The First Three Keys of Enoch ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The First Three Keys of Enoch

Key 1: We Live in a Many and One Universe.

Key 2: The Creative Mind at the Centre of this Universe is Known as Lord, King and Redeemer.

Key 3: The Creations Which Survive are the Creations Which Desire That the Species Gather Light and Life Into the Image and Similitude of the Higher Evolution.

The Keys of Enoch are ascension tools brought forward by both Enoch and Metatron. The Old Testament refers to Enoch as "the man who walked with god". On his ascension Enoch was raised in a chariot of light (Merkabah) and became Metatron much beloved of God. With this in mind Enoch may well be the first reference we have to ascension and normal human beings being capable of achieving ascension in their own right (even though patriarchical religion would have had us believe that we borrowed salvation from the sacrificial act of Lord Jesus (i am not being derogatory about Lord Jesus merely highlighting the conflicts of religions view of ascension))

The keys of Enoch were delivered by both Enoch and Metatron who in old testament understanding are in fact one and the same person, how can this be? In a 3d universe where there is direct delineation between individuals and the collective it would indeed be impossible for the source of this information to have been one person who is in fact two people yet still remaining one person. However the first key states that "we live in a many and one universe" or in biblical language "my fathers house of many mansions". This key indicates an need to offload all preconceived human understanding. we live in one universe, the eternal entity of one thing yet split equally into many individual universes each independent and yet co-dependant. Our solar system stands in isolation with our sun and moon and planetary system. yet our solar system is co dependant on the galaxy to maintain our gravity and vibration within the grater mechanism of this universe.

This view on independence and co-dependence reflects up through all universes to the eventual source, lord, king and redeemer. Equally our being also reflects upwards in this manner. I am here, I am a tangible 3D being with a definite beginning and end. I am however also a being with consciousness which goes beyond that which can be seen with the naked eye. At every step on the evolutionary ladder I am there. I am stronger and more energetically powerful at the 5th dimension than i am here. I have a different name and method of communication at the 5th dimension than i do here, yet i am still both here and there. I also exist at the creative core of the universe and am still here. It may be difficult to understand but we are all everywhere.

So what then is the job of our 3D selves if we are indeed in a many and one universe? we are all inextricably linked. My monad is the monad of many souls. There are more souls than monads. The monad can not proceed until all of its souls are liberated. I have awoken and have liberated my soul, but that does not mean that all of the souls belonging to my monad have been liberated. Key 3 states that the only creation which will survive is that which seeks to raise the vibration of all of the species. when you hear a great master compassionately announce their desire to seek liberation for all mankind, you may think this is an incredibly selfless act. But in a many and one universe this act is both selfless and selfish. Selfless because the sleeping souls they wish to awaken will eventually be released from all suffering and selfish because all of those souls are that master and he or she can not progress as a monad until liberation has been achieved by all of their souls.

In theory, that master is in fact many people at many stages of incarnation just as Enoch is Metatron and yet still Enoch. This may all sound a little to much to take in at this time and I am sure it may sound totally out of left field to some, and that is ok. You do not have to understand the inner workings of the universe in order to progress in fact quite the opposite. Those three keys indicate that you should treat your mind as you do the universe, There is a core understanding which allows you to function and this is your lord, king and redeemer, but any understanding we can place on things will be limiting and therefore we should open our minds beyond any restriction. As Jesus says be like a babe in arms with no preconceived ideas and limitations. Do this and your healing, psychic and developmental powers will expand exponentially.

We are a team however and so you will only truly prosper as a team and not as an individual. Therefore compassion and love are key to your growth. Be both selfish and selfless and you will develop beyond the limitations of humanity as humanity develops beyond the limitations of humanity.

Where does all of this end? Do we have a true independent and eternal identity? The fact is I do not know the answer, I do know that in a universe of no time we exist on every level as a snapshot of existence. Equally in a universe of no time there is no motion as motion and time are inextricably linked which would suggest that we do not exist we just ARE. At each stage of development our ego slowly loses control and we absorb more of our true nature. Our true nature is one and the same as the multitude and their for they are absorbing the same true nature. You will always exist, you will always be an entity but as you develop you will lose the sense of individuality and become more conscious of your group until such times as you are the group and suddenly there is no group only you (the monad) again (the monad ready to start the developmental struggle again at a higher level) ad infinitum.

Bless you all