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Tuesday, 9 February 2010

The Healing Power of Forgiveness

I apologise for being away from the blog for a week or so. However what kind of seeker would I be if I did not "practice what I preach". From time to time I find myself, elevating to new levels in dimensions of consciousness which brings with it a need to delve deeper inside myself in order to understand this new level of my being and utilise the tools that I have already manifested and new tools which are coming to fruition. I will not go into great depth about what I have been up to (as I can talk about my journey at a later date) but suffice it to say that a new initiation has been undertaken and part of my divine plan has unfolded further, with the grace of god the universe and all those higher beings who are supporting me, and all of us, thank you.

One common trend that has reoccurred at every new level and new consciousness gateway which has been opened and that is the need to forgive and offload all of the old baggage at both current and past levels. The healing power of forgiveness is not to be underestimated as not only is it one of the key means of development across many cultures and religions, but even the modern science of psychology recognises forgiveness as a means to balanced mental health and welfare.

The Effects of Forgiveness
As I have mentioned on many occasions previously, experiences throughout our existence have an impact on us, whether negative or positive. These experiences create association in the mind and psyche, and as a result are stored as a thought form blockage somewhere in our body’s subtle energetic anatomy. These blockages are not always easy to find because as we progress and develop many more negative blockages, which remain at the forefront of our consciousness, overshadow them.

Our psyche, holds on to these blockages with intensity, and our body becomes attuned to the physical sensations created by them (whether that is anxiety, constipation or any number of other conditions), making it very difficult to offload. What is needed is a master key, which unlocks all gateways to your life, and barriers to progress and that master key is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a tool which works miracles on your health and physical vehicle.

At a spiritual level forgiveness announces to the universe and our entire selves that we are ready. Ready to take responsibility for what has gone before, and what is to come. Ready to take responsibility for our own personal power, and ready to take responsibility for our morals and standards. The latter of which is essential as the universe will not allow you to develop the spiritual gifts and abilities which can prove to be so dangerous in the wrong hands.

Forgiveness allows the natural flow of manifestation energy to return to the desirable channels of our being allowing us to bring that which is healthy and nutritious into our life. If you ever ask yourself, "why is this happening to me?" or "why did this manifestation result in a negative experience?" do not look outside of yourself for the answer, as you are evolving beings, you are now mature enough to look inside of yourself and face the most frightening things head on. It is a brave and mature being who can look inside themselves and face the negative, take action against this and grow. This is what sets us apart from the masses, who look for an excuse for troubles and woes, unlike an enlightened being who understands the impacts of our choices and the chain reactions of events which lead to that which is perceived to be negative.

This is a free will decision, as with everything I have written about. To truly experience the essence of your inner magic, forgiveness is a path you must travel. Take every event in your life, every feeling, every conscious moment and be mindful of what led to that moment, what caused your response (do not crucify yourself, this is a learning experience not a witch hunt) and take action, you will find your troubles and obstacles fall away like dominoes in a rally. You will also find your journey suddenly gains in momentum, as spiritual beings are magnetically attracted to support the next phase of your journey, you will never need to ask as the answers will appear, but you must be ready.

Suggested Exercise
In order to prevent this from becoming a witch hunt, set aside some time and establish an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful of the wisdom you have gained on your journey whether it is from a perceived positive or negative experience, and be thankful of those who have brought those lessons to you. Be mindful of the fact that there are no inherently evil people, all are spiritual beings struggling on their journey, whether they realise it or not. This lesson has exposed an issue that needs to be addressed and had they not exposed this issue it may well have gone un-noticed. Regardless of your perception of the situation, the outcome is positive as you can now address and overcome that which has held you back.

Now make a list of all of those things which bother you in the here and now.

Take this list and visualise the incidents and the people involved, and forgive, and keep forgiving until you feel a release. This release can come as a gasp as a surge of joy, even in tears but it will release and you will be more powerful as a result.

I typically, visualise the situation, and then zoom in on the people. I thank them for bringing the issue to my attention. I then repeat “I forgive you and release you, I forgive you and release you” and continue repeating it until I truly feel the release. There is no established timetable for how long this will take, it could take a moment or could take many weeks of struggle but you will get there. I then thank them for being there for me and release them with a blessing to support them on their way. (sometimes visualising giving them a warm hug can empower your journey)

I do this for every name and incident on the list, and once the “here and now” list is complete, drift back in time to my earliest memories, and make lists of names of those who affected me then, whether or not I still feel the impact of that incident, and repeat the process. I keep repeating the process year after year, until I have truly forgiven and thanked everyone who has ever impacted upon my life.

The blessings which follow this process are incredible.

If you have been practicing the exercises in this blog , congratulate yourself, as you are now moving with speed down the path to liberation. This is not a quick journey but a rich and wholesome one. You should now bee feeling the changes. Think back to a year ago and who you were, you are now so much more. Thank yourself, because you deserve it.

There will be individuals who believe they do not need this, or do not need that. This is fine; we live in a world of free will. I was however lucky enough to witness the ascension of an ascended master (or avatar if you prefer) recently, and before he ascended I asked him which exercises he still practiced.

His response was,

“all of them, as any one of us can fall short of grace”

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