The Healing Sphere ~ The Healing Sphere
Monday, 28 September 2009

The Healing Sphere

This Blog is designed as a conduit. Not a conduit from me, the writer, to you, the reader, but a conduit of spiritual essence from the universe and source to as many corners of creation as possible. I, like you breath and bleed, eat and s*** (ahem spend hours in the porcelain library).  Im not going to pretend that I'm some long haired avatar sent here on a super duper mission to beat the baddie, get the girl and save the entire universe. I am merely a spiritually evolved individual with enlightenment to share.

I intend to do this by a number of means:

Philosophical writings: based on my learning’s and experiences during my development.

Lessons: which will be purely development based, (I have no interest in firing laser beams from my rear end or other such super powers, marvel comics is the place you need to go for that).

Light: most importantly healing light is essential in any development process to allow you to find the answers for yourself, and prove you do not need me or any other.

All will be done with compassion, love and forgiveness ( and a little bit of humour, because life is for living :-)

Im using blogger to keep costs to a minimum in order to provide this service and make it available to all, without financial hindrance. Unfortunately this requires advertising, however all profit after essential costs will be donated with your blessing to a needy, worthwhile charity (charity will vary depending on the requirements at the time).

I am offering a healing sphere healing service, where all can receive regular healing sessions which will help you on your journey. I have been asked on many occasions "is this Reiki?" to which I answer "no".  In the strictest terms it does not fall under this banner. I am a conduit for god consciousness energy which is very powerful and enlightening, but in order for you to better understand i will give a brief rundown of my qualifications.

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher,  Reiki Grandmaster (secret degrees of the high masters)Level 18, Imara Reiki Master/Teacher, Kundalini Reiki Master/Teacher, Gold Reiki Master/Teacher, Lightarian Reiki Master Teacher (many abundance and manifestation systems)

Full Spectrum Healing Master/Teacher, Silver Violet Flame Master/Teacher, Lavender Flame Master/Teacher, Planetary Rays Master/Teacher, Cosmic Rays Master/Teacher, Kabalistic Emotion Yoga Master/Teacher, Lightarian Rays (many abundance and manifestation systems),

Advanced Mahatma Ascension Master/Teacher level 325
Ascension Master/Teacher

Pranic Healing Practitioner

Spiritual Initiate into 7D Consciousness, and the Order of Melchiezedek.  (I am also continuously anchoring higher vibrations and ascension energies as and when the order distributes them).

My personal healing style is intuitive and holds all of the strengths of the systems i have learned with each sytem overlapping the inherant weakness of the others providign a very rare, full, effective and high vibration healing service.