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Thursday, 29 April 2010

5 Tools to Balance your Chakra’s

One of the many ways you can help regain equilibrium on a day to day basis is chakra balancing. The aim of balancing your chakras is to achieve a relatively even flow of bio energy around your system in order to allow you to face the days events in a relatively even and non involved manner. Getting involved in the stresses of life can cause anxiety and upset preventing you from performing at your best and interacting with people in an upbeat manner.
Chakra balancing is a method of temporarily overcoming blockages and obstacles, I say temporarily because much deeper introspection and work is required in order to make a permanent change. What balancing regularly will do is prevent you from gathering new blockages or emotional obstacles and maybe even shift some of the less stubborn recent blockages. This is not a replacement for long term growth but is certainly a good assistant.

1. Pendulum Dowsing
Most people would associate pendulum dowsing with divination or dare I say it fortune telling, but a pendulum is actually a very useful tool in many aspects. I would recommend using a clear quartz crystal pendulum as it has full spectrum abilities as well as resonating well with your own bioenergetic system. You can use any sort of pendulum but clear quartz works with greater effect.

There are two methods of using a pendulum, the first requires a reasonable amount of technical knowledge of the chakras and meridians. Holding the pendulum at a workable distance along the chain I would suggest 4 - 6 inches in order to employ optimum sensitivity. Gently rotate the crystal over each chakra feeling for areas of friction and gently correcting it. This is as far as I am going to delve into this method as I don’t necessarily agree with it. Each chakra vibrates at different frequencies which requires you the dowser to have an intimate knowledge of these frequencies to get it right. Using this method can also be counterproductive as you may over energise a chakra resulting in you being out of balance again but this time being over active.

My favoured pendulum technique is to connect with the higher self and use this intuitive knowledge to assist in balancing and clearing chakras. Once again hold the pendulum at a comfortable distance I recommend 4 to 6 inches, and do not let any remaining chain hang down. Connect with your higher self by simply intending to do so, and you can confirm connection with a few simple questions (making sure you have first calibrated yes and no). Once you have confirmed connection you can start scanning.

In order to scan a specified chakra hold the pendulum over the chakra you wish to scan and ask your higher self to show you the direction and balance of that chakra. The pendulum will start rotating and you will get a feel for how any specific chakra is performing, you will also get a general idea of the dimensions of each chakra and whether any are underperforming or over performing.

You can now ask your higher self to balance the chakra you are working on (I recommend working from the root up. The pendulum should start rotating. Do not worry if the pendulum changes direction from time to time. It will rotate clockwise when energising and anti clockwise when removing a blockage or removing excess energy, just trust in your higher self to get it right.

2. Crystal Balancing
Balancing the chakras using crystals is a great technique as you don’t need to do anything other than carry the respective crystals on your person. A couple of disadvantages of this technique are that firstly you must possess a collection of crystals and secondly you may find it uncomfortable or impractical to carry them about with you. If you do own some and don’t mind having them on your person then this may well be the technique for you.

There are a number of ways you can use crystals but since this post is about maintaining balance of the chakra system I will only cover one method.

Selecting appropriate crystals can be done by identifying colour or knowing the properties of each crystal (as some crystals are good for certain chakras even though their colour attributes may not match up).

I have found a selection of crystals which work well and are matched in both colour and attribute.

Root chakra - Ruby - Red - Fires enthusiasm, courage, drives away sadness and melancholy. Useful for adrenals and circulation and for protection

Sacral Chakra - Carnelian - Rusty colour (will work well on the lower 3 chakras) - Encourages a spirit of community, lifts emotions, dispels apathy. Can be helpful for rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia, infertility and depression

Solar Plexus Chakra - Amber - Orange ish (works well with all chakras and helps to shift stubborn blockages) - Encourages a sunny nature, self confidence. Can help problems with the stomach and spleen, liver and gallbladder

Heart Chakra - Rose Quartz - pink - Gentle but firm helpfulness for openness, sensitivity and empathy. Encourages proper self-love and ability to love others unconditionally. Aids calming of stress.

Throat Chakra - Sapphire - blue - Throat and brow chakras - aids communication with higher self. Helps to expel fears, bringing peace. Enhances ability to listen and understand as well as communication.

Third Eye Chakra - Sodalite - Blue - Brow and throat chakras. Helps us find our 'own truth'. Calming. Helps dispel rigid thought patterns, phobias.

Crown Chakra - Amethyst - violet - Aids spiritual wakefulness, quietens the mind. Links to reverence for all life and high ideals.

You can add any stone you wish depending on what you want to achieve. I would suggest carrying your selection of stones in a small silk drawstring bag and gently cleansing them daily. To cleanse them simply run them under cold water. Some people suggest using salty water but I do not, as some stones do not react well to salt.

3. Colour Therapy
A simple technique which in many ways is similar to the crystal technique I mentioned above is the use of colours and colour therapy. There are many ways you can use colours both in the conscious and subconscious mind. I prefer consciously as each colour may have negative attributes (such as red which can be associated with anger or blue which can be associated with low mood or depression).

You can use different coloured lights or clothing colours even something as permanent as the decoration of a room (though this will have a subconscious attribute as well). I have seen people use flash cards of varying colours and some people swear by wearing clothing of the specified colours. I prefer the conscious control of colour during meditation.

To use colour in meditation is relatively simple if you have a good grasp of the art of visualisation. Just relax and drift into a meditative state. Place your intent on each chakra in turn and slowly visualise the respective colour swirling in that area. See the colour initially as a grubby dark colour slowly as the chakra starts to spin and swirl faster and faster see the colour slowly brighten and become like a shiny bright ball or cone of light. Keep your intention there until you start to feel a release. This may come in a gasp or may just gently feel right. Doing this daily can help with stabilisation clearing and spiritual growth.

4. Planetary Rays
I have gone into a bit more depth on the planetary rays in the post The Planetary Rays which you can read if you are interested. Suffice it to say the rays are multidimensional with attributes which will affect you physically mentally and spiritually. I highly recommend familiarising yourself with the planetary rays and invoking them daily, they will raise your vibration as well as assist in the healing and clearing of both your energetic blue print and your consciousness.

5. Higher Self
This is one of the most powerful and overlooked techniques for achieving balance of your chakra system. It is very similar to the pendulum technique mentioned above except that it helps you develop a solid understanding of the I AM nature of your multidimensional self. You are the god of your universe, if you wish to balance your chakras just intend that it be so. There are universal laws governing the permanence of this technique I.e. you require to do some physical balancing of your consciousness and karma in order to make things permanent but in the short term, gently slip into meditation and ask your higher self to balance and clear your chakra system. If you are at all sensitive to energy you will feel the results. I hope also that you will learn a very important lesson about yourself whilst carrying out this procedure.

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