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Friday, 9 July 2010

Karma Symbol - The Route To Anonymous Karma

I have been asked about Karma Symbol's and what they represent or are used for. I will not go into detail about karma and the law of cause and effect as I have covered it in detail elsewhere, but in brief.  Karma is a simple translation of cause and effect on our psyche and subsequently our energy body.  Karma is held in our energy body in the form of blockages which prevent our mind, body and spirit components from functioning in their truest and most natural form.  By dissolving the blockages we allow whatever thought form created the blockage to rise to our conscious mind and thus be resolved by suitable means.

There are many Karma Symbols in circulation depending on the culture or religious path.  Probably the most well know symbol is the Buddhist's Auspicious or Endless Knot (shrivatsa)  which is a geometric diagram which symbolises the nature of reality where everything is interrelated and only exists as part of a web of karma and its effect. Having no beginning or end, it also represents the infinite wisdom of the Buddha, and the union of compassion and wisdom. Also, it represents the illusory character of time, and long life as it is endless. 

The Endless Knot
The Auspicious or Endless Knot is a symbol used to define a learning point on the path to enlightenment.  The understanding that everything is related and interrelated should lead us to think carefully about our thoughts and actions, and thus their impact or effects not just on ourselves or those around us, but on civilisation as a whole.  By meditating on this symbol you can learn an awe-full lot about what causes effect you i.e. what karma effects you and thus draw a line in the sand preventing you from proliferating the habits of your ancestors. Also and more importantly it should help you develop a conscious approach to your thoughts and actions preventing you from adding to the never ending and interrelated web of karmic waste.

Symbols I use or have used
In healing I tend to use a more direct approach to karma and although I no longer use symbols as I have developed strength of intention thus negating the necessity of symbolic activation, I do still recognise the power and assistance such symbols provide.

Zonar is a combination of both the well known infinity symbol and the lightning bolt.  Infinity in this case much like the auspicious knot identifies with the never ending cycle of life, and the interconnectedness of all things.  The lightening bolt represents grounding or resolution. Mother Earth is interconnected with us in all ways and as such provides a far more potent ability to deal with negative thought forms, thus grounding karma to Earth helps release your Karma and subsequently allows Mother Earth to continue to develop and grow also.

I use this symbol both in meditations and healing, using the energy to raise to my conscious mind unresolved issues from other lives or through the interrelationship to all other lives.  I find that this energy is very effective in focusing the mind and energy systems to identify the root issues.  I however use my afore mentioned techniques of love compassion and forgiveness to complete the circle.


The other symbol I use and find effective over the long term is the Anthakarana.  The Anthakarana is primarily a symbol with its own intelligence.  It strengthens your connection with spirit and the higher components of your being.  The Anthakarana works automatically when present to create the microcosmic orbit (the energy gathering technique I described earlier posts.

The symbol itself is uplifting and healing in a holistic capacity.  It has no fixed sole purpose regardless of what some may suggest, but its healing and connective properties will lead you on a journey through your inner-self including through your karmic imprints.  I have this symbol on my blog almost as a logo.  I placed it there as a blessing for all who travel through these pages, whether they realise it or not.

Karma and karma resolution is the key purpose of any developmental journey.  Without resolving issues you can not progress.  It can be frustrating as you may find the same issue arising time and again but from varied angles.  This occurs because we are impacted by karma on many levels but may only resolve it at one level, the level from which we view things now.  That perspective will change through your journey thus requiring the impact of the same piece of karma to be released from this new level and perspective.

Symbols are a useful way of accessing this unresolved Karma, they do not release the karma for you.  Only you can do that by using tried and tested process's.  It is a challenging and daunting journey but one that is worth more than the time and effort required.

Blessings and strength on your Journey

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Rob Lightbearer