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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Combining Medatative Life Into Your Every Day Reality

Many people on a spiritual path who explore meditation as a hobby complain that they find themselves getting swept up in the every day stress and turmoil of their working or life realities. They feel that its almost impossible to remain spiritual or centred when placed in a stressful situation. They feel regardless of how uplifting their meditative experiences are life has a way of bringing them back with a bump.

This I can assure you is a position that everyone regardless of stage of advancement will have found themselves in at one stage or another. It is very easy to forget your spiritual heritage when the distractions of the world around you sweep you up. As a matter of fact as if trying to remind me of this subject some teenagers have decided this minute to start scrambling a motorcycle up and down the street outside of my house. So as I always say I live the life I talk about, I am about to finish this post with the incessant growl of a meaty engine as a back drop. It is easy to be full of love and light when the situation permits it, but real progress occurs when you bring this centeredness, this universality to every single one of life’s challenges.

Naturally the harder you work on your spiritual development and the more you persist with your meditative practices you will become more able to harness that calm element of thoughtful spirituality and apply it to every moment of your active life. I recognise that what everyone needs is not only the hope that one day this sensation will permanently anchor into your reality (though for some this will be motivation enough) but some helpful tools and hints that can be used to bring spirit "back to life" quickly.

Mantra's To Calm and Focus the Mind
Mantra's are useful to have in your spiritual armoury for a number of reasons, they have a beneficial energetic affect and will slowly help clear out your auric field but more importantly in relation to this post they can help focus and centre the mind back into the realm of spirituality without necessarily distracting you from what you are attempting to achieve at any given time.

I wouldn’t necessarily get too hung up on specifics of a mantra for this purpose. even though some mantras are designed for specific purposes, what it is you need to find is a mantra that you resonate with as being spiritual and is easy to remember. My favourite mantra is Ohm Mane Padme Hum,

I find the tune to be very relaxing and the mantra to be spiritually uplifting. It is not the most immediately powerful mantra but it has a calming effect on the mind and body. I chant it when I am gardening or on the way to the shops or anytime that I find myself able to.

As an aid to this technique you must first create a reference point or trigger object. This could be a poster on the wall or a small trinket on your desk. what ever this reference point is it must strike you immediately and remind you of your commitment to bring spirituality into your every day life. When you feel yourself getting sucked into the whirlpool of life you wont necessarily immediately think "I am going to sing my mantra for a moment and calm down", normally the stress of the situation which you have found yourself in has taken over before you have the opportunity to realise it.

The trigger object is designed to remind you to take a step back and calm yourself down and allow your spirit to step forward and plug the gaps. it is a reminder to start singing your mantra and bring "spirit back to life"

This will seem tough at first but will very soon become normal and in fact enjoyable.

It will not take you long to remain in this moment and allow the true beauty of your spirit to embody your entire life.