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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Responsibility the Greatest Tool for Your Development

This spiritual message may be hard to take, it may even come as shock to some, but it is important.  I bring this message with love and compassion and do not point an accusatory finger when i speak about these things.  I am as guilty as the next person and have had a hard struggle over my spiritual development to overcome these obstacles.  Overcome them we must if we are to truly enjoy the fruits of our labour.

Responsibility is a subject spoken about often in spiritual circles, but i am not convinced the true nature of this message gets delivered.  The essence of responsibility has been lost over time.  It is easy to take responsibility, even if we do not acknowledge it out loud, for things we have done.  It is not so easy to take responsibility for the things that we perceive others to have done.

When you delve into the inner sanctum of the mind searching for the stillness, we often find our peace and tranquillity interrupted by memories of things gone by.  These memories can be as diverse as silly little things from our youth to quite serious and life changing events of our present but all must be accepted and our part in it claimed.

In the past i have spoken about forgiveness and its healing properties. Now i feel it is time to take things further, to take things to a new level of consciousness and bring things into the true nature of reality.  Often Buddhist sages comment on the nothingness of everything, but do not be under any illusion things do exist it is merely our perception which is twisted and diverted.  The nothingness in this context refers to our emotions our reactions and our perceptions.  We are responsible for everything that affects our lives. 

It is too easy to point the finger and state that he done this or she done that and that is why you reacted in the way you did.  These people have acted in the way they did because they did.  There is no mystery or divine reasoning it just is.  We however react to the actions of others through our programming and our inability to take responsibility.  These people will have to deal with their actions some day and it will not be a pleasant time for them.  You however are totally in control of your reactions, you and no one else is to blame.

Looking inside of yourself in an honest and concise manner is the hardest thing any of us will be asked to do.  We either volunteer to do it, as those of you who are reading this have done, or circumstance will force you to, through "ill luck" or "Karma". I have already discussed in depth how karma works and so will only hint at it here. Karma is not a universal conspiracy to make you see what you have done wrong and punish you.  It is an internal attribute of the law of cause and effect.  It is not an eye for an eye, it is merely how your actions create blockages and those blockages affect our actions in future.  By making the decision to look critically inside of yourself and take responsibility for your part in everything, and every event, because there are no others in your universe only you, you have started the arduous journey to out grow karma for ever.

By analysing each and every encounter you have or are or will experience you will frequently find events which appear to be out with your control.  You may have been attacked for your beliefs you may have been the unwitting victim of a random crime.  How did you react? you are within your power to respond in anyway you see fit.  You can fight back if you choose, or you can roll over and die if you so choose.  Your reactions are your reactions and are neither wrong nor right.  You however are responsible for your choice whether consciously or subconsciously and should never hear it be said that it was because of the attacker.  It was the attackers choice to attack but it was your choice to defend.  You have an armoury of decision support tools at your disposal, you can walk away, you can run away, you can talk to them, you can lay down, or you can fight back and at any given time it is you who makes the choice.  It is your responsibility.

Using the example above you can apply responsibility to any and all circumstances.  You always have a choice, do not deliver your personal power to another on a silver platter by allowing them to be the cause of your effect.  You are responsible, and it is this responsibility which will allow you to make peace in this life time.  To resolve all blockages in this life time.  I can not make you do anything but i do provide you with a new tool from which to view every situation in life and that is from the perspective of an empowered and conscious being who is slowly starting to gather those "secret" tools of enlightenment, but what good is a shovel if you never dig a hole with it.

I bless you all

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