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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Balancing Auric Health Rays - Daily Energetic Hygiene

One area of daily energetic hygiene which is frequently (and by that I mean you will never hear it mentioned) overlooked is the state of a thing in the aura called health rays.  These rays are not so much rays as lines of bio-magnetic flux which pass from both the meridians and chakra's to their polar counterpart.  These rays are fine energetic lines which when viewed psychically will not be seen in their self but will just appear to be part of the aura outline.  (the aura is in fact made up of an unimaginable quantity of these lines)

During your day to day encounters with other people you will find that you can take some of the emotional junk that is passing through your environment onto your own consciousness.  This can leave you feeling sad, tired, angry or anxious but is not necessarily your own emotional feelings.  These feelings may be unexplainable to you, but through understanding of both the aura and your health rays you can easily deal with these issues.

I have already mentioned earlier that encounters with others (particularly the sick or those of a lower vibration) can leave you with attachments and chords, and have shown how to deal with those.  One other thing that occurs, impacts directly on the health rays.  Any negative or dirty energy you encounter can be trapped in your aura causing these lines to deviate from their natural course.  This impacts on your bodies natural ability to fight infection and disease, but also can leave you feeling out of sorts.  In order to reverse this process we must correct these health rays and allow them to run on their natural and true course.

This is a very simple yet often neglected process.  Just two minutes out of your day can bring you back into balance and allow you to operate from your natural personal power rather than from the emotional impressions of others which you have unwittingly taken on from others.

Straightening your Health Rays
This exercise requires both visualisation skills and sensitivity to energy (though do not worry if you don't feel as able as you might be in either of these departments as intention is the key).

Visualise an energetic imprint of yourself standing directly in front of you.  See the form you do not necessarily have to see features or even the aura, just visualise a figure and intend that it is you.

Now take a few deep breaths (deep into the base of the belly)

Clear the mind and allow any intrusion or stress to drift off.

Imagine now each finger (on your physical hands) beaming white light from each tip.  This white light can continue for eternity.

Now raise these beams of white light by physically raising your hands up to above the crown of your imagined energetic imprint continuing to intend that this is you.

Intend either in your mind or out loud, that you intend to straighten and correct your health rays.

Slowly sweep your hands (finger tips pointing towards your imagined you) down from the crown to the feet allowing the beams of white light to penetrate the health rays of your intended being.

You may feel (if you are sensitive enough) any twists or kinks or even just a friction as you slowly straighten the health rays.

Repeat the process first on the front left front centre and front right of your being, until you no longer feel friction.

You may in fact feel utter relief and may feel the need to gasp etc, as you slowly untangle the mess that has been created through your everyday interactions.

Now imagine your figure in front of you turning around so that you are now looking at your rear.

Repeat the process until you no longer feel friction.

You may become emotional or feel a tingling in the skin this is ok.  This is you slowly releasing and correcting your energetic health rays. 

This is a powerful process that will help you immensely and will only take you a couple of minutes in the morning or as you feel necessary.  For best results do it immediately after cutting chords as i directed previously.