Ascended Masters Part 2 ~ The Healing Sphere
Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Ascended Masters Part 2

SANANDA Master of the 6th Ray and the Divine Master of the Cosmic Light Command (force) Divine Master of the Ray of Devotion and Peace.

Dispensations: The divine dispensation of pure devotion. And the dispensation of the resurrection. Sananda will bring the pure love of God to all who ask

Prayers for Dispensations
Beloved Sananda please help; call forth now the Pure Christ Consciousness in my being now. SO BE IT. x 3 times

HILARION Master of the 5th Ray which represents the new age science. He is the master of healing and science.

Dispensations: The Divine Dispensations for Healers and those bringing forth the new healing and science discoveries.

Prayer for Dispensation:
I call forth to beloved Hilarion for an activation and illumination of the new healing modalities in my entire energy matrix now. SO BE IT.x 3 times

PAUL THE VENETIAN Beloved Master of the 4th Ray representing and peace. harmony

Dispensations: The divine dispensation of harmony and equilibrium peace and divine order.

Prayer for Dispensations:
Beloved Paul the Venetian we call you forth to activate and anchor harmony, peace and equilibrium into
my entire being now. SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times

SERAPIS BEY The Master of the 3rd Ray the Master of the Ascension Flame and the Resurrection Flames. The Master of the Etheric Retreat in Luxor (which is one of the great planetary ascension acceleration retreats on planet earth).

Dispensations: The keeper of the Ascension Acceleration Flame. The Master of Active Intelligence and of Divine Service. The Divine dispensation of the Ascension and Resurrection Activations which are presently enlightening this planet.

Prayers for Dispensations:
I call forth Serapis Bey for an anchoring of the ascension and resurrection flames, into my entire being now
SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times

Beloved Serapis Bey please help me now to bilocate in a spiritual sense to the Ascended Masters Retreat in Luxor and place within my spiritual body the keys of the Ascension Flame.
SO BE IT.x 3 times

DJWHAL KHUL (sometimes known as the Tibetan) Ascended Master of the 2nd Ray. The Divine Master of the Inner Plane Ashrams.

Dispensations: The Core Fear Matrix Removal Program ( This program is a forty foot high lattice work shield of light and protection that the Divine Masters anchor over your body so they can draw out of your being anything that is stopping you from achieving your highest divine potential). The 2nd Ray Light Quotient Building Program (this program acts like a drip systems that when you ask for this at night time or during the day the masters drip pure light into your entire being)

Prayers for Dispensations:
Mighty I AM I call forth by the grace of God Djwhal Khul for anchoring and activation of the Core Fear Matrix Removal Program and I ask that I am permanently placed on this program from now until I fully ascend. SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times

MASTER KUTHUMI Also the Master of the 2nd Ray but Is in the process of taking over the post of Solar Archangel as Kuthumi Agrippa

Dispensations: Is the Master of all Healings, Activation’s and the Anchoring of the coming New Age the dispensations of Divine Love and Wisdom.

Prayers for Dispensation:
Beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi please bring forth all the Divine Wisdom and Divine Love and anchor it in my 4 bodily systems now. SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times

I call forth to Master Kuthumi to align my entire energy matrix with the river of light and let this river of light expand my entire being into the Ascended Master I truly am
SO IT IS DONE x 3 times

EL MORYA Master of the 1st Ray. The Master of the Divine Will aspect of God. The Master of all Planetary Leaderships and their Qualities.

Dispensations: Carries the dispensation of Divine Will and the dispensation of the Love of God itself.

Prayers for Dispensation:
I call forth now Beloved El Morya to anchor and activate the Divine Will of God. SO IT IS DONE. x 3

Mighty I am Presence we call forth now the Beloved EL Morya and we lovingly ask will you help anchor And activate a " Rod of Power " for our spiritual Mission here on Earth ~ So Be It – It is done x 3 times

LORD MAITREYA holds the Office of the Christ . He also gives you the Rod of Ascension and the Rods of Initiation. He is the inner plane Master of Masters. Master of the Ascension Ceremonies and Activations. Lord Maitreya Overlighted Master Jesus on the last days of his earth life, and the cross He was also Lord Krishna ~Lord Maitreya is our Beloved Planetary Christ

Dispensations: Lord Maitreya will make his apperance soon his great love will be felt by all soon Maitreya is the beloved Christ and a Great Friend of all: The Beloved Christ: Lord Maitreya brings to all the dispensation of your own Divinity, Your Beloved Holy Christ Self in its full glory

Prayer for Dispensation:
Beloved God we call forth to you to always keep the people of this Earth in alignment with the Divine Cosmic Masters and we pray with all our might that beloved Lord Maitreya and His Great Divine Presence and His Great Divine Work here on Earth. will fill the hearts of all. We Thank and Bless him now. God speed our journeys in the Light. BY THE GRACE OF GOD.
SO BE IT. x 3 times

THE GREAT DIVINE DIRECTOR he is the Head of the Karmic Board. An Absolute Awesome Brilliant Master to call forth anytime for assistance.

Dispensations: Really this Beautiful Divine Master carries so many dispensations that we would probably need a whole page just to begin to describe this Great Beings Cosmic Work. The Great Divine Director, this Beautiful Awesome Master is totally available to any Divine Spiritual Seeker on the Path to God.

Prayers for Dispensations:
Mighty I am Presence we call forth to the Great
Divine Director for help in clearing our Karma
Not only in this life but all our past lives all the
Way back to our original covenant with God
So be It ~ It is Done x3 times

VYWAMUS assistance to any lightworkers on this planet or any spiritual seeker.

Dispensations: The Divine Dispensation of Rewiring the nervous system. The dispensation of the Holy Heart Flame and the dispensation of the completion of anyone’s part in the Divine Plan. This Beautiful Cosmic Master is totally available for all who ask:

Mighty I AM PRESENCE I call forth to Vywamus for a rewiring of my nervous system and to place my nervous system in the highest love and light activation that is available to me right now.
And so it is done x 3 times

GODDESS LAKSHMI The Divine Protector of the Abundance Ray. The Goddess of Abundance and Light & Love

Dispensations: Will send forth the dispensation of abundance to any sincere spiritual seekers. The Keeper of the Flame of the Treasury of the Light of God.

Prayer for Dispensations:
Beloved Goddess Lakshmi send forth now the Treasury of Light and anchor it into my being now. SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times

I call forth now Beloved Lakshmi to anchor the Abundance of Gods Treasury of Light, to illuminate my material existence here on earth. SO BE IT. x 3

Beloved Goddess Lakshmi ee lovingly pray now for the Abundance of the whole planet and all peoples of all nation to bring about a balance of equality in all lives everywhere. SO BE IT x 3 times

ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON He is the Earth Representative of Gods Divine Light Here on Earth (Divine brother of Lord Metatron). He is the Earth Archangel.

Dispensations: Because Sandalphon Helps anchor the Light upon this Planet he can easily help in anchoring the Light in your 4 bodily systems.

Prayer for Dispensation:
Archangel Sandalphon will you please anchor Divine Love, Divine Light in its purest concentration into my entire energy matrix now. SO BE IT ~SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times
I call forth now Archangel Sandalphon and I ask that your Divine Presence is felt by all beings on the path to God and that all these beings and the
Earth it self are align with your Loving Presence
SO IT IS x 3 times

GODDESS ISIS The Keeper of the Pyramid Energies on this planet. The activator of the pure love of the Goddess in all Heart Flames. The Goddess of Truth and Wisdom. She is one of the Temple Keepers of the Sisterhood of the Rays.

Dispensations: Will help any sincere Spiritual Seekers Align themselves with the Pyramid Energies and the Ascension Flames there within. A Healer and Protector of all Women and Children.

Prayer for Dispensation:
I call forth to Beloved Isis for an Anchoring and Activation of the Golden Ankh into my Heart Chakra to illuminate the Immortal Wisdom of the Goddess.
SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times
I call forth to Goddess Isis for a downpouring of the Wisdom of the Sisterhood of the Rays. So Be It x 3

THE DIVINE MOTHER This Glorious Being is the embodiment of All That Is, Where we all come from. Mother of Compassion & Light

Dispensations: Most dispensations come from Her Divine Presence anyway. But if one would align themselves with her loving energy it would be The Grand and Great Dispensation of all dispensations you could ask for.

Prayers for Dispensation:
Beloved Divine Mother we ask now for you to bring forth your Rain of Blessings like a River of Light and flow it now through the Heart Chakra of all Beings here on Earth and the Earth Itself.

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