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Monday, 10 May 2010

Mudra for Opening the Chakra's

As part of the ongoing mudra series, i have already spoken about the lower triangle or the lower three chakra. Since then i have had a lot of questions about the upper chakras and how best to open and balance them during meditation (or indeed spontaneously at any given time). Mudra's are an extremely effective way of achieving this.

Mudra's are hand gestures or positions which connect small chakra points on the hands thus channeling energy directly through the appropriate psychic channel in the arms and through the body.  As my previous posts on mudra's should have indicated these positions have a holistic affect causing improvement in efficiency of mind, body and soul, therefore you may see some overlap in mudra options for health and spiritual development.

As i have already discussed in great detail the chakra system, and various meditation techniques i will push on and cover the various mudra required to open and balance the chakra system.

Root Chakra - Pran Mudra

The mudra that i discussed previously for the root chakra has a dual effect in that it activates extremities of the energetic system.  Not only does it help clear the leg and foot channels it also helps activate some of the upper more spiritual regions as well.

In this post i will discuss another extremely effective root chakra mudra which is called the pran mudra.  This has a much stronger grounding effect than the previous mudra we discussed as it channels all of the energetic force through the root channels and really activates the chakra's on the souls of the feet, allowing life force energy to enter your bioenergetic system and allowing the release of that which is no longer healthy for us, out.

Sacral Chakra - Dhyani Mudra
This is the most common mudra used in meditation because of the significance of its representation of a chalice or bowl.  The bowl is representative of the lower energetic storage centre and thus the entire sexual energy transmutation system.  A key side effect of this mudra is that it has a strong impact on the efficiency of the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is normally the first to collapse should the chakra system be out of balance.  Normal behavioural effects of an out of balance sacral chakra can be inability to meet deadlines or fulfill responsibilities which will cause stress and anxiety.  Most predominantly the impact on the bowel and reproductive systems can be felt to improve by working hard with this mudra.

Solar Plexus Chakra - Hakini Mudra
The Hakini Mudra itself is a mudra designed to assist in developing memory and brain retention however like many other mudra there are multiple purposes.  Place this mudra over the solar plexus (like a church steeple, where the solar plexus is the church i.e. the finger tips pointing away from the body) and you will create a vortex which balances and mobilises the solar plexus chakra.

The solar plexus is an extremely important chakra.  It is one of the main pumping stations of energy around your four bodies.  Physically there is an above average amount of nerve endings in this vicinity.  By balancing the solar plexus you have a dynamic impact above and below this chakra.  If any of you have issues with empathy or clairsentience i.e. you are overwhelmed by other peoples emotions whilst in a public place (sacral chakra) balancing this chakra will help dampen the impact of energies around you.  If you have emotional issues either overly emotional or quite cold (heart chakra) balancing the solar plexus will help improve emotional balance.  In itself an out of balance solar plexus chakra can be responsible for anxiety and nervous conditions, and issues of self identity.  By balancing the solar plexus chakra you will be far better placed to step into your own personal power and become a responsible individual in charge of your own destiny.

Heart Chakra - Gyan Mudra
The simplest mudra to apply to the heart chakra is the simple gyan mudra.  It is not the only mudra which will open the heart chakra but is by far the easiest to apply and has many positive side effects.  The Gyan mudra itself has a double effect in that it assists in grounding at the lower end of the energetic system, as well as opening the energetic faculties associated with mental and psychic faculties at the upper end of the energetic system.  By applying the gyan mudra over the heart chakra you not only receive these benefits you also have an immediate effect on the heart chakra (which in my view makes this quite a holistic mudra).

Apply this mudra with both hands placing the right hand (thumb and index finger close to the body) over the heart chakra.  The heart chakra is the centre associated with love and compassion.  Love and compassion can manifest in many different ways over and above that which we commonly conceive.  The faculty of love and compassion i would like to highlight here is the faculty of generous sharing (or more importantly energetic sharing). By balancing and opening the heart chakra we will slowly enable and facilitate clearing of our arm and hand channels involved in healing.  Not only does working this chakra have the conscious effect of changing your view of you, society and your place in society, you will also be generously (and without realising it) sharing your high level good quality energy with those whom you come into contact both consciously (if you choose) and subconsciously because you are now a compassionate loving being.

Throat Chakra - Gyan Mudra
I love the gyan mudra as it is multi purpose.  Using this mudra alone is of great benefit but the particular glands it operates has significant impact on the throat chakra.  The pituitary and the endocrine glands are glands which are hampered by our historical denial of our own truth and personal power. Balancing this chakra will help undo any karmic damage done by holding back our truth or even over talking and being ignorant to the needs of others.

To use this mudra simply adopt a meditative position and adopt the mudra whilst resting your hands on your knees.  You may develop a sore throat but this will pass after persistent practice.

Third Eye Chakra - Shambavi Mudra
In my opinion the finest mudra which enables the opening of the third eye chakra is the shambavi mudra.  This is different from the other mudra's on this page as it does not require any specified hand positions but rather uses the eyes to focus the intent of the energy.  This mudra requires that you slowly turn the eyes upwards and inwards attempting to observe an imaginary point in the third eye.  Some may find it easier to do so with their eyes closed.

This mudra will also in time allow kundalini energy to rise from the base chakra through the sushumna channel to the third eye and in time beyond. kundalini rising has caused concern unnecessarily with the proliferation of so called kundalini syndrome.  kundalini syndrome is a very real thing but once it is understood is relatively easy to deal with. As the energy rises through the psychic channels it clears blockages or thought forms as i have previously explained this can raise issues which previously have lain dormant in the subconscious.  The faster these issues are raised the more an individual can feel overwhelmed and out of control.  Should you tackle each issue with the appropriate determination and effort then this will soon settle down and so called kundalini syndrome will not be an issue.  All that aside i have not known anyone to have suffered kundalini syndrome from applying this mudra.

This mudra will increase your intuitive abilities, whilst releasing all subconscious control mechanisms which no longer support your highest good.  By balancing and developing this chakra your psychic and spiritual gifts will slowly unfold and develop allowing your third eye to truly become the window of the soul.  Your awareness and consciousness levels will increase as you slowly return to your personal power.  The most important effect in my opinion is this mudras ability to connect you with your inner teacher or inner divine.  Once this ability has been unleashed you will truly be a master of your own power and not need anything beyond yourself for development or assistance.

Crown Chakra - Akasha Mudra or Khechari Mudra (for advanced mediator's)
The akasha mudra is by far the easiest method of balancing the crown chakra, allowing access to bliss and the true nature of your spirituality.  To apply the akasha mudra simply touch thumb and middle finger tips whilst rolling eyes upwards in the shambavi mudra.

Akasha literally means spirit or space hence using this mudra during meditation will balance the space or spirit within and the space or spirit without.  By doing so the bodies ability to absorb spirit or space energy increases thus the crown chakra balances and functions more effectively.

The second mudra i mentioned (and I'm only mentioning it here because i was asked about it) is the kechari mudra which is the practice of rolling the tongue back and placing it in the nasal cavity.  It is recommended that this mudra is only practised under supervision as it can be quite dangerous if done incorrectly. If done correctly this mudra can project and advanced mediators into akasha far quicker than any other method.

This list of mudras is not exhaustive as there are many many mudras. what i have selected is a list of the simplest most effective mudras for the described purposes.  some people may subscribe to other mudras and they would not necessarily be wrong.  All that is required to understand is that persistent use of mudras will enhance your practice and clear your psychic channels bringing forth a whole new world of spiritual and psychic consciousness.

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Rob Lightbearer