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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

The Chakra Development Series - The Complete System

I know things appear to be jumping around in subject matter at this point in the blogs development; however there is a reason why I have chosen the manner in which I have published these posts which will become apparent very soon.

The intention of this post is to bring the entire chakra series together and give you the reader an overview of the system as a whole and how we are affected by it, and how we affect it during development. These next few posts should provide direction, and provide answers as to why we need to develop properly if we are to unify our system and liberate ourselves completely.

As we already know chakras are centres or vortexes of "High Conductivity" and "Low Resistance". These qualities enable energy to easily flow in and out through them. Chakras help us to be sensitive to and easily work with energy in the outside world as well as energy from within us. Our Creator within, permits us to develop and progress through our system permitting us to enliven our chakra’s and subtle anatomy to allow more Life Energy to flow through us. This greater flow of Life Energy is also guided by our Creator and is always working for the highest good. By enhancing and enlivening our chakra system and subtle anatomy we allow better health, greater abundance and wellbeing, and a sense of joy as well as permitting an elevation in consciousness.

There are twelve main chakras within the body (The Lower Seven Chakra) (in the series we have discussed conscious attributes of the front chakras, though each chakra has an opposite number in the rear, on the spinal column) and six above the head (Jacobs Ladder). The Seven Chakras in the back body are part of the Governing Vessel (Sushumna) along the spine and The Five Chakras in the front body are part of the Conceptual Vessel (Hara Line) which extends up the centre of the front of the body. The Governing Vessel and Conceptual Vessel are connected together at the root and crown chakras. The root and crown chakras of each share the same space but have different functions.

As the Governing and Conceptual vessels come together at the crown chakra they merge into one chord that goes out the top of the head. This chord is sometimes called the Kundalini Nerve or Astral Tube because it is hollow and allows energy to flow through it. Between the Crown Chakra at the top of the head and the first chakra above the head also holds the seat of the "Antahkarana" or "Rainbow Bridge". The Antahkarana is the midpoint between the seven chakras below and the seven chakras above (although the final two of those are not completely accessible in human form at this time). The Seventh Chakra above is the Creator. We are all connected at the Fourteenth Chakra (the seventh chakra above). It is our origin. As above so below.

The Rainbow Bridge is where the seven rays of the back of the three bodies are collected into the main chord. The Five Rays of the front of the three bodies are also collected here. A total of twelve rays or strands of light that collect and go out the top of the head through the Rainbow Bridge. You might call them the Twelve Meridians of Light. These are also associated with the twelve strands of DNA which until the entire subtle energetic system is enlivened, remain inactive.

The chord then extends upward connecting the six chakras above the head. From there the chord connects with the Creator, the Seventh Chakra above the Head. Each Chakra above the head has a relationship with the higher anatomical aspects of the Higher Self and Monad.

Specific Tasks Through Development
Most of you will have heard the term meridian (which includes the main chakra column’s). Each of us have a finite quantity of meridians these meridians carry two obstacles that must be overcome. The first obstacle is that each meridian carries numerous psychic imprints or thought forms. Some of these thought forms may have negative connotations and as such require to be cleared. These thought forms represent blockages to the natural flow of the meridian system affecting the chakras and our emotional, mental and physical well being. Pranayama and meditation are just two methods of clearing these meridians; other recommended methods include energy healing systems.

The second obstacle on the meridian system is created by an incomplete connection. There is much posturing on philosophical terms about our permanent connection to god. Many will have heard many such terms as “I am god” or “we are all one” and figuratively speaking this is correct however it must be understood that until our system of meridians is reconnected back onto the universal grid this is merely ego regurgitating other philosophies. When the disconnection exists you are connected subtly yet separated from the high levels of universal energy available to a realised being of god consciousness. This reconnection can only be made as a result of persistent development techniques and meditation (though the reconnection will be taken care of automatically when you have reached the correct stage of development). The reconnection takes place between the meridian endings in the head and the eighth chakra.

Another task to consider during development is that of energy generation and storage. Many believe that activating a chakra is all that is required in order to access the consciousness and capabilities of that chakra, which is not the case. Consider the aura to be like a balloon and the chakra to be the birthday message printed upon it. By the afore mentioned thought process you must only possess the balloon in order to fully enjoy the message (but we know in the deflated state you may be aware of a message but not yet fully understand it). Any one who has ever used a balloon will know this is not the case, and you must inflate the balloon in order to fully appreciate the image. The aura and chakra system is much the same. To activate a chakra is to own the balloon, but to generate and store energy is to inflate the balloon and observe fully the wonders of the message.

Exercises Which Fulfil This Criteria
Lower Triangle Development (This exercise generates and stores energy, whilst slowly clearing the meridians)
Mindlessness Meditation (This exercise slowly clears the meridians, whilst activating the reconection process, and slowly generates more energy)
The Breath of the Elohim (this exercise generates and stores energy, whilst expanding consciousness and passing energy along the lower seven chakras)

There are two more exercises which will complete this process to follow shortly.
Rob Lightbearer