Understanding Psychic Phenomenon ~ The Healing Sphere
Monday, 1 March 2010

Understanding Psychic Phenomenon

A subject which I have been very careful to avoid until this point is that of psychic powers and psychic development. However when undertaking a spiritual path an individual can quite quickly perceive that which they maybe had only heard about previously. Or experience psychic phenomenon which leaves them confused and or distressed.

Everyone is born with the ability to be psychic, no one individual is special because they may appear to be more psychic than others, though it may appear that way, we were all born equally special. Psychic abilities tend to emerge in one of two ways, they are released early through an unknown cause or through psychic development, or are released through progressive spiritual development. Naturally my favour is for psychic development through spiritual progress.

Where do these psychic gifts come from?
Most people believe that psychic gifts are hosted in the third eye chakra which is a complete untruth. Psychic talents are available at every level, in fact one of the most common psychic complaints is that of excessive empathy (causing upsetting experiencing of others grief). The psychic skill of empathy is seated between the sacral chakra and the solar plexus chakra. (hence why it is most common as most people in this planet today are at that stage of development).

We have many psychic centres in our body, we just confuse the issue by calling them chakras. They are in deed chakras but they are also psychic centres which assist us primarily with our own intrinsic survival mechanism (instinct). Our inner knowing when things are not right. Hence why the majority of people who claim to be psychic empath’s are plagued by the upsets of the world.

If it is understood that we have a certain degree of psychic ability or awareness at every level, it becomes easier to deal with the phenomenon experienced and as a result easier to unleash further psychic abilities at a later stage.

I will return to empathy for a moment. The extreme experiencing of others negative emotions highlights an issue which for me is fundamental to our entire spiritual journey. You experience their negativity because your awareness has just opened to this psychic phenomenon. Your energy is out of balance and will remain out of balance if you avoid and suppress this phenomenon.

When you as an empath are in balance you become aware of others grief psychicaly without engulfing yourself in their hysteria. You as an awakening being, have a tough enough task ahead without taking on and giving your power to the psychic garbage of others disempowered life. (there will be time enough to help others later, first you must feed and nurture yourself)

An Entity with Negative Urges
One of the things I became aware of very quickly on my psychic and spiritual journey was the nature of the spirit world, particularly those that choose to roam the earth plane. I found myself confronted with a number of spirits who were bent on trouble. The first was a woman who I had never met nor new anything about, but at first this woman appeared to be friendly enough. I recognised that she had not passed over and was therefore not receiving the spiritual nurturance that here soul needed. I attempted to help this woman psychically which appeared not to be what she wanted. I was then pestered with accusations of being the cause of this woman’s death and that I would not rest as she had not.

The second was the brother of someone I know (but would rather not know if you understand what I mean) and he died as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. Everywhere I went I observed the behaviour of this individual which was steeped in jealousy and hate. I attempted to help this individual but was temporarily powerless as his brother and her fiancé (who never met him) thought it was all wonderful having the now deceased brother looking after them. There was no way of explaining that the reason for the fiancé and her two toddlers being of continuous ill health was the drug addict drawing energy from them.

Both cases highlight the fact that not all in the spirit world is love light and chocolate dusted fairy cakes. In both cases resolute action was required in order to cut the individuals off from their targets. Which is sadly all too common an occurrence. Please don’t be mislead into the misunderstanding that all is well in the astral. There are as many fruitcakes and nutcases in the lower realms as there are here on earth.

A simple rule of thumb is that if you would not mix with them here on earth don’t mix with them in spirit. There will come a time when you are able to help them, but that time is not now.

The Solution
As I stated previously I am in favour of psychic development through spiritual progress. Be aware of your psychic abilities and the related psychic phenomenon, but be of the understanding that psychic skills and abilities are there to protect and help you on your journey. There will come a time when you can and should use them for the greater good, but until that time nurture yourself.

Grounding both in meditation and in life is a good method of preventing yourself getting caught up in the whirlwind of psychic phenomenon. Be aware that you are here on earth, in the material for a worthwhile cause and that you will have an eternity in spirit to experience that.

Psychic shielding and protection are essential if you are to develop without psychic interference. You will reach a point where shielding is not necessary but until that time protecting your psychic centres should be part of your daily routine.

Prayers for assistance also hold great power. There are a great many beings in the universe who are ready and waiting to assist but are powerless to do so until you request it. As soon as you request any form of help that is in accordance with your higher good, you will be helped, and sometimes in miraculous ways.

Knowledge is power. Knowing that although these beings of low energy are attracted to your light, you are far stronger than they are and can demand them to leave you at any time. Whether it is a psychic empathic feeling or a spirit being who you do not wish to be there. Command it to leave and it will. Try it for your self.

Bless you all