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Sunday, 3 January 2010

A New Year - An Old You

I’m sorry things have been quiet around here over the last week or so, things have been gathering pace and momentum. I hope this New Year brings great blessings and revelations in your journey and life.

I know the title of this post may seem odd, as the whole world has gone self help and self improvement crazy, but I meant it the way it sounded. You are perfect the way you are, improvement comes from returning to your original form, that which you always were, and were always meant to be. It is new things and new experiences which have created the programmes that have held us in chains and limited our progress.

I genuinely feel that 2010 is a great year. But be under no illusion every year is a great year, every moment in your purest form is a great moment. It is a moment of no limitations, no victimisation, no poverty, and no dis-ease. What I am asking, I ask to the deepest spark of your soul, take back what is yours! There is only one New Year’s resolution you need this year and that is, be the glory of that which you are.

Reclaim Your Light
Your light is stunning and magnificent. It inhabits a realm of endless possibilities, which we and our environment and our education have limited. We worry about things we say we have no control over, yet if you look back at the "cause" we have set in place, all that we are experiencing is purely the "effect" coming to conclude the cycle. Reclaim your sovereignty over cause and effect. Wipe out the causes at a root level and you wipe your "destiny" clean. Your future has endless wonderful opportunities.

I have steered clear where possible on this blog from talking about "all that is", as that is your journey and your perspective. All I want to do is give you the wonderful healing tools to unblock your limitless path, and help you find your amazing journey on this earth plane. Some will find liberation at the end of this journey if it suits, but always remember our mission is to serve humanity and all sentient beings. It is your journey it is your light. Reclaim your sovereignty and experience the wonders of this universe.

Create Your Heaven
It is all too often reported that religion and science does not mix. Maybe that is the case! Be under no illusion however, spirituality and science go hand in hand even if the many do not yet realise it. The science of quantum mechanics, describes in scientific terms the wonders of creation. Creation is not a process of some distant divine, though each being is in fact a creator. You are a creator and you have power over your life.

Your mission is to consciously use your creative power, to better your world. Break free from the shackles of the old programmes and you will shake into reality the limitless potential of the quantum universe. There is no such thing as coincidence, but everything is a matter of synchronicity. A synchronic experience is the result of your "cause" put in to action. Many of our "causes" have come from unconscious creating as a result of programmes of fear and limitation. Use this blog to help you shake of those limitations, and reclaim your conscious creatorship. Choose what you want to focus on and you choose your future. Do not let your subconscious mind choose what lies in store for you. Your future is unwritten, yet you write it more and more every day. Take an eraser to all of your old programmes, and you take an eraser to your programmed future. Manifestation is not all about wealth; it can be about love, or peace or any other facet which you perceive to be essential in creating the new world, the new heaven on earth. Reclaim your sovereignty on your creatorship.

A Wonderful Story of Creation Through Synchronicity
Every morning when I wake up I have the privilege of looking across a short stretch of water onto the isle of Arran and The Holy Isle. (Most of you will have become aware of Arran as it was the beautiful setting of the original wicker man movie). The Isle of Arran has quite a significant spiritual history. There are many stone circles, many ancient sacred sites and many locations which have been significant in shaping events in this day. (in fact if you have ever used the saying "If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again" you may not know that this was coined as a result of the efforts of the humble Arran Spider, but that is another tale)

When I was growing up I loved kayaking across to the holy isle and exploring this abandoned island not really knowing much about it. One day however I suddenly became aware (by the fact I was chased rather sharply of the island and back into my kayak) that the island had come under new ownership and in fact I had been disturbing its colonist’s ideal of a heavenly retreat. What I was not aware of was the wonderful story behind this new meditation centre.

Lama Yeshe of the Samye Ling had a dream to open a meditation centre and retreat on historically holy ground in wonderful scenery in Scotland, he had no idea where it should be or how he would create it he just knew that it should be on a island that is holy. In principal no one disputed his vision, but many assumed the island of Iona to be the most holy in Scotland, and therefore the costs would be far too great to achieve the Lamas dream.

Wonderfully the owners of a small island off the coast of Arran, placed their island up for sale and offered it to the Samye Ling Centre. When Lama Yeshe asked the owners what the name of their small island was, he was utterly shocked to realise it was in fact called Holy Isle. He floundered not one inch when he realised the asking price was over one million pounds. When the Lama's peers asked him, "where do you think that sort of money will come from?" The Lama responded confidently "Where ever the money is now".

The synchronicity continued as a well meaning individual, who had just passed on had an astounding letter hidden in a dusty lawyer’s office. That letter stated that his entire estate should be donated to the Samye Ling meditation centre. His estate totalled precisely the amount required to buy the Island. The money did indeed come from "where ever it is now".

The Universe supports your cause if it comes from a pure heart with no negativity and no conflict of thought.

This story may have been that of a holy Lama, but in fact he is no different from you or I, other than he owns his light and his conscious ability to create, and we should do the same.

Be consistent in your developmental practice, and temper your thoughts on a gauge of love compassion and forgiveness. Your limitless life is yours for the taking.

Take it Now!

Bless you all

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