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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Psychic Development Exercise for Enhanced Intuition and Clairvoyance

One of the biggest blockages to Clairvoyance, Intuition and Psychic development or should I say psychic ability occurs when we are just children. Have you ever heard it said that children are extremely psychic? I bet you have! what changes? what stops those intuitive events from occurring later in life? Believe it or not "good parenting" prevents the continuance of psychic abilities.

Parents know that in order for them to instil discipline in a child and allow them to grow and function in the material world they must keep their child in the here and now. They attempt to stop their children using imagination to enhance their play experience by using statements like "its in your imagination" or "your making that up" or "stop daydreaming" and without realising it they are asking their child to stop flexing a set of very important spiritual muscles.

The ability to imagine or visualise, is the foundation of the psychic capacity of clairvoyance (the ability to see what others can not see). In our 3D material world, visualisation has almost been outlawed as if it were a form of insanity when in fact it is creative focus and the foundation of the manifestation of all abundance in the world of matter. In its most basic form "if you don’t have a dream, how are you going to have a dream come true?" Though it is not manifestation i am talking about today, but the psychic ability of clairvoyance.

If under use and avoidance of visualisation is a blockage to psychic clairvoyance then quite simply it stands to reason that in order to resurrect our hidden abilities we must master the art of visualisation through concentration on the imaginary.

Psychic Development Exercise

The following exercise, like many other spiritual exercises, is multi faceted, it is not only an exercise to increase clairvoyance through visualisation but improves concentration exponentially and gives you the strength and ability to look inside yourself in order to see what is there. Primarily this exercise is a mindfulness technique, but through its use you will find your intuition and clairvoyance will increase greatly.

The technique itself is very simple, yet extremely powerful.

First you must adopt a comfortable meditative position (preferably one where you can look without undue stress on your body at an object)

Breathe deep into the pit of your belly, and slowly start to relax and regulate your breath.

Choose an image, preferably a spiritual one (possibly an image of Jesus, or a piece of sacred geometry or a symbol, you can even use the naked flame of a candle).

Slowly focus on the image, taking in every detail, every colour every pen stroke.

Over time you will burn this image in your minds eye.

At this time gently close your eyes remaining focussed on the image in your minds eye.

Again without too much effort, see every colour and shade, every pen stroke every line.

If you lose the image gently open your eyes and refocus.

At some point during the visualisation of this image your mind will take over, and the image may start moving or rotating. It may get larger or smaller.

You may feel or smell the image, Just flow with it, allow the image to do what ever it wants to do.

At some point you will become so familiar with the image that you become one, with its energetic blueprint.

You will become so in tune with that image that you understand it without a word ever being spoken.

Your intuition has bridged the gap of separation and you have flexed your clairvoyance muscles.

Repeat this exercise as part of your spiritual practice, and you will regain the psychic ability to see that which others do not. The psychic power of clairvoyance.

Summary of Uses

Using this technique as a method to intuitively understand spiritual imagery, geometry etc will accelerate your journey through the path of knowledge to the path of wisdom. You will create for yourself a bed of understanding which will benefit you as you grow spiritually. It will take time and effort for your psychic clairvoyance to return but in the mean time your intuitive ability will grow and flourish.

There is not a single spiritual ability or indeed aspect of life which does not require concentration and focus in order to ensure success. This exercise will allow you to develop that hugely important skill which will pave your journey with spiritual gold. The main reason so many seekers can read about spirituality but not practice the concepts is due primarily to lack of concentration and focus. Through this exercise you will develop both.

This technique flexes the visualisation muscles which in many have lain dormant since childhood. By exercising them again you will be able to furnish the intuition, which you have developed relatively quickly, with a cloak of imagery. What you intuitively sense will be translated by the natural ability of our body to visualise, into an image of what is present that others do not see. Psychic Clairvoyance.

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Rob Lightbearer