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Monday, 5 July 2010

Spiritual and Psychic Development Exercises - Bi-Location

Bi-location is a tool that sounds like something straight from a science fiction film.  It is however something that everyone is capable of, and if used properly can increase your psychic and spiritual power exponentially.  When discussing Bi-Location I don't infer that there will be two individual physical "you" beings in two separate locations around the globe, (though that is something that it is reported that some very advanced ascended masters are capable of) i actually refer to locating part of your being, or part of your multidimensional self in a certain location in order to full fill a task.

What is The Multidimensional Self?
For those who have not yet developed an understanding of the multidimensional self I will give a brief overview.

Here in the 3D world we live in a conceptualised environment where everything is dictated to by time, space and motion.  This is not the case in the quantum universe of many dimensions.  In the quantum universe regardless of spacial separation, everything is joined, distance is not an object of constraint therefore motion of any quantifiable substance is not of concern.  As motion as we know it is not a requirement neither is time as we know it. The multidimensional quantum universe can be described as a universe of no time.  If there is no time, then everything is the Now.

(In actual reality there is time, space and motion in the universe.  the entire mechanism of the planetary and star system requires it. we are however going much deeper than the superficial appearance of what is and delving into the quantum levels of existence.)

Applying the quantum macrocosm, the universe to you the quantum microcosm is relatively straight forward as long as you start to think in a no time manner.  In no time, you are everything you are ever going to be, in the most positive sense possible.  In the here and now you may not have brought your four bodies into alignment, you may not have incorporated the monad, but in a no time environment you are all united. (the idea of spiritual development is to unite all of you, in every aspect, consciously).  In no time this is a reality, you are just not aware of it in a no time environment.  This is the multidimensional you.

In straight forward language the multidimensional you exists at every level, from the 3D all the way to god and source.

In developing this understanding you can set functions and tasks during meditation which can assist you in your development.  Naturally the further each body is from your developed consciousness the harder it will be to provide it with a task.  But suffice it to say that you do not need to know exactly which body at which level you are tasking as the one closest to your consciousness will conduct the activity at the appropriate level (preventing overload of the system and steadily lead you on your developmental journey).

Possible Tasks for Bi-Location
There are many empowerments which can be received on request from the Ascended Masters. Each master has their own etheric ashram, and in some of those etheric ashrams there are ascension seats (like initiation and vibration raising chambers. Working with Ascension Seats will increase your ascension and initiation process one thousand fold.

Ask your chosen master to be taken (bi-located) in your Soul or Spiritual Body to their Ascension Seat in their Ashram on the inner planes.

You will immediately be taken there and you will immediately feel the down pouring of spiritual current.

There are planetary, cosmic, universal and multi universal Ascension Seats and you can even have them anchored into your own home. That way you can live in the energies of your chosen Ascension Seat.

Ask and you shall receive.

some examples:
• Serapis Bey’s Ascension Seat in Luxor on the inner plane.
• Commander Ashtar and The Ashtar Command’s Ascension Seat on their mothership.
• Ascension Seat in Telos, one mile below Mount Shasta
• Mount Shasta Ascension Seat inside the mountain.
• Shamballa Ascension Seat in the center of the Earth.
• Great Pyramid of Giza, King’s Chamber Ascension Seat.
• Sananda’s ascension seat on his own spacecraft
• Copper Golden Chamber of Helios and Vesta in the Solar Core Ascension Seat.
• Shamballa Ascension Seat under the guidance of Lord Buddha.
• Great White Lodge Ascension Seat under the guidance of the Lord and Lady of Sirius.
• Arcturian Ascension Seat under the guidance of the Lord and Lady of Arcturus.
• Melchior’s Ascension Seat in the Galactic Core under the guidance of Melchior.
• The Golden Chamber of Melchizedek Ascension Seat.

Your initiations take place in a similar manner, even though you may not be aware of it. Once you have completed your current stage in development, whatever that may be, you will be selected and taken (Bi-located) for initiation to your appropriate level. Only once you have developed consciousness of your multidimensional aspects will you start to see and remember aspects of your initiations, until that time things will develop in the background unbeknown to you.

Bi-Location Conscious Awareness
To provide an example from my experience: During my time as a spiritual seeker I had absolutely no idea about Bi-Location and initiation as a result I do not know when I received my first two initiations into the Order of Melchizedek. I was however aware of subtle changes in direction, attitude and outlook, and could link this to physical events but could not in all honesty state that I had known that I had participated in any training or initiations multidimensionally. By the time I was blessed with my Third initiation I was starting to catch glimpses of activity both during ashram training and initiation on the inner planes. By the Fourth initiation I could see quite clearly parts of the initiation process, and could instantly feel the energetic changes taking place in my physical being, despite all of this experiential evidence I still do not as yet remember in complete recall the whole of any one ceremony.

I have been informed through discussion with other initiates (on the inner plane as i know of none within easy traveling distance and although the numbers of initiates are increasing rapidly there are still relatively few scattered around the world) that some people do not remember anything, and some have a greater ability to recall more of what they have experienced. In truth it boils down to trust. The Masters, and your multidimensional self have your best interests at heart, and even if you do not feel or see anything, trust that it is occurring with your highest good in mind.

Rob Lightbearer