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Friday, 23 April 2010

Spiritual Initiations of Enlightenment and Ascension

I’ve spoken a little about spiritual initiations in the past. This post is designed to highlight the levels of attainment and discipline required for each initiation. Spiritual Initiations are best described as energetic goalposts which allow a permanent change to your spiritual make up on the path to ascension. Most of humanity are not on the path of discipleship purely because they are not yet aware or open to spiritual development.

The Initiations are carried out by members of the spiritual hierarchy, and are recognised as new level in your education and ascension towards your inner mastery and towards ascended master-ship yourself. At the lower rungs of the spiritual Initiation ladder particularly the first and second initiation most initiates are not even aware they have occurred, you may just be aware of subtle changes in character and consciousness.

As you elevate consciously towards inner mastery you will become aware if not by the third initiation certainly not long afterwards that something is happening to your being on the inner plane. This process is not against your will or “higher purpose” it is just that the lower ego does not necessarily understand that the higher self has already made this deal for us if you like. The third initiation marks a point when your higher self your soul and your conscious waking mind become one hence why you start to understand your relationship with the inner plane and other dimensions as a no - time multidimensional being.

This initiation process is the main reason I have and will continue to provide development exercises and advice in order to allow you the reader to consciously focus your developmental goals in alignment with the next stage in development.

There are a lot of abilities associated with various stages in development, these initiations are almost like exams which you are required to pass in order to ensure that you do not consciously or unconsciously misuse them. As you progress and develop and step through the initiatory process you slowly become aligned to the cause of the greater good. The cause of humanity.

The time scales given for development are historical as this period of time we are in currently is unusual in that we have dispensation for faster development than ever before. You can if you choose to do so move through all initiations in roughly 6 years if you are committed enough. EVERY ONE HAS BEEN CHOSEN IT IS UP TO YOU NOW TO CHOOSE.

Ascension Ranks

Universal (ascended) Master - the 441st initiation
Cosmic (ascended) master - the 63rd initiation
Ascended master - 6th initiation
Adept - the 5th initiation
Arhat - the 4th initiation
Initiate - the 3rd initiation
Disciple - the 1st and the 2nd initiation
Spiritual Aspirant - Path of probation
Human who is unaware of his or hers connection to own soul - not stepped on the initiation path yet

Path of Probation - Spiritual aspirant

The Path of Probation is before the path of initiation and it is an important
time of life when a spiritual aspirant sets him or herself on the side of
constructive and developmental forces. A Spiritual aspirant slowly becomes aware of their spirituality and develops knowledge through exploring various paths until such time as they settle into a developmental routine, and start to understand themselves and slowly control material weakness. The basics of spiritual wisdom are
taught to Spiritual aspirant through unconscious OOB visits to the higher levels at night to receive education and spiritual learning. This inner plane education will in most cases go unnoticed to the aspirant as they have not yet fully united their soul with the physical, though spiritual intellect will grow exponentially.

Required for passing this initiation:

* Will to get rid of weaknesses
* Setting yourself to side of good

First initiation - Disciple

The key teaching in the first initiation is mastery over the physical body. The body should be in the service of the soul. Control over the physical body should have reached a very high level. Drugs or alcohol should not control a person by the time they reach this stage on their spiritual path. The basics of the right kind of living, thinking and self control are reached in this initiation. Some basic principles of God consciousness also starts to rule the disciple. The 1st initiation shows that the seed of the soul life is planted and grows. The Throat chakra is stimulated in 1st initiation.

Required for passing this initiation:

* Self control (mastery of physical body)

Second initiation - Disciple

The key teaching in the second initiation is mastery over the astral body. This is often the most difficult initiation to pass and can sometimes take many incarnations. However, it' can be easily achieved by those who are willing to become masters and are serious about spiritual path. Those people will pass the 2nd initiation much more quickly than those who are not so devoted to the path. The 2nd initiation is related to sacrifice and death of negative desire. The lower nature is being controlled. Astral body becomes pure and serene (energies from the astral slowly stop impacting on the initiate).

Required for passing this initiation:

* Self control (mastery of emotional body)
* Willing and taking action to get rid of negativity
* Willing and taking action to get rid of negative desire

Third initiation - Initiate

The third initiation is mastery over mental body. Initiate’s consciousness has by this point risen to the mental plane and he or she learns much about principles of god consciousness. The four bodies of the initiate become very enlightened and he or she is not controlled by their lower nature or negative desire anymore. The soul becomes dominant. Mind is very responsive to ideas, intuitions and impulses coming from soul and the initiate also begins to receive direct guidance from the monad. Accumulation of appropriate spiritual information is fast.

Light level required for 3rd initiation is 56%.

Third eye is stimulated in this initiation.

Required for passing this initiation:

* Light level 56%
* Self control (mastery of mental body)
* No judging anyone
* Accepting all beings

The Fourth initiation - Arhat

The fourth initiation is mastery over buddhic body. An Arhat serves God, the monad and good of the whole. He or she has destroyed negative selfishness. God and the monad are now the teachers of an Arhat. The fourth initiation brings liberation from the cycle of rebirth. In this initiation the soul merges with the monad and begins to enter your consciousness. As the Monad is now connected through your heart chakra. you feel complete oneness with the monad. In the fourth initiation you develop god consciousness, the consciousness of the monad which is massive step up from before. In the fourth initiation, the level of the consciousness has risen to atmic plane. The fourth initiation is total surrender to the will of God and the monad. Arhat is a master of wisdom and lord of compassion.

Required for passing this initiation:

* Light level 62%
* Free from all hate
* No thinking in the negative at all ever
* Love, "I am love"
* Receiving eternal life
* Surrender to God's and monad's will

The fifth initiation - Adept

The fifth initiation is point in development when your eternal self, monad and atmic body combine fully. You develop a full understanding that you are the monad and god. In the fifth initiation you become aware of the entire personality, history and consciousness of your monad. It is a big step in your evolution! Your consciousness has risen to the monadic level. You don't think negative thoughts. You experience freedom from illusion. You understand and are one with the divine plan.

Required to pass the 5th initiation:

* Light level 75%.
* Total surrender to God and to your monad
* Agreement that "Yes I will do what my monad intends"
* Willingness to serve good of wholeness and the highest purpose

The Sixth initiation - Ascended master

The sixth initiation signifies mastery over the monadic body. In this initiation you will officially become an ascended master. An ascended master is free from law of karma, and has developed such mastery of thought that they no longer have unconscious negative desires. By this stage in development you will have attained the consciousness and mastery of perfect joy, love and happiness. You are perfect. You are god and you understand that we are all one and therefore all gods. You can attain physical immortality if you want.

* Light level required to pass the 6th initiation is 80%
* No imperfect thoughts

The Seventh initiation

The seventh initiation is highest initiation can be taken on the physical plane and during this phase mastery of the logoic body is achieved. A Master at this level has control over all seven rays. Consciousness rises to the logoic plane. The Crown chakra is stimulated in this initiation. Many seventh level initiates become teachers in a very visible way. You receive education about your god abilities in the seventh initiation. Miracles become a reality for a master if it serves his or her path. Learning about god abilities is the theme in the seventh initiation. The seventh initiation is commitment to service work in alignment with God and the monad.

*Light level required to pass the 7th initiation is 92%


Abilities begin with 5th, 6th and 7th initiations:

God abilities (high spiritual gifts, such as materialisation, instant healing etc)

Your monad has god abilities, which will become fully active when you fully develop to that level.

Ability to remove negative bacteria from physical body.
Ability to remove negative energies from personality, bodies and from planet.
Ability to remove black lights from bodies and from planet.
Ability to remove wrong electrons from physical body and from place.
Ability to remove bad, negative, unwise and stupid things from person, from mind and from feeling level
Ability to remove sadness, hate, unsane and negative fear things from person, from mind and from feeling level
Ability to remove glamour
Ability to remove negative separation
Ability to remove negative karma
Ability to rejuvenate physical cells.
Ability to clear person from bad, negative, unwise, stupid talking
Ability to clear person from all negative fearing
Ability to heal person
Ability to heal personality
Ability to heal bodies
Ability to heal mind
Ability to balance bodies
Ability to convert energies to perfect
Ability to transform bodies to their highest form
Ability to give perfect energies to bodies and to world
Ability to give perfect lights to bodies, to mind and to world
Ability to balance weather
Ability to bless food
Ability to increase size of too small body part
Ability to decrease size of to too big body part