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Friday, 8 October 2010

Manifestation - Energetic Process to Heal Manifestation Channels

In the previous post I highlighted a number of types of process's used to heal the karmic scarring which has impeded our ability to manifest.  In this post I would like to go a little deeper into those process's in order that you the reader can understand it properly.

As previously stated our ability to manifest is affected by our subconscious mind, which reacts autonomously in response to our karma. remember karma is energetic blockages in our bio-energetic system which cause us to react to various situations in a variety of manners depending what that particular blockage is.  Therefore if you have low expendable income which results in you being very cautious and counting your money, you will have increased emotional responses to potential fluctuations in that money.  If an unknown expenditure arises leaving you short, you could feel the strain, feel down, feel anxious etc.  These experiences will be stored as conscious memories and also as energetic thought forms (blockages associated to those memories), in and around the sacral chakra and solar plexus.  When ever a situation arises that may cause (but has not necessarily caused you to go short of money) you will automatically feel all those same emotions which you felt the first time around, preventing you from taking action and attracting something good into your life.

That was one example of the karmic cycle and how it works but I hope you get the idea.  The thought forms or blockages I mentioned in the example above, are resting in bio-energetic channels which require free flowing energy in order for manifestation to occur.  The Question is How do I heal those channels when I don't really know what is causing this obstruction?  As with most karma it is anonymous and as such you may not know the specifics until it heals and the situation is brought to mind in order to heal.

Energetic Process's To Heal Manifestation Channels
As with the vast majority of karmic related issues the easiest and most effective way to treat them is energetically.  I say this because karma is an subtle energetic manifestation and it is easier to move energy with energy than attempt to have an impact on energy by some other means.

Hands on Healing (or at a distance) every town I would imagine would have someone who practices some form of energetic healing be it reiki, or some other sort of technique.  These techniques vary in effectiveness.  the more technical systems which are able to focus the healing on a specific area will be able to heal manifestation channels than something more general, there are techniques which I know which focus purely on clearing the manifestation channels and backfilling them appropriately (which reminds me I really must get my healing page up and running). 

Mantra's are an interesting subject and certainly one of the most misunderstood areas of spiritual healing.  I know the think and grow rich crowd believe that you can just write a statement and repeat it to yourself and you will be sorted. To a certain degree they would be correct as it is known that repetition of positive statements can have a powerful impact on the psyche, but this will not always work and here is why.

Mantra's are healing tools not necessarily affirmational tools.  The tend to be non-understandable to those who do not speak the language and thus some treat them with suspicion.  The key impact of the mantra is the vibration of the sounds. These vibrations resonate with appropriate channels in your bio-energetic system and clear them of anything which is not of the appropriate vibration.

A couple of mantra's which i have used in the past are:

Ohm Shreem Kleem Laxshmi Namaha

Ohm Shreem Namaha

Ohm Rzeeee Namaha

Notice that they all carry a number of common phonics, in particular the eeeee vibration.  If you try and vibrate eeeeeee you will find that the lower end of your heart and your solar plexus vibrate and almost tickle.  This is those chakras vibrating and clearing.  If you practice long enough you will feel warmth where the tingle once was.  This will over time, if done properly, heal your manifestation channels.

Now you may ask, why use a mantra rather than just running around vibrating eeeeee. well apart from looking slightly like an amateur bee impressionists when vibrated without the mantra there are other purposes of the mantra.  The mantra is also like a distress call to ascended beings who want to help, but are powerless until asked to do so.  Using a mantra is a particular way of fulfilling the non interference rule.  Using the mantra you are firstly attempting to heal yourself (you are taking the necessary first step towards action) required before any ascended being will come and meet you in the middle.  Ascended beings will not necessarily come and help if you do not attempt to help yourself otherwise how would you learn.

Symbols. There are also symbols which will have a direct energetic impact on your manifestation ability.  Or more appropriately will draw appropriate energy to the appropriate bio-energetic channel in order to facilitate healing.

Now this could very easily turn into a lecture on quantum physics but I will leave that for another post. Suffice it to say that without lengthy quantum explanations, I am asking you to trust what i am saying is true (its not often I do this but I have planned this for another day).

Many people carry talismans probably the most well known is the Saint Christopher medal for protection, speaking in quantum terms this medallion will provide a small amount of protection energy for you the wearer because of your intention that it is to be worn for that purpose, however the vast majority of protection energies are afforded to the craftsman who used his or her hands to create the talisman.  If you were to create it yourself you would draw 100% of the quantum energy to you whether you wear the talisman or not.  The same goes for manifestation symbols and talismans.  They may not look as professional or attractive as when they are created by a professional but speaking in quantum terms it is the hand that creates the symbol that draws the energy.

With that in mind if you are to create a talisman in order to facilitate manifestation (or more appropriately manifestation healing assistance) then you must draw it yourself.

One of the most readily available systems of symbols is Runes.  Now runes have a bad reputation because Hollywood would have us believe that it is a dark subject area.  This could not be further from the truth, runes are an ancient form of communication in symbolic form.  Again i will go into runes in another post as this is for manifestation I will crack on.

The rune Fa, is the rune of wealth and abundance. Much like mantras these sorts of symbols are dual purpose, you are firstly drawing healing energies to your person, in this case to help you with wealth and abundance.  You are also making a statement (much like with a mantra) but on this occasion in written form.  The intention applied to both the drawing and wearing of this symbol will facilitate in the development of purer manifestation skills.

Crystals can also be used for healing of manifestation channels, as we know and I have already covered that certain crystals have a healing affect on our bio-energetic system. We are very lucky with crystals in that there are those that are commonly known to hold the energies appropriate to manifestation (or healing of the manifestation channels).  The most common crystal for this purpose is Emerald.

I will post about other process's in my next post, I am trying not to overwhelm anyone with information, suffice it to say that their are gold nuggets in this post which are worth there weight in manifested gold.

Bless you all

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