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Saturday, 6 March 2010

Psychic Development

Psychic development, in my opinion is not the be all and end all of spiritual development, it is a side effect of the path. As we start to realise the true nature of ourselves and our natural energetic blue print opens up everyone will experience some sort of psychic phenomenon. This is perfectly natural and indeed useful to your spiritual journey in itself. To develop psychic abilities you do not have to be special, or a chosen one or what ever other label that some people wish to adopt. You are psychic, you always were, it is only the energetic blockages and dis-empowerments that have restricted the flow of energy through your psychic channels and centres rendering your view of the world as material and 3 dimensional.

There are draw backs of psychic development as well as the many positive aspects which I will discuss in this post.

The Benefits of Psychic Development
One of the things that will have occurred to you during your spiritual journey (if it has not yet it will) is your reliance on others and sources beyond your experiential comprehension. How do you know for sure that what you are being told is true? Even if what you are being told is true, how do you know that what you are being told is in alignment with your own individual path and best highest good? The fact is you do not. You have to wade through the charlatans and cowboys, then filter through those who use their talents to empower themselves and keep you dis-empowered for their continued benefit, before you even find a glimpse of the truth.

By pursuing psychic development you open up a whole new universe of direction assistance and possibilities. Before you open up your psychic abilities you are restricted to what you can learn by what others want you to know. You can find the answers which are appropriate to you by using your inherent tool of psychic empowerment.

Your ability to work for the good of all sentient beings enhances with your psychic ability. I will go into this in much more depth in a later post, but suffice it to say there are things that are essential to the development of the collective which can be done psychically allowing your process of empowerment to be a process of empowerment for all.

You are as infinite as anyone else on this planet. You have the same abilities as anyone else on this planet anyone who says otherwise, does not have your best interests at heart. All I have ever intended to do in this blog is to show you how to safely open the doors to yourself, I don’t want to be your master, i want you to be your own master, to hold your power and spread your light.

Draw Backs of Psychic Development
The major draw back, which is perfectly apparent if you look around the web, is the fact that many seekers do not progress from their stage of psychic development. As they experience the excitement and intrigue of the other planes of existence they get sidetracked, and may think they are developing spiritually but in fact they are not. They are feeding the ego, and disempowering our collective.

Yes there is value to be gained from assisting those who are as yet unable, but as I observed in the rules of one highly ranked psychic forum “if you see any of our competitors advertising on our site report it to us and they will be banned”, things have gone way too far, not only are they ensuring the spiritual dis-empowerment of their members, they have also convinced their subscribers to protect the masters of the psychic arts from any competition. (I wont place a link here because I have scanned their aura and it is not good energy)

“The wise man built his house upon the rock”. You can join a psychic development circle at any time, and will most probably start to see results reasonably quickly, however it is those who follow a psychic path rather than a spiritual path who are most likely to fall into the stumbling blocks I mentioned above. As I have always recommended by building a solid spiritual foundation prior to allowing your psychic powers to open up naturally you will know what to do with them rather than following a purely commercial path.

There is an energetic risk of transference through every contact you make both physically and psychically. Without adequate spiritual development you will have no idea that this occurs and more importantly what to do about it. This transference builds up over time and eventually impinges on the health of our friendly neighbourhood psychics. I have yet to meet a psychic who was aware of the affects of transference of negative energetic imprints. Through psychic development after spiritual development you are more able firstly to deal with these issues, and more importantly contact higher dimensional entities who will provide a positive transference experience.

I do highly recommend flexing your psychic muscles. This sort of development will empower you, and your journey. It will take you out of the clutches of the cowboys and onto your true path. I believe however it should be done at the correct time. That time will be particular to each individual but my suggestion would be at a time when you have outgrown the curiosity and are truly devoted to your own personal, energetic and spiritual development.

The following posts will cover a number of exercises for those wishing to develop psychic abilities, starting with Psychic Development Exercise for Advanced Intuition
Rob Lightbearer