The Breath of the Elohim ~ The Healing Sphere
Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Breath of the Elohim

In previous post I have spoken about the energetic, regenerative and healing effects of breathing techniques (pranayama). In this post I will take things one step further and include a doaist variation on the technique, and adding words of power, in a yogic manner in order to further enhance the elevating effects of this exercise.

Words of Power
Words of power have a cleansing and charging effect on the mind body energetic blueprint and environment around us. Most commonly called mantra's words of power are used in many religions and philosophies, some of which advocate repetition and some of which do not. The main premise of repetition is that to continually remind the conscious and subconscious mind of the key topic of the mantra or words of power will prevent the mind from straying from the spiritual back towards the material.

This repetition process in the first instance has a focusing, and energetic cleansing effect, certain words vowels and sounds, such as the well known "Ohm" mantra cause your energetic matrix i.e. your aura and chakras to vibrate and resonate allowing you to shake blockages from their state of stagnation and permit the free flow of energy.

Certain words have properties attached to them which are stored in akasha and will forever represent that which is held in the common conscious psyche even words such as "nike" or "adidas" have a resonatory power as a result of the power attributed them by mass marketing and public perception. The words that we are interested in however have come from akasha and have been delivered as a loving spiritual gift. They are spiritual in origin and have only one purpose which is to elevate consciousness.

The bhagevad gita states that the last thought in our mind at night is where we go when we sleep, and the last thought we have in life is where we go in the after life. continuously resonating and focussing the mind on words of power associated with spiritual growth and god, focus our minds and our entire being on the subject of god and all that is. Should, after much repetition, this be the last thught on your mind before you pass into the spiritual realms you shall not be dragged by illusions and perceptions into anything other than the destination of your vibration.

The word of power we are considering using during this exercise is "Elohim". Elohim translates as "all that god is", and is credited to be the title of a number of very high spiritual beings who answer to god alone. Each Elohim has attributes which we commonly associate with the planetary rays and as such in time we may wish to use those attributes as our mantra.

The attributes or names associated with elohim are, Hope, Faith, Love, Ohm, Christ, Holy and God. By resonating and repeating these names of the elohim we imbue our psyche with this wonderful and elevating group of beings, whilst adding the additional power of pranayama the yogic breathing techniques.

The Breath of the Elohim - The Technique
Having now practised the rhythm and retention techniques we should have developed our pranayamic abilities exponentially and as a result adding the following refinement should not bring any great difficulties.

Slowly relax into a comfortable meditative position. take deep and cleansing breaths and relax until you can hear your heart beat. (this is essential for the timing of this exercise)

Slow the rate of breathing down so that your in breath spans over seven beats of the heart. And release the breath slowly in order to allow the out breath to span over seven beats.

Always breath in and out through the nose.

At first while you are getting used to this technique you may wish to repeat the name, elohim on every beat of the in breath and every beat of the out breath. But once you become more able to forget about the heart as a means of timing you may wish to add the names of the elohim to each beat.

First beat - Hope
Second beat - Faith
Third beat - Love
Fourth beat - Ohm
Fifth beat - Christ
Sixth beat - Holy
Seventh beat - God

Use this process on both the in and out breath.

This technique is focussed on breaching the gap between you and god. By repeating the names of the elohim and elohim itself while drawing new and cleansing energy into your being, you eventually diminish the concept of separation and help to build the bridge between you and all that is one. This is a tremendous tool to add to your developmental tool box. As with everything I describe, give it a go, as seeing is believing.

Rob Lightbearer