are on or philosophy you follow you will find your path obstructed by obstacles created by your previously underpowered existence. This is your opportunity to expand exponentially and develop your consciousness beyond the third dimension.

Energetically you will find as you progress through your journey of forgiveness it will become a journey of self discovery. You will find things that have affected you which you never realised existed and that elements of your health were affected in a manner that previously you never understood.

Your capacity to hold and process higher qualities of energy will increase with every blockage which is released. Thus unlocking gateways within yourself which form new and exciting paths which no one but yourself can explore.

Your chakras will start to shine and expand increasing your power of attraction and manifestation. You will no longer have to settle for the victim consciousness of society as new and exciting opportunities will open for you delivering you to the type of life you want rather than the type you have got.

Your psychic and spiritual gifts and intuition will start unfold in a manner which will allow you to access your inner guidance and wisdom. Your inner teacher will help you on your journey which will become about self mastery. You will not need a master as you already are one, you just need to access it.

The Path of Action
This is not a journey of philosophy. So many who claim to be on the path spend so much time reading and discussing, which is fine, but without action you will not develop. Your spiritual journey is a journey of empowerment. You can only become empowered by taking what you learn and following the path of action.

When a talk publicly about my journey, I am very often asked the question “what made you special? Why were you chosen and others not?” this is disempowered thinking. We are all chosen, we all have the opportunity to take the reigns and advance to the beauty of our authentic self. The difference between me and others is that I HAVE CHOSEN the path of ACTION. I develop, I forgive, I clear, I take every opportunity that has arisen (some of which I will talk about later if you are interested)

Take the path of action. The spiritual universe does not choose you, you choose it.

Choose what you want to achieve and go for it.

The tools are available and you are now empowered.

Go for it, with love and blessings.

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