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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Psychic Development Exercises - Becoming Clairvoyant

This psychic development exercise continues on directly from the psychic aura viewing exercise I wrote earlier. If used properly it allows you to open your consciousness to a flood of new awareness of psychic possibilities thus opening the gateways to higher vibrations of energy.

The objective of this exercise is not to become bogged down in the psychic energy of the astral but to elevate your consciousness slowly to the upper astral and beyond. This is done primarily by not becoming involved in what you see, but observing the fact that you do in fact see. Do not try and interpret what you see allow the information to flood the subconscious where the truth will arise at some time.

This exercise is sometimes called scrying, though i do not like the term as it conjures up connotations of all manner of black arts from the past. It is a method of seeing reality, and allowing both your conscious and subconscious mind to accept and develop its realisations. Subsequently you as a being will take these realisations forward into your life increasing your awareness of all that is around you and in deed part of you.

Psychic Clairvoyant Seeing Exercise
The first principle of this exercise is the understanding that you will not see what you are not ready or developed enough to see (hence the importance of the spiritual development exercises I published). If you can not yet fully see the aura, this exercise will enhance this practice but you will not move forward until that level of seeing has been achieved.

Find a place where you can relax in a darkened environment (not pitch black, but certainly not too bright either)

place a mirror at eye level in order to see at least your entire head.

Enclose yourself in an effective form of protection (if you do not have one of your own you will find some posted in this blog)

Now slowly relax and breathe deep into the pit of your belly.

let your eyes now settle into an awareness of the image on front of you. do not focus too hard just gently become aware of the area between your brows (your third eye)

Try not to blink, even if your eyes start to water (in many paths the tears of the eyes are considered healing)

Slowly become aware (but do not interpret what you see) of the aura, the colours and shapes.

Relax a little further but remain unblinking.

You may start to lose focus on the face, do not worry if things start to go a little fuzzy this is normal.

It may take some practice to remain focussed and unblinking for this length of time.

Slowly from the blurred and fuzzy image reflecting to your front, you will start to discern a new image, a face which may be familiar to you yet your not aware of whose it is.

If you are able to concentrate further, you will observe the faces slowly cycle from identity to identity,

do not become involved in what you observe just be aware that you are seeing,

Do not attempt to understand it with your conscious mind, allow your subconscious to interpret.

These images tend to fall into one of three categories, there are those of your other or past lives, their are those of your guides, and those of entities wishing to communicate. Your higher self knows and can discern which is which therefore allow it to deliver the answers rather than you mentally trying to find the answers.

Alternative Exercise
Rather than using a mirror, you may prefer to do this exercise with a partner, which is just as effective. You must sit within arms reach of your partner whereby you may both simultaneously view the other. Both of you must remain perfectly still during this exercise. Working with a partner brings other possibilities to light, such as you may view your partners other lives, or guides, or indeed see your own images projected onto your partner.

Benefits of This Technique
Using this method of accessing your true being is an extremely powerful method of awakening and nurturing your spiritual self it brings with it the realisations that you are more than you previously perceived and will slowly over time permanently open doorways to higher levels of awareness and consciousness, so much so that when these channels and doorways are strengthened and reinforced you can at will show another person, regardless of their development images of your other lives, guides or indeed spirits which are attempting to communicate.

Remember the object of these psychic development exercises is not to turn you into a psychic medium, but to allow you to further your experiential spiritual development, and anchor new levels of consciousness, hence the importance of remaining detached and impartial to that which you see and perceive.

Developing the skill of Psychometry is covered in the next exercise.
Rob Lightbearer