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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Psychic Development Exercise - Communicate with your Higher Self

One of the biggest questions by those who are interested in psychic development is "how do you talk to your higher self?". Many of those people and in deed many of you will have had a tarot reading or some other form of divination reading. These techniques are merely tools for accessing the higher self. They are pretty well formatted techniques by which you only have to read and understand the signals, there is not necessarily any required "psychic gift" in order to have a reasonably successful reading done. It is direct communication from the higher self through these tools and into your consciousness.

I have found it to be far more empowering to receive communication directly from my higher self. By establishing a connection you can communicate any time any place without the embarrassment of pulling out a deck of cards or a pendulum on a busy train or in a restaurant at dinner time. There are many ways of establishing this psychic connection but I will describe one that I have found to be very useful, and then show you how to develop it further.

Establishing a Psychic Connection
First of all you must get yourself into a relaxed and receptive state, you will over time be capable of doing this automatically but at first it may take some time. You can do this by any means that works for you, this is all about empowerment and is not prescriptive, you are in charge of your life. You can meditate gently, or light some candles and go for a relaxing bath, whatever it is that works for you the only rule is

You must be able to still your mind, and sense your body.

In your relaxed state, just sit and think some statements into yourself. They do not need to be of any great importance just feel the words move around your body.

I frequently feel the words come from my upper right hand side of my brain and travel down to the centre.

You can split your head up into quarters, and try and locate where the words come from.

This may take some time depending on your sensitivity, but this short exercise lets you know the base level of your conscious communication with your conscious mind.

This is you to you communication which you do every day without though.

You must now let your higher self know you wish to communicate with it. You can do this by just simply stating that intention.

The first thing you must do is develop a basic signal for yes and no.

This signal could be anything from a tingle sensation to a taste or sound it really depends on you.

(for me I feel almost like a second head inside my own, which nods for yes and shakes for no)

Once you have established the signal, you must now test the psychic signal, in order to discern the veracity of the communication.

The simplest way to do this is to ask a yes or no question relating to yourself i.e. "is my name Donald Duck?"

I would hope that unless you have beak and a speech impediment the signal should come back a resounding no.

You can then ask if your real name is accurate, which I would hope would come back a yes.

As a means of further building confidence in this system, ask a friend a question which you do not know the answer to, for instance "who was their first teacher at school?"

If your psychic connection is strong enough you should be able to accurately get the answer (don’t be disheartened if this takes some time to get accurate, spiritual and psychic development is a life long process)

Developing Your Ability to Communicate Further

Once you have become proficient at the above form of psychic communication, you will be ready to receiving more accurate direction and possibly even have conversations.

Once again become relaxed and receptive, maintaining a clear mind.

Split your head up into four sections (like you have just cut a birthday cake)

Now make a statement (nothing exciting just enough to reconfirm exactly where your own words come from)

Again let your higher self know that you wish to establish a psychic connection.

Now ask a question. (preferably not a yes/no answer)

After a time which may vary depending on your sensitivity, you may hear an answer.

Try and locate where this answer comes from (it should have originated from a different location in the head than your own self to self communication) (for me higher self communication comes from the upper left side of my head)

(remember these sensations are not necessarily the part of your brain or even your body receiving the message it is just how you feel it).


By working and developing this technique, you will not only enhance your psychic ability, but will enhance your spiritual development and bio-energetic template. The enhancement of the bio-energetic template in itself is a great leap forward in your development, as communicating and acknowledging the higher portions of your being re-establishes an axiational reconnection of the meridians and the bridge bringing you one step closer to truly becoming a multidimensional being.

This technique also in time reinforces you psychic clairaudient ability, and so in time, conscious communication with spirit and higher beings is reasonable target to aim for. I would not suggest that you try and attempt this too quickly as there are issues and dangers involved in such practices. I recommend allowing things to unfold naturally giving your energetic body time to toughen up and be capable of dealing with issues which may arise.

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Rob Lightbearer