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Monday, 15 March 2010

Psychic Development Exercise - Meet Your Guide

Meeting your spirit guide can be an exciting and psychic consciousness expanding experience. Depending on your level and your stage in development, your guide may vary in parallel. It is not uncommon to have a number of guides each with a different capacity. Having access to your guides can help greatly with psychic development as they can help keep you on the right track, and can also act to superimpose and confirm your intuition.

Some psychic mediums do not interact with spirit in any other way than through their guides. Thus allowing the guide to maintain a safe barrier between you and the astral realms. As with all spirit communication a high level of personal discernment is required in order to prevent mischievous entities from posing as a guide or a source of good and causing mayhem.

Who and what is my guide?
There is a common thread of belief that a guide is a soul who has made an arrangement to annul some of their negative karma by assisting you through your life. This may be true, however it does not make a huge amount of sense to me, and certainly has not been wholly confirmed by my psychic exploration. I have found most guides to have been spiritually aware beings in former lives, by that I do not necessarily mean that all guides are enlightened beings or such like. what I am suggesting is that spirit guides would necessarily have a solid understanding of spiritual principles in order to assist and allow you to develop to your fullest capability.

Many report their spirit guides to be of a native American or Chinese origin and this is most likely as a result of both those cultures having a solid grounding in both a spiritual and earthy type consciousness. I find it very unlikely that someone would have jack the ripper for a guide, in order to atone for his sins, as how could he really assist in your growth based on solid spiritual philosophies that he may have no grounding in what so ever.

The first guide i personally met was an old Chinese man and the second was a native American. During my psychic journey i had very little or no communication with either of them, even though i met them on many occasions. It used to concern me as to the reason for this lack of communication, as so many "psychic" and "spiritual" people reported great communion through their guides. I was eventually answered by one of my guides, who said "what exactly did you need to hear? we guide you either do or don’t do, its your choice, but as yet we have not required to speak to you"

One other sort of guide, who I have had communion and education by various means is my ascended master. As I have mentioned before ascended masters are beings who have completed their earth journey and have moved onto higher planes of existence. We all work with and under the ascended masters, but most are not ready for full contact as yet. (based upon the philosophy that 144,000 need to make the conscious journey to that stage in development, before we as a planet start to ascend, and we have not ascended yet, it is likely that we have not breached the 100,000 mark yet).

My journey with my ascended master has been amazing, and awe inspiring, and without belittling my previous guides, working with the ascended beings has opened my universe so wide that I can hardly compare my reality now, to that of even five years ago. ( I am not special or chosen or super duper, I am just a being who has made a decision to develop and has stuck to it, I do not believe anything until I see it, and I persevere with developmental techniques, so this is a reality for each and every one of you, and everything I have used to get here is either written or will be written in this blog)

Meditation to meet your guide.
There are any number of ways to meet your guide, this is a technique that i use, but it is purely visualisation and intention, which takes your consciousness to the level required to see and communicate with your guide. This is a suggestion, and I hope it gives you ides for ways that you can comfortably develop.

I select a comfortable meditative position.

Slowly start to relax and breath deep into the pit of your belly.

As you relax further listen to any internal noises you may hear (ringing, whooshing or even drum beats)

Imagine looking up and seeing a clear blue summer sky.

Feel the warmth of the sun heating you comfortably.

Hear the birds sing, and relax.

Listen to the wind gently blow, it may be blowing through long grass or a field of corn.

You slowly stand up and walk slowly through the field, feeling the comfortable heat of the sun.

You see a gate in the distance, walk slowly towards that gate.

Beyond the gate you see a wonderful stone circle, walk towards it.

You feel the peace of the area and so decide to sit for awhile.

You can choose to sit in the centre, or choose a stone and rest with your back against it.

Enjoy being relaxed in the sun, in your peaceful haven of your stone circle.

Imagine now a beam of red light coming from the heavens into the centre of the circle out to each stone and penetrating your being.

This is followed by an orange and then a yellow beam.

Relax and surrender to those heavenly lights.

A green and then a blue beam followed by an indigo and then a violet.

Each beam energising you and lifting you to a new level of consciousness.

Finally a white beam penetrates the centre of the circle, moving out to each stone and causing a cyclone of light which surrounds and protects you.

Each stone adding its own protective energy to the cyclone, it gets faster and faster, and lifts your consciousness out of this earth realm.

A door of light opens a short way to your front where you see a silhouette,

you ask that silhouette to step forward, and it does and stretches out its arms with love.

This is your guide and it comes and sits beside you.

Choose now to ask your guide anything you wish to and slowly gently await the answer.

You commune and converse with your guide for as long as you wish, there is no rush, there are no rules.

Eventually your guide has to go, but leaves you a small gift, something which is personal to you,

Take this gift and thank your guide,

Your guide slowly stands up and returns to the door of light, and disappears.

You lie a little longer, before returning to your home.

Returning gently to 3D ensuring to ground yourself in this time and this reality, being thankful for all that you have experienced.

Bless you

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Rob Lightbearer