What Is Spirituality? ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 30 September 2009

What Is Spirituality?

This is, believe it or not, a very touchy subject for most people on this planet (you only have to have a quick glance at the Middle East to see this). I believe every religion has spirituality (every religion has dogma and constraints also) but not all religious followers are spiritual. Spirituality is not a New Age Phenomenon and you are not required to flounce about like a butterfly or change your name to Rainforest Damsel (or for the men out there Wolf Child Dragon the Terrible). Spirituality is about personal development in consciousness for the greater good of the self and all.

A wholesome spiritual journey does not require a vow of poverty, or guilt about wealth.  In fact quite the contrary.  For many, accumulation of wealth is a necessary step in developing a greater community consciousness. Once Bill Gates had amassed an empire so vast with wealth so great that he didn’t know what to do with it.  Guess what? He gave large sums to charity. In order to fully develop beyond the self you must satisfy the self. This satisfaction is as individual as it is varied.  Each person's sense of self differs greatly but in general you will find the material aspect of society play a large role in modern self expression.

I would not recommend that anyone abandons the human need for food, shelter and clothing in order to embark upon this great adventure of spiritual development. In fact quite the contrary.  I would and will in later posts suggest quite strongly that you should never lose the drive for self fulfilment. This may however change in shape and form as your journey progresses.

Spirituality is ultimately summed up in essence by one word... Compassion.  As soon as the realisation dawns that your actions have an impact on others around you and you have a desire to mitigate that impact, you are starting to become more spiritual and less material. This is true of all religions, all colours, all languages, shapes and sizes.

With this dawning of compassion comes great power. Power to make dramatic changes in your life. Changes that will enhance your feeling of fulfilment and hopefully notch it up to the max.  Developing this capability will not be without hard work, but I will give as much support as possible in order to assist.

One method of enhancing this process is to subscribe to The Healing Sphere, Circle of Light.  This will speed up the healing process and advance the seeker to higher levels of consciousness during meditation almost straight away and during everyday life much quicker than trying to go it alone. This energy is beautiful and uplifting and was for me the greatest discovery along my pathway of development.