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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Psychic Development Exercise - Aura Viewing

The importance of aura viewing in developing psychic abilities is that it allows us to fine tune our senses to bands of energy which is beyond that which is normally perceived (which ultimately is what the psychic skills of intuition and clairvoyance is). This skill will develop certain aspects of psychic intuitive ability and enhance our psychic clairvoyant ability immensely. Aura viewing can be used in many practical applications. You can ascertain the health or development of an individual. You can use your reading ability to reinforce those psychic intuitive hunches you had about someone’s inner personality and thus be more able to give accurate guidance and advice. You can even use it as a gauge and measure of your own spiritual and psychic development and progress.

What is an Aura?
I have spoken previously about the chakra's and the bodies bioenergetic system. The Aura is simply the outer most expanses of that field. There are four bodies in the aura (actually there are many more, but even the most developed auric viewers will only be able to see those four) They are the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical and each operate at higher and higher frequency bands. At first you will only be able to view those closest to the physical sometimes known as the inner aura. This is the part of the aura which reflects the vast majority of the blocks affecting our emotional and physical well being in the now time and so this is the part of the aura we will be concentrating on in this post.

Each of the major chakras has its own frequency and colour (I have spoken in detail about this in the chakra posts and so will only brush the subject here) The strength and development of each chakra reflects itself on the colouring of the inner aura, i.e. imagine each chakra as a large wheel what you see of the aura is the outer expanses of the chakra interacting with the other chakras in the auric field. If one particular chakra is more developed than the others then that will be the predominant colour in the aura i.e. if the aura colour is predominantly blue, then the individual in question will be developed up to the throat chakra.

What i have mentioned above is true and is a system used by most aura readers (even if some do believe the airy fairy notion that we have browns etc in the aura which is a huge no it doesn’t we have no brown chakra so where then does the brown come from?). There is however a key principle of understanding which many commercial aura readers do not seem to know or understand and that is the fact that you will only ever see the highest colour of your own development, no matter whose aura you read. Therefore you can only truly read those auras which are less developed than your own.

Why is this? energy is everywhere but in our physical field it represents consciousness therefore the higher the energy vibration the higher the consciousness. If you have not yet reached a specific level of consciousness you can not perceive that level of energy clairvoyantly and therefore will not be able to view the entire spectrum. Equally you will at some stage reach the level of consciousness whereby you will be able to view the entire spectrum and thus will see all colours in the aura regardless of the development of the individual.

With that in mind the first method of aura reading stands true at that stage of your development, but once you reach the second stage i have describe above, you must have a greater understanding of the chakric and bioenergetic system in order to provide an accurate reading. (I hope that hasn’t confused any one dear oh dear) in short don’t pay anyone to give you an aura reading as it is a not likely that they will perceive the entire picture. It should be used as a tool for your own development and understanding.

Aura Viewing Psychic Development Exercise 1
The first phase of identifying and viewing energy is to simply recognise the energetic form. This is normally white in colour and tight in form (around 1 - 2 cm thick). You can use anything you like in order to do this maybe a plant or a bottle however I always recommend using your hand.

Sitting or standing next to a plain background,

Gently raise your hand up until it is in direct line of sight.

Choose a point on your hand and look off to the edge (about 2 cm away) of the hand.

Slowly relax and let your vision drop out of focus until you see what looks like a tight white band around the hand. (You may have to bring your hand closer or move it further away experiment a bit)

This is energy

Aura Viewing Psychic Development Exercise 2
The next phase of Aura viewing is slightly harder and may take much more time to develop.

Using your hands again (it must be a living object from here on as inanimate objects do not have the depth of field)

Slowly reach the point where you can observe the tight energetic band.

Now choose a reference point or judge where you perceived the outer limit of the energy band to be, and reset your focus there (at the edge of the white band)

And again relax and let your eyes drop out of focus, you may need to reposition the object closer or further away.

Maintain this exercise until such times as the tight white band expands and becomes a non uniform cloud type formation, which will be much larger than the previously perceived energy field.

You are now starting to perceive the inner aura.

Aura Viewing Psychic Development Exercise 3

Now that you have observed the aura it is time to attempt to view colour. In order to achieve this you really either need a volunteer or a mirror which is stable and on a fixed point.

Stand in front of the mirror (remember you may have to move closer or further away, you may need to stand with your back to a plain background, everyone is different, experiment a bit)

Now choose a point on the body, maybe the neck or the chest.

Repeat the process of relaxing and identifying the white band.

Refocus on the edge of the white band, and relax further.

When the white band becomes a cloud.

Choose a reference point at the outer edge of what you perceived to have been the cloud, and relax further, allowing your eyes to fall further out of focus.

Slowly over time the cloud will start to yellow (this stage may take the longest to achieve)

Relax a little further, and using your knowledge of the chakra system, see if you can perceive any further colours, like greens or blues.

It will take a bit of effort and practice to reach the stage where you can easily view colours, try not to be disheartened if it does not come straight away, everything new takes time to integrate.

My Experience
For me learning to view auras was initial confirmation that at least some aspects of spirituality were true, because I could see it. I used this to motivate me on my developmental path. In time as my healing ability increased I used it to allow me to focus on any issues or blockages that I perceived and have found and still find this skill to be powerful and useful.

I have used aura viewing to reinforce my intuition in order to provide counselling, as people don’t often tell you or even realise the depth that issues can reach. I have used it for healing in order to ascertain precisely where to focus my energy and what type of energy to use. The number of uses for this skill are only limited by your own imagination, but the prime objective is to help you develop the part of your senses which has been shut of and lain dormant awaiting your call.


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Rob Lightbearer