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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Psychic Development Exercises - The 3rd Eye Chakra - Opening and Awareness

The Third Eye Chakra is commonly associated with psychic abilities and in particular psychic clairvoyance, however it must be noted that this is only one part of our energetic anatomy which enables the whole spectrum of psychic gifts. (other parts of the psychic anatomy will be discussed later). The third eye tends to open and activate relatively quickly, especially if you are a frequent meditation practitioner (even though you may be working consciously on one of the lower chakras).

In general the first awareness of this psychic centre may be pressure or sensations in the brow area. This is one of the outermost vortex's of the third eye slowly activating to a new level of awareness. This vibration may later be accompanied by colours in spherical or cloud form. Which will in turn be followed by perception of depth and the colour violet or purple.

The awareness of these phases of development is important as it gives you an indication of progress and development. Also understanding what these phenomenon represent will allow you to know when you are capable of developing and utilising certain psychic abilities.

Brief Understanding of Sensations
There are multiple aspects to these sensations especially from a healing and developmental perspective. In this series we are interested in the developmental aspects of these sensations and what they mean to our over all progress.

Pressure in the brow- which could also be tingling, burning, or any other abnormal sensation indicates that your psychic anatomy has gained access and is activating to the level of the etheric realm of consciousness.

Colours in Vision- with eyes closed you observe any colour in any shape or form, most normally clouds or spheres. This indicates that you have developed to the point of Astral Consciousness

Violet or Purple Light - This is a very good sign and indicates that you are connecting with the upper astral realms, and therefore making progress towards liberation or higher development.

Violet is by no means the highest stage in development, but is certainly the stage that most people will reach for the time being. Another important stage in development which is still quite rare is that of seeing gold in stead of violet, which indicates development towards Christ consciousness and the spiritual planes. (there being a difference between the psychic planes (etheric and astral) and the spiritual planes).

Uses of Colours in Development

One of the most precious gains you can achieve during meditation on the colours at this stage in development is that of impartiality. The object is not to become drawn in and focused on the colours and what they are doing. Observe them but let them flow, and allow your subconscious to do the analysis. When you progress to the ability to consciously bring these planes of awareness into conscious living, being able to remove your mental process's will strengthen your psychic clairvoyant ability.

Exercise one - Stepping into Vibration
This exercise is simple and the most basic exercise, which many of you may have already surpassed but i will place it here for completion. The objective is to slowly relax into meditation and let your attention drift to your 3rd eye chakra. Once you feel a vibration or pressure in the area, simply hold your attention there and allow the pressure to do whatever it pleases. This will slowly strengthen the etheric body of awareness in your third eye.

Exercise two - Observing Colour
Following on from exercise one slowly over time you will start to observe colours, once again simply observe do not judge or become involved in analysis of what you see as things will unfold on a subconscious level. You are now slowly attuning to the astral plane. At this stage you may begin to see faces or eyes, this is nothing to fear it is other beings curiously checking out the new light in town.

If you imagine the astral being a dark place where every being gives off its own light signature. Some light signatures are brighter than others and some are brighter than most. When your light signature stands out of the crowd you will attract beings like a moth to a flame. Just observe and release you are not required to do anything at this stage (though in the future you may become able to talk to these beings, some of whom may want help etc)

Exercise three - Tuning into the Upper Astral
As before when observing the colours, slowly let your attention shift from the colours dancing or drifting in the foreground to the darkness in the back ground. Over time, even though it is pitch black you may get a sense of depth and space this is you slowly tuning into the upper astral. Slowly over time you will observe a violet or purple colour, which brings with it a sense of peace and love.

There is much benefit in just holding your attention at this level, just remember do not become mentally involved in what you see, just observe and drift. In the last exercise you may have encountered faces, and some of these people may have wanted your attention, but now at this level, your wellbeing and progress is the only concern, we are starting to approach the higher spiritual realms.

Exercise four - Going With It
A direct lead on from the previous exercise this exercise involves psychicly exploring what is beyond the colours. All that is required is to let go. Previously I said that you should hold your attention and don’t become involved. This exercise requires that you become one with the ebb and flow. You may feel yourself spinning clockwise or falling backwards or forwards, do not panic you are perfectly safe, just go with it. During the early stages you will become over excited by simple things, but once you become used to the process and more able to just let go, you may find that many things are revealed to you, but the only way you will know is by going through the meditative process.

This exercise is outstanding for delivering the experiential progress which so many crave. I can not begin to describe the type of things or places you may see, as each individual is different, has different guides and teachers, and many different lessons. This exercise is the key to the gateway which holds those answers. It is very simple, and some of you may have already experienced things but never truly understood how you got there. You now have a system which you can repeat time and again in order to learn and grow.

Ever wondered how to Become Clairvoyant The next post gives an excellent exercise.
Rob Lightbearer